Stamps.com – How to Print USPS Postage Stamps

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In this tutorial we will review just how easy it is to print NetStamps using the Stamps.com software. So what are NetStamps? NetStamps are postage stamps that you print yourself with any postage denomination. Print one stamp at a time or print an entire sheet to have on hand whenever you need them. NetStamps labels come in a wide variety of designs. You can even design your own. NetStamps can be used to send just about anything from postcards to letters to packages, using all USPS Mail Classes, domestic and international . Printing a NetStamps label is quite simple. Here’s how: Select STAMPS in the blue navigation bar.

Now go to the Postage Details section. Do you know the amount of postage you want to print? If you do, click here. Use the pull down menu to select the Mail Class and enter the postage amount. That’s it . If you want Stamps.com to calculate the correct postage amount, click here. Use the pull down menu to select the Mailpiece type, enter the Weight and select the Mail Class. The delivery time and price for each Mail Class is displayed. If the Mailpiece dimension or destination Zip Code are required enter them here. To select special services such as Certified Mail, click here and optionally enter a cost code to track your postage spending.

Now let’s go to the Print Details section . Every NetStamps sheet has a serial number in the top right corner of the sheet. Enter it here. Next, enter the quantity of NetStamps you’d like to print . The number of NetStamps to be printed will be displayed . To print an entire sheet of NetStamps, select Print All . Now is the time to load your blank NetStamps sheet into your printer. How you load the sheet depends on whether your printer prints on the top or the bottom side of the paper.

This is easy to determine. Every printer has an icon showing which side of the paper is printed on – the Top, as shown on the left or the Bottom, as shown on the right. Load your NetStamps sheet according to your printer’s specifications and Select Print Postage . The Print window will appear. Make certain the correct printer and paper tray are selected . Then Select Print. Congratulations, you have just printed your own postage with Stamps.com . If you accidentally printed on the back of your NetStamps sheet or printed on a piece of plain paper or nothing printed at all, you can reprint the postage at no additional cost . You have only one opportunity to reprint so before you do make certain your NetStamps sheet is properly loaded and your printer is working correctly. If you have additional questions please see our other tutorials or call Customer Care Monday through Friday between 6am and 6pm West Coast time .

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