What you didn’t know about Vanna White

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Vanna White has been a household name for more than 30 years now rising to start him on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune yeah but even though you’re sure to know her name what do you actually know about her new six meteorologist Candace Campos got to meet the TV icon and share some little-known facts about vana you see her most weeknights all right perfecting the art of letter spinning in 33 years it has remained $250 to buy a vowel and she’s also the world’s most frequent clapper with more than 600 claps per show another little known fact over the years vana has worn more than six thousand gowns and never the same one twice so the big question is how does she keep her arms in tip-top shape I do 10-pound weights and I have a pull-up bar how many can you do not that many maybe five I can’t wait no I can do one this way I can do five this way Venna says she’s got memories now that just bring a laugh I stepped down and I missed the last step and you just saw me disappear behind the car did you jump right back I jumped back up I brushed myself off I went over and said congratulations and he said did you have a nice trip on the air there’s so many memories and so many moments that are so special but I remember this guy winning a brand-new car one time and the first thing he said was I don’t have to take the bus anymore and that just touched me then also works in her off time to help make a difference by using her hobbies as a way to help children in need and I hear that you’re an avid crochet er yes I am when do you have time to do that between being a mom and obviously a celebrity well I do it you know I did it in the car coming here actually did you really in the backseat I’m crocheting or if I’m at a doctor’s office I’d do it and sometimes at night I’ll do it when I’m watching TV I do it as often as I can she’s actually created her own vanna’s yarn collection where a portion of the proceeds benefit the st.

Jude Children’s Research Hospital personally Vanna White has always been an inspiration to me so before we wrapped up our interview there was one question I just had to ask we had his big giant iPad that I do the weather and it’s all touchscreen haha you’re the queen of touching and spinning I need a little bit of guidance what would you say is a secret your touch you have the special touch I know you do I know you do I can just tell you can tell I can’t have a special touch oh my gosh Nana why just I’ve had a special touch can we get that on camera again okay good she does absolutely and for more of Candice’s interview with vana we’ve posted that along with more on why this interview was so special to Candice it’s all on our website just head to clip Orlando com powered by new six right now find it right there on the home the bana we give 600 class

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