Strawberry Pretzel Salad (Dessert)

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Hey there welcome back to another video. If you aren’t familiar with me, i am baker bettie and i’m a professional baking instructor and welcome to my channel. I hope you will stick around for a little while and subscribe today. I have a really fun recipe for you. This recipe is super easy and it’s perfect to finish out the summer, and it is a strawberry, pretzel salad. Now, if you aren’t familiar with this recipe, when you see it, you might be questioning the name of calling it a salad, but that is what it is. Most commonly called some people will call it a strawberry pretzel pie or strawberry pretzel bars, or strawberry pretzel delight, but the most common name is strawberry, pretzel salad and it’s one of those really kind of old school church, cookbook potluck recipes. It has a pretzel crust on the bottom, it has sort of a no-bake, cheesecake filling and then the top layer is strawberry, jello with fresh strawberries. It’S really really pretty to look at and i’m taking the classic recipe and elevating it just a little bit to make it even better. So let’s go ahead and dive in so to start, we are going to mix our jello together so that it has time to cool down. I have two three ounce packages or 85 gram packages of strawberry jello and i’m going to add two cups or 480 milliliters of very, very hot water. You want the water to be almost boiling and just go ahead and whisk that, together until it is really well combined and then you can set that aside to cool down while you work on the rest of the steps. Next, we’re going to start on the pretzel crust layer, so you want about 150 grams of pretzels, which ended up being about four heaping cups of pretzels and we’re going to very coarsely break these up. I recommend putting them in a ziploc bag like i’m doing here and then using a rolling pin to crush them up. I actually tried doing this in a food processor before and i ended up with a lot of really finely powdered pretzels and then other pretzels that didn’t break up at all. So i don’t really recommend doing that. I think just putting it in the bag and using a rolling pin is going to be your best bet. So now, once all of the pretzels are broken up like this, we are going to add a fourth, a cup of sugar, which is 50 grams, and then we are going to add six tablespoons, which is 85 grams of melted butter and just stir all of that. Together until it is well combined, okay, now i’m going to pour my pretzel crust mixture into the bottom of a 9 by 13 inch pan, which is a 22 by 33 centimeter pan and you can use glass or ceramic or metal. But i really like to use a glass pan for this, because then you can see all of the three layers through the glass and i think it looks really pretty and kind of retro. So but that’s up to you. Any pan will work and i’m just using the bottom of my measuring cup, to kind of firmly press the pretzels into the bottom of the pan, so they are in one even layer, and now we are going to bake this at 350 degrees fahrenheit, which is 180 Degrees celsius for about 12 minutes. You want this to get really nice and toasted, and this is going to help that crust stay nice and crunchy. Once we add the next layer. Okay, once the pretzel crust comes out of the oven, you do want to let it cool down completely. Before you add the next layer, if you add the next layer, while it is still hot, it will get really soggy. Okay. Now we are going to work on our no-bake cheesecake filling and we are starting with 8 ounces, which is 227 grams of cream cheese. That is at room temperature. You definitely want it to be really nice and soft so that you can easily mix it together. I’M going to start by mixing this with my beater for just a little bit to kind of get it softened up and a little bit creamy before we add in our other ingredients. Once you have that mixed a little bit, we are going to add a half a cup of granulated sugar, which is 100 grams and i’m adding about a tablespoon of lemon zest and about two tablespoons of lemon juice into the mixture. Now this is a little bit different than most recipes call for, but i think the really tartness of the lemon brings out the brightness of the strawberries really really well. I think it makes a huge difference. It is technically optional in this, but i highly recommend it make sure you scrape your bowl down in between mixing so that you’re making sure it’s all really nice and incorporated, and we’re going to mix this until it’s really really nice and creamy. Before we add our next ingredient, okay, our last ingredient for our filling is one cup or 240 milliliters of heavy cream, and you want this to be very, very cold. This is what is going to thicken up our filling and make it set now. This does need to be heavy cream or whipping cream or double cream. You cannot use half and half or light cream in this, or it will not set up properly, and now we are just going to mix this on medium high speed for several minutes until it gets really really fluffy and thick. It took me about three minutes of mixing on medium high speed here, to get it to really really thicken up, and i stopped several times in between mixing to scrape down the bowl and make sure everything is getting really well incorporated. Once your mixture looks really really nice and thick like this, we can go ahead and add it to our cooled down. Crust go ahead and dollop the filling all over the top of your crust doing. This will make it much easier to spread it out evenly, and then i like to use an offset spatula to go ahead and gently spread that filling out over the top of the crust, and you want to make sure that you are spreading. That filling all the way to the edge of the pan, so it kind of creates a seal between that layer and the crust layer. If you don’t do that, when you pour the jello filling on top, it will kind of seep down into the bottom layer. It’Ll make your crust kind of soggy and you won’t have those pretty layers in your dish. Okay, go ahead and just pop that in the refrigerator, while we prepare our strawberries, okay, now we are going to slice a full pound of strawberries, which is 450 grams of strawberries and just cut the tops off and slice them. Okay. The last step is to top our salad with our strawberry filling, so i am pouring the jello all by itself over the cream cheese filling, and you might be able to see here that i didn’t do a very good job of making sure all of that jello Was well combined when i mixed it with the water so make sure you do that so that it does set up properly. But if you want you can just mix your strawberries in with the jello filling so that you just pour it all over once. But i’m gon na be a little bit extra about it and place my strawberries one by one so that i have really pretty lines going up and down the dessert. You absolutely do not have to do that. You can just mix your cut strawberries into the jello and pour it right on top and just make sure it’s evenly spread out. But if you do want to place your strawberries, i am just kind of gently placing each piece of strawberry on top kind of making sure that it sits down into the cream cheese layer so that it stays and doesn’t kind of float away. And then, once that sets it’ll look really nice and pretty, and it will have all of these lined up strawberries and it will look like a really pretty dessert or salad. If you want to call it that – and the very last step is to put it in the refrigerator and let it chill completely, you really need to give it two full hours to chill completely before you cut into it, so that your jello layer is completely set. Now, once this is set, it is so pretty it’s so fun to cut into and see all of those layers and the salty contrast of the pretzels, with the creamy filling and the tartness from the strawberries that lemon really brightens everything up and the butteriness of the Crust, it really just hits every kind of flavor and texture that you want. You have the crunchiness, you have the creaminess, you have that really really smooth jello filling and – and it is just such a fun dessert that is really easy to assemble and really really beautiful. Now i really hope you enjoyed this recipe tutorial and if you did, please give it a like, and if you have any questions you can leave those down in the comment section, i will do my best to answer them and i will see you next time with Another recipe tutorial

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