What is a Megabyte compared to a Gigabyte? // data in KB, MB, and GB (with LEGO)

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Megabyte. What is a Megabit per second? Weight is measured in pounds, distance is measured in feet and meters, and Digital Information…it’s measured in bits. A bit is a value of either 1 or 0. On or off, yes or no, black or white – opposite values. We’ll represent these bits as these black and white blocks here. This is binary code, and it looks like this. Byte is 8 bits. When referring to transmission speeds, bits are used (small b). When referring to storage, Bytes are used (big B). Now what happens when you get a lot of bits and a lot of bytes? What do you call that? A Kilobyte, which represents 1 Thousand Bytes. Which is about 2-3 paragraphs of text. A Kilobit, is the average dial up of a modem. Megabyte. That’s one million bytes. For storage, that’s about 4 books. Your internet package – it’s probably measured in Megabits per second. What about a Gigabyte? That’s one Billion bytes. Or 341 pictures, or maybe 256 songs.

And you can store Gigabytes on a USB. But what about Gigabit? Google fiber, actually can support speeds of up to a thousand Megabits per second (which is one Gb). That is very fast. What are things to remember about bits and bytes? Whoa Whoa wait! Number one, says all the computer scientists watching this video. Ok so to simplify things we spoke in multiples of 10 to explain bits and bytes. But in reality, computer science began with denoting these sizes as 2 to the power of 10. So 1,024 bites. Denoting this was called the binary prefix. For marketing purposes they simplified this, and in 1998 new prefixes were implemented called: Kbi, Mbi, Gbi (really cute!) – which count in 1024. Two. Do not get confused with Bits and Bytes. When referring to storage, Bytes are used. When referring to transmission speeds Bits are used. Bits is little b, Bytes is big B. Bits a 1 or a 0, and Byte is 8 of these 1s and 0s. Three. Everything on the internet can be broken down into binary. It doesn’t matter if it’s a song, a picture, a video, or just text.

Everything is stored, and transmitted, in Bytes and Bits. So let’s solve a “bit” of my problems here. The Justin Bieber album is 72 Megabytes (big B). Your internet speed is 15 Megabits per second. How long will it take you to download? Multiply 72 Megabytes by 8, so that we can see how many bits are inside. Now we can divide in Megabits as well. So 576 Megabits, divided by 15 Megabits per second equals 38.4 seconds. Not quite though, because there is album art, you could be streaming netflix in the background. But that’s how you can kind of figure out how bits and bytes work. Now when someone talks about fiber internet, or storage on their phone. Or when you try buying a new computer and they talk about 32 bit processors – you’ll actually understand what this is all about. But before you go let’s talk to each other in binary. Here is a link that I want you to visit. Paste in the comment you want to send me about this video, and then I’ll reply back saying how many Bytes of storage it would take to save your comment..

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