Week 5 Review signs!!! No voice!!! Day. Week. Month. Year. Time.

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Hey good morning hope you all had a good weekend me. What did i do? I worked. I work at a restaurant and I think on Saturday s Saturday swirl. I worked in the morning for brunch and then i worked at night. It was a birthday party for a man whose age was 60, it was cool, so big party about 75 people showed up yeah and lots of people drinking and eating and having fun there was a music is cool and then sunday i worked just at night still At the restaurant same thing, ok, so I’m not playing anything right now, but I’m gon na try to sign and turn off my voice. So I want you to watch and then understand what I’m saying with my sign and not talking okay. So this is just like a review, a review of words that I’ve taught you before and I’m going to try to see if you’re receptive, like watching viewing your receptive skills of signing is improving. So if you understand cool, if not try to watch the videos again on youtube and see if the voice and the sign is not matching and just just continue practicing. Ok, this is cool, not okay, okay, so the first is we’re going to say: family yeah, yeah. Okay, how’d, you do it if you understood it’s good. That means you’ve been practicing. You’Ve been watching me sign listening to my voice and matching it that’s important. Not many deaf people will sorry. I said people in the death, but deaf people will use their lips. I tend to do what I used to say: I usually go aunt, so you can see it on my lips or or most the time def will decide. I use my lips, for this reason is because i want you to understand the sign and match it cool. So this week, I’m going to show you just like time so we’re gon na talk about time, so we’re going to start with week. Here’S your calendar, you put a finger up and this is considered weak, like you’re looking at a calendar to go week all right now, you can build your week with the schedule. You take your hand and literally brush from the top to the bottom and side side. So you’re building like a calendar you’re looking at a calendar, see it’s easy, so schedule calendar week, cool now, there’s two weeks, there’s three weeks, there’s four weeks there’s last week, which everything is always in the past is behind you so last week and if you talk About next week you go forward, or next week, you’ll see either direction of your hand. Your palm can face this way or some people will face it. This way, last week, cool, so there’s your weak day day day right. Some people do a d-day, like you, think, the Sun down day some people just do today, cool or two day, which is also now cool, put your finger up month. This is a month, so you’ve got week month, day, cool time and a year. Just take your your two-fisted hands and move it forward for year, one year you can do one year, two years or if you just push it forward, wishes next year next year or if you want to go backwards. That’S last year last year, or you can sign next year, future future weekly fingers or last year last year, weekly fingers last year.

Next year, cool or gear, so again, we’ve got week day month year next year, last year, cool now we’re going to talk about time right. So there’s always an hour, so there’s 24 hours in a day right! So here’s the clock, you just do an hour – your hand can go this way and go this way. Doesn’T matter, it’s fine, ok, an hour. You can do a half hour, which is 30 minutes and just do half the palm half hour. Some people do 45. That’S weird, so I just a half-hour or hour. Ok! Now, if you’re talking about like 30 minutes, I will show up possibly around 30 minutes late. Ok, so if you do the actual minutes, 30 minute is just a minute like one minute. 1 30 minutes seconds even faster 30 seconds seconds. It’S kind of a big difference and you know that’s really hard to explain. So, let’s just keep it with our half hour. You can do 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes quick cool, so we’re going to do that again. We’Ve got the hour half hour and then time when you say the meeting today we’re going to meet at three o’clock. Here’S the watch. Here’S the 33 clock. We will have a meeting cool, so you do it from the watch. Some people will say three in the afternoon three in the morning. So three, it’s four o’clock: it’s by the clock at six o’clock, seven, eight, nine and then you would do 10. Will your tent and then

To the clock, 11 to the clock and then 12 to the clock, cool, alright, another thing about time: we’ve got the 24 hours in a day right and you get the watch. It’S three o’clock they’re going to say three o’clock in the afternoon or three o’clock in the morning which one right. So this is the day right morning. Think of it as the Sun, so put your arms one arm this way and the sun is rising right afternoon. Is around right here and the night is all the way below you’re going to see a different, though sometimes people who are deaf or from different areas will sign differently. It’S not wrong. This is different. Accents states have different accents, so you seem different signs when you meet many people, but mostly death will understand morning. Here’S the morning, here’s the afternoon and then night I’ve seen afternoon like this too so anyway. So we’ve got the day. The morning the afternoon afternoon and night cool alright good luck. I hope you enjoy it and have a good day and welcome to week, number 5 cook I’ll, see you soon. Bye,

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