STAR WARS PAPER AIRPLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES WELL | Tie Bomber

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Hello again, everyone welcome again to another paper airplane tutorial. Today, I’m going to teach you how to make a very cool paper airplane, which flies very well indoor, but first of all I would like to sorry for my voice, because I’ve been sick for a few days and my voice, maybe not very clear. However, have you guys enjoy making this paper plant and don’t forget to give the video a thumb up to make the paper airplane? You need a piece abuse, letter-size paper. You can also trade for paper now, let’s fold the paper in half make sure. That’S all edges are lined up and make a very nice increase and flip the paper over. You need to put the paper in half again now for the paper in half again much one edge to the other edge very simple just first quickly, and you make it work now press down. Slowly, we do not need to do. Is super fast, just press it down and now open the paper. You have two layers just separate the two layers and then slowly push the top edge. The x-ray here push it out to the lower edge of the S on the lower layer. I mean you may need to trust the paper little bit and when everything lined up about to make another new, crease and fold this layer to the other side, repeater Sam Fuld, for this side, just press it down make sure that you thought correctly press Adele edge, Like to edge and breast and residential to make a crease and then follow the layout backward, she looked just fine. For now we have a triangle-shaped press or christelle and then stop from the tip. I covet first show you this this to the stepper we do next and for the tip down straight to the edge on the bottom. This is how you voted and press it frightened the paper and now start from the tip again, four straight upward and majors major istanbul have an inch and just put up. If you have just let the size, you may just have an inch, a four people, just major major, is about one centimeter. One in half centimeter should be five without flip the paper over and the 4-pin. Now it’s a little bit difficult to for the paper in half, because the paper may be very thick at the top so forth backward forward. You may need to fix it a little bit as i am doing now. I fixed the the papers a little bit. Some creases and it depressed are so that i can pull the paper easier. You may need to fix the width as well, which may be shipped when your portable, the paper all pieces of paper with the Shiva little bit, so you need to make them align, and this look just fine for now yeah. It now start from the top of the tip rest out rest, the tip down. So that’s it looks nice and then on both sides, just fresh doubt push down so that you can make the papers works by. This is the easiest way to fold this paper. Airplane, of course, you can force a little bit different, but i’ll show you the easiest way so just follow the instructions. Show you right now. You just finish it now going to create wings. When you create a wings that you can see, the tip here push it down a little bit so that you have a preference, and it’s have you for the winds. Much much easier managers about 1 inch and then press the tip out the temperature stand there. It’S just like the head, as have the plaintiff life faster and a breast out of wings measure does all the wings or even after you finish, building the wings. Now let me show you how to create the stabilizers. This is very important. Yeah speaks the hell little bit more and then to the stable isms, and now this is time to create stabilizers start from the top layer, the first layer. Ok, so let put the paper down on the table. This we have 240 stable, is easier to start from this side, four straight to the center crease. But you know when you forward, when you curve and fold the stabilizers is at that point. You see that corner and we do that corner. Is the the preference 240 stabilizers and out for us as much as i can, because it’s we’re not rich to the party so just come forward it when you finish, one side repeat the same fold for the other side same thing for this side with doubt and Now you can use the previous all the other edge as a reference for the other way, something for this side. Very simple when you finish water to the next and next stop from the edge again plus to decrease which is made. Of course, i will repeat the same fold for all the wings: just do it slowly and the plan will fly very well at the end, when you finish all the wings now, just pull out the stabilizers just make sure that you make them. Even this is very important that our wings or at the same size, and now you can like pour out stabilize us a little bit. You may need to take a look at the new model from Star Wars movie to see how these are the type bombers. Look like you can fix the wings as we very helpful and fix the head. Push it down a little bit so that if we skip the body of the things stay together, audience will be stick and don’t forget to create the elevators at the end of the wings so that the plane will fly up instead of crashed out quickly. And this is a test fly out the door. This is windy. You know the blenders and fly straight, but it’s different make simple. Finally, if you like this paper airplane and if you want to support me, give the video time ups and shit tutorial with your friends and make sure that down. We make a tutorial. Thank you for watching and in that time, bye, bye, bye,

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