Ultimate Athletic Breakfast – 50 grams of easy Protein

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Good morning everyone. It’s Nicholas Dettinger back. again today i’m going to share with you my ultimate breakfast routine to start my day off consistently start my day off well and hit most of the macronutrients possible for a day. Hope you have a great day and break it finish limits. Join me now subscribe and awaken those games, awakenedgainz Roll the intro. The reason I want to consistent breakfast is because it’s pretty much the only meal that I can lie on. And I bet you feel the same way. Most of times when you plan your day out you go oh my god, all these things on today. And then you realize, Oh crap, I didn’t have enough time to plan out my meals, didn’t have enough time to get my lunch together.

I don’t know what I’m gonna have for dinner. So getting breakfast the most consistently can be and having the most macronutrients off the list done is the probably the best idea. And that’s how I view it. I view my breakfast as a time period of all my supplements to get rid of all the random vitamins or minerals that I want to have insurance policies on pretty much and to get a large amount of protein and a lot of other things and so this is my breakfast meal, the things I want to cross off In the beginning the breakfast is I want a high amount of protein. I want all my omega three fats. Right now, I want a majority of my vitamins and minerals done and I want a ton of performance boosting supplements that I’ve made previous videos on.

I’ll get into everything including the supplements I take in the morning at the end of the video and my personal experience with this breakfast at the end. My morning recipe is not appealing for the majority of people because it’s kind of bland but it’s to my taste. I take a cup of oats, a little bit of Honey Nut Cheerios or some multigrain trios on for flavor cut up a banana cut up an apple throw some cacao powder on it a cup of protein powder and about two or three tablespoons of chia seeds with a little bit of pumpkin seeds or you know whatever I have in the fridge. You could also use date or apples or ba ana it just de ends and then add so e almond milk ju t to stir it up an make it more co sistent to eat an less powdery ge erally this br akfast provides me 40 to 50 grams of pr tein from the oa s from the pr tein powder from th pumpkin seeds an from everything el e in the recipe.

So by getting that am unt off in the da , I can hit my ma ros because you kn w most people who ar working out who ar big Or the te ptation amount of ca ories someone get 15 grams protein an they want to get 20 grams protein. Ma , every meal has to be protein dense, yo pretty much need pr tein powder al ost every meal, it s so hard to eat th t much amount of fo d. But this way yo can get out of yo r way it’s pa atable especially wi h the apple ba ana, and you hit yo r protein for the mo ning. Easy, no eg s don’t nothing, it s vegan, it’s pl nt based. Wh tever you want to ca l it also helps ge my system re ulated pretty ea ily, because all th s food is ac ually low gl cemic or low in ulin response.

So yo have a prolonged re ease of energy th oughout the day fo lunch, you don’t fe l as giant as li e, you know ge ting jittery be ause you have a lo er glucose re ponse throughout th day. That’s also a ot of fiber. The ch a seeds give me al the omega threes fo the day because we don’t get enough om ga threes every da . So just as in urance policy I pu on two ta lespoons of chia se ds plus also as li tle protein and th y’re dirt cheap pu ting them on Am zon or bulk barn. Th n I like to go ov r the cow powder. ca ao powder is pr tty much an am zing superfood, bu I’ve made a wh le video on that I’ l release sh rtly. It applies to have brain bo sting benefits he rt boosting be efits glucose ab orption benefits ca diovascular di ease benefits, it s a lot and you kn w what, it adds a li tle flavor.

It’s pr tty much the pu est dark ch colate there is an with all its he lth benefits, why no throw on your ba k office, get out of the way and start yo r day upgrade. No the protein po der is just the ch apest bulk pr tein powder I co ld. And it tastes li e crap because it s not powdered. It s not flavored, it s not nothing. It s literally pea pr tein powder. So I ha e to add some ca ao on it some da k chocolate and I ha e to add bananas an apples whatever pu whatever protein po der you want on it doesn’t matter. It s literally just pr tein. Now the vi amins the vi amins I take in th morning, I’ll st rt with the in urance policy on e I take vitamin D nd B 12. Even th ugh the almond mi k has been 12, th tofu whatever th ngs have it you st ll want to make su e you get it eat re ardless because yo need it for bi logical fu ctions.

Vitamin D is important because I ant to bet that 10 % of people or 98 of people don’t ge a vitamin D be ause they don’t go outside and they do ‘t expose them. En ugh skin to the su light. I’m in sc ool, I’m going to wo k a lot. I’m in ide buildings, no a lot of su light out. Plus, yo also don’t want to go outside. Then th re’s b 12. For th same reasons. Ne t is iodine. I us d to have like, yo know, seaweed fl ke sheets that I wo ld eat in the mo ning, they’ll tr ce is pretty gr at, but it got pr tty expensive af er a while and yo know me a little ch ap. Who do you kn w, that actually ge s enough iodine fr m their food, wh ‘s eating enough se weed who’s eating en ugh salmon to get en ugh iodine and th oughout the day, th re’s really not a lo of places to get io ine. And I doubt mo t people are ge ting it You li erally need io ine to produce en ugh growth ho mone to build mu cle.

So next is th supplements that I all the pe formance boosting su plements. These on s I’ve made vi eos on to explain th ir benefits more in detail, but th re’s pretty much th ee that I take ev ry morning re ardless of if I’ e had my br akfast. I always wa t to take these on s because they he ped me throughout th day their pe formance boosting on s.

One is Rhodila Ro a it is an ad ptogen it helps yo adapt to no specific stresses in the environment an reduce Your show re ponds to things. Le ‘s say for in tance, you get a po quiz when you go in o class, and yo ‘re stressed out ab ut it. Well, this ad ptogen helps lo er that stress re ponse make you fe l calmer. And th nk you know what i an get through it I can work th ough it, I can ad pt to it. One big st dy on college st dents found that co lege students who ha the supplement we e still able to wo k out through ex m seasons and had a 0% overall better gr de at the end of it because they’re ab e to adapt their st ess much easier an I think it’s he ped me in my last ye r of university.

Ne t is Lion’s Mane Li n’s Mane is a br in boosting su plement. I made a wh le 15 minute vi eo on it and if yo have the time, ch ck it out. Be ause it gives you a ot of information on what Lion’s Mane is and its benefits fo its cost. Lion’s Ma e is a ne roplasticity in reasing su plement, it also in reases the rate of cell birth versus ce l death. So you li erally get more br in cells for the sa e metabolic cost. Th next one is tu key tail. haven’t ma e a video on it ye , but this is an im unity helping su plement helps in rease the natural ki ler cell content, an it helps in rease your immune re ponse to things.

Th t’s three se onds. ones that I ta e every single mo ning besides my in urance policy on s. So if you wrap up my breakfast I ge a crap ton a pr tein. I get a cr p ton of fiber. I ge a ton of mu tivitamins be ause bananas, oa s, chia seeds, pu pkin seeds, th re’s iron, th re’s magnesium, th re’s everything in there. I get my in urance su plements I get my vi amin D my iodine, I e 12 and then ta e my performance bo sting supplements an this breakfast ha helped me ma ntain my pe formance th oughout the year.

Le me get my wo kouts done and yo know what br akfast is the mo t popular day so if you had a great da , subscribe and ch ck out for more be ause we have tons mo e videos coming ou on the anatomy of supplements have gr at day aw kenedgainz!.

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