VANNA WHITE @ 1987 Wheel of Fortune ( + OPRAH WINFREY plug )

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Chicago Eugene cinnamon competes against Japanese fighters, the Tournament of Champions tomorrow at 3:30 only on 7. Well, the four of us want to thank you for being with us today, a very interesting model. Have you ever seen anyone out there? What do you think, okay check? Wait? Hold on don’t look folks. What do you know? We can’t the coach said that the jewelry is terrific, too bad. He wasn’t able to get it, but $ 7,300 is a pretty impressive bunch of cash and though we have more of it, which we will give away on our next show we’ll see you, then some contestants receive sound design. Sports seriese, portable am/fm stereo, with cassette recorder, featuring front loading, cassette player with auto, stop and sound design and Andes candies. The perfect little thank me and five delicious flavors five ways to reward yourself for life’s little victories an Ogilvy home firm, the firm with the pre firm conditioner that prepares your hair to take a better perm over the home perm and new potential errors. Finer texture, Ridge, identity, zip powder, fighting power formula, imagine biting an apple again: frigid N and a gift of carafe and wine glass from really needy America’s best-loved imported wine. Red white rose a gold and spumante. If you tried Riunite on ice, it’s so nice and saarne. Today, elegance and quality in the art of the designer handbag, Sarnia sold by nice people in nice doors. Today’S our name prior to the show and have been rounded off to the nearest dollar the Oprah Winfrey Show, is looking for couples who are going to. Let me find those seven four seven. Oh, he was overseas in the studio. Audience 5:07 for 700 Wheel of Fortune is produced by merv griffin enterprises distributed by keen world you

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