Second Day in ADANA: Meat, Kebab, Borek and Traditional Food! “Lebanon Cooks in Turkey”

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I went back to the hotel later in the eveing, and I put all the data and the videos, and I wanted to do a “best off” video, but turns out I took videos of more than 2 hours! So i went to sleep directly… I slept well it was comfortable, and i woke up at 8 AM. The day started today at 8 AM, it might end at 11 PM. so 14 hours of this region! There will be cooking, food and tourism! I’m very very excited! Meshwar (trip) Adana continues! It’s insane.

Let’s go! My car and I. Where are we going? We’ll start with a breakfast. What do you want to drink? We will have Pomegranate and Orange… Speak in arabic, pomegranate… orange… Milkshake. Milk, Bananas and sugar. Milk, Bananas and honey. Honey! Okay… He put orange, grape fruit, and pomegranate. And he added carrots, they seperate in a nice way. We mix, their color is amazing! Very refreshing! Full of vitamin C! It’s cold not warm at all. They’re not citrus and acidic. People are gathered in his shop, he’s been open from 1938! What’s it called? Here it’s called, Kuruk Prusalgam ve. Then he said it… It’s better than the milkshake at Mcdonalds! For real! Milk, Bananas and honey, it’s heavy. You don’t taste milk, it has a sweetness taste…

The smell of bananas comes into your nose! I really liked it! Cheese it’s cheese. I was walking on the road, and something caught my attention it reminded me of the village, of Ehden.. this is it. Lamb Shed, just like ours in Lebanon… it has goat cheese and it’s called Tulum, which is the Lamb Shed cheese. It’s almost 50 kilograms, so we can’t move it. Inside of it there’s cheese, let me show you.

It’s the opposite of the lamb shed cheese in Lebanon, it’s yellow, and it’s shape and texture is like Kashkawan cheese, It’s acidity is minimal, triggers your tongue a bit, it’s very good! Jazareyyeh. (carrot’s done as a sweet) Carrrots and honey.. no sugar. I just discovered something new as well within 3 minutes, Jazzaryeh in Lebanon isn’t made up of carrots but of pumkin. It has the same shape almost. It’s called Jazzaryeh because it’s orange in color. Here is it carrots, no sugar with coconuts on the outside, and the crunch of the walnuts. It’s like Rahet Al Halaoum. But it has carrots. Very light, not sticky or stretchy. Molasses, walnuts and no added sugar. Honey. The same ones we had in Armenia, they’re called Sucuk. In Lebanon it’s Malban, Walnuts… on the outside there’s sugar and molasses. It’s almost like Gelatine, and they’re cut into pieces. There’s a thred between them and they’re removed out of it. I really like the walnut on the inside, which has the taste of nature.

The gelatine on the outside doesn’t have sugar at all! I don’t know why I’m used to the idea that in Turkey when they say sweets it has sugar. But here they don’t have anything with sugar. I’m still not feeling the sweetness, I want more. Malban in their way, which is a bit different than ours.. because it comes flat with… powdered pistachios on the inside. The place is very nice, it’s called…

Mehmetogullari. It just came out of the oven! It’s roasted to the maximum! Look at the heat! Sesame roasted on the outside, it’s great! It’s like the Kaak from Tripoli. The dough… roasted on the outside with lots of sesame. Soft on the inside. It fills up the stomach, you can eat it while you’re walking. I wanted to see how the Borek is made, I just didn’t know that they’re waiting for me in the Fcatory in the kitchen. We’re not going to the shop. I’m very excited, and i’m imagining what am I going to see. We’re going in. Woah! It’s huge. they have a nice vibe, they’re nice and they smile! I’m very very very happy! I didn’t think I’d come here. I thought I’d see a shop and he’d show us what happens behind the counter.. but to get into this huge factory, I’m very happy! The dough is very thin, it’s done here in the machine.

It starts going from a level to another, they’re put pieces behind pieces, with lots of oil. It’s cut, then the trays leave to the other level. The one we ate yesterday, has almost 10 to 15 layer. It has lots of oil. Once it’s cooked it will start being crunchy and it blows a bit. To see where they stuff it, and with what… we’ll go onto the next kevel. There’s the smooth and the rough. The rough ones are cooked with those huge cooking pans. Then it’s put on the smooth ones. Between them they add, cheese or something else. They’re waiting for us to cook something special, they don’t do everyday. they’re waiting for us inside. Let’s go see. It ends with this look. Just like the pizza. Fresh and it lasts for 3 days. deep freeze on -40 degrees, it lasts for 6 months. What you saw today is something new, no cameras have ever gotten inside.

They never allowed anyone to take pictures. I really feel… honored that I’m here. I hope you enjoyed this video… the cleanness is to the maximum. The taste as I said yesterday, and now we will try. The tour was amazing! Turns out we have to taste in the new shop not here. We will go to the main shop, where we prepared them to eat and cook them and try them! Tasting time! A quick meshwar (trip) snd we’ll get there. We got there, this is the old shop street food on the road, people are sitting outside. They’re arab, so we go here to meet the guys. The owner is waiting for us to cook what we prepared and try them! It’s an honor. Thank you. I’m happy we met! We go in to try, let’s go! I thought they cook it in the oven, turns out they cook it like the Knefeh at Lebanon. Meaning, on a heat… whoever doesn’t know it’s cooked on both sides, cooked on the bottom then it’s flipped.

Here it’s the same. It’s cooked for 15 minutes, once it’s cooked from the bottom… they turn it. So what you see on the top that looks good. Is basically because they flip it to roast it. We will see it here on the heat, he hisself is doing it for us! Basterma and Cheese, as we said more than 12 layers. From the rough to the smooth… The right dough, the cheese is melted.

It’s very hot. It’s a full meal. The cheese is great, the dough is perfect, the smell of Basterma! It’s amazing for real. You can say nothing about it, I love it! We still have other flavors. Excellent! 10/10. I caught you. How many pieces? 2, only 2 I’m sorry! I can’t find the words, I don’t know if you get how much i can’t find words! The cheese… with the meat and the spices… with the outer crunch it’s like you’re having a fine-dining croissant or millefeuille. But rather than sugar they add cheese. It’s unbelievable! I had 2 pieces… and I can’t stop. Amazing! Amazing! I told him I’ll give you 12/10! He teared up. Amazing. Unbelievable! Waw. The black that you’re seeing isn’t burning it’s chocolate roasted! The smell… it makes you melt! unbelievable. unbelievable It’s worth coming here, wherever you are. Rammah, in the tour he didn’t just take us to touristic places, and not just places to eat good food. He showed us around the five stars hotels. This one is mind blowing! Sheraton Hotel. We will show you around, a view on the mosque and the river…

The pool, and behind me the iconic building that reminded me of one of Dubai’s big hotels. A fast tour, let’s go! Impressive, for real. It’s big and elegant… I didn’t think it would be this huge. and that elegant! Very nice. We finished Sheraton, we got to Hilton. At the end, those are the two big important hotels, In this region. Let’s see the Hilton Hotel. I came back to the festival, but today it’s even better! There’s unbelievable amount of people, traffic… the smoke and the smell! The vibes are great! Street food festival at it’s realist! There is too much traffic and each stand has about 30 persons waiting. Those are the vibes, look with me…

Let’s go to a tour! Come to the gold come! The traffic disappeared, everyone gathered next to the Lebanese people! Look there’s no one. Everyone is here! Come let’s dance! It’s time for being serious and time for dinner. Obviously we all heard about Nurset. Here he’s called Real-it. (Nusr-Et) It’s been open for just 2 months and it’s super famous. It’s a big place and it has meat as well. it’s expected to be very famous all around turkey! So we have the chance to be one of the first people to try it. Let’s see what they have, let’s go. Things started escalating slowly, the salad… we took a picture of it’s great! Then, something came and it’s boiling…

It’s cheddar cheese. Smoked beef. Waw it’s very nice. Look at how the knife is cutting it slowly… how soft it is! It’s not throwing blood out. It’s not dry at all, and it is the main! It’s not that fatty, not that heavy… You taste real meat. Especially with the bread that’s done here. Baklawa with ice cream. He prepares it live and cuts it. It became a very important signature in Turkey. You’d leave with a good taste! It’s sweetness is simple and it’s crunch is nice. That’s how we finish the dinner.

I really enjoyed. I advice everyone to come here, and I will come back! The name of the place is Kaburgaci. They called it Kaburgaci because it’s the first here. And the meat of Kaburga.. it’s fatty and from the meat directly. We started with this in 1998. The travel and the day wouldn’t end if we didn’t pass by the best! It’s the most important because as you can see the people around me the traffic… it’s full. The challange of how they work with meat, from the biggest stick to the smallest. The hands… one after the other. the men here are great, they let me in the kitchen so that I see how they work. I tried! I could say I came here to Adana and I tried doing Kebab. It’s juicy to the maximum and doesn’t need bread. Juicy! Not dry at all. It has spices a bit and the spices are amazing! It’s clear why it’s that famous and why people are crowded here, I was honored to meet the owner and go into the kitchen and try food from his hands! I spilled over myself.

I sweat, I enjoyed and had fun! It’s a great day! Insane, that’s how the second day ends… We still have tomorrow. I’m going to sleep. Should we go to the hospital? I think you will have a problem. You ate too much! Kebab, lots of it with lots of meat. So you need to go to the hospital. Borek, and all types of Borek… Basterma Borek, Kawarma Borek… Bulec. Steak… Steak! Burger! He doesn’t understand how I ate all of this today! He doesn’t get it, it’s his first time seeing someone like that. He can’t sleep. He thought of taking me to the hospital….

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