Women try guessing each other’s weight | A social experiment

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Hey guys Cassey here so today i gathered 8 women together for a little social experiment. None of them have any idea. What’S about to happen. All they know is that it’s gon na be a video about body image, but that’s about it. They don’t know that. It’S about to get a little uncomfortable, how you guys feeling? What do you think we’re gon na do today, maybe share our insecurities with each other. How often do you guys catch yourself, comparing yourself to other women? Do you guys ever judge people based on how they look and do you ever get judged based on my stomach and compare his own body fat to mine? I got this every day. It’S not really, okay, to be a woman and have a lot of muscles. I can walk in the city and people come and look at me like wow. You look good told you like too skinny or you’re, not skinny enough. I’M trying out this new yoga studio and this really slender woman looks up and down at me when I walk out, I didn’t belong. This is the part that might be a little bit uncomfortable. I want you guys to choose a partner that you think weighs the same as you, okay and you can’t ask you to either how much you weigh okay, once you figure that out, I want you lineup by weight lowest highest now we’re gon na. Ask you why you chose each other okay, my partner, we kind of had like similar like body yeah, I like style. They think we’re both pretty curvy. We have more weight like down in our lower body area yeah. I was a little drawn to my partner because we’re both the same height, so I was like okay. Yeah worked my way down. I think I Joseph cuz she’s tall. Yes, I think we were kind of trying to like play a balancing game, like maybe our bodies. Don’T look the same necessarily, but you know the height might also play a factor like toned muscle weighs a bit more than fat and almost like similar, I feel, like your shoes, have a bit of lift yeah. I did feel a little uncomfortable like I don’t want to do that to other yeah. Look I felt really uncomfortable because I was like photo sizing people up like I’m like well. I think I weigh more than you, but not more than you and like it just felt like, even if we like. I think that we do that in life, but it felt really weird to like be given a task and have to do it. Are you ready to hear the results? None of you are right. First, we have Kobe and Paloma. We have Rachel and Vinay next we have Celeste and ebony, and finally, we have Irene and Darlene. How do you guys feel? I think it’s really cool yeah yeah, because everybody I really like defines by like the scale, but you look so different, even though the number might be the same. Are you guys surprised that you’re the same way I had I had suspicions, you can really see her muscular definition. I was thinking I was heavier than her. Just because of the like, you know a little bit. The muscles show me more. Usually, I’m a little bit on the heavier side of lean yeah, I think just height wise, I’m just like really so now. I just want to get an idea of like what’s your typical diet, I usually like cereal for breakfast and always with a cup of coffee. Usually, for breakfast I’ll eat like a bagel with cream cheese, avocado and like a lemon pepper on top food is always a tricky thing, because I go in cycles. I also took meat out for like three years dealing with cancer and put it back in my typical diet is what’s on sale at sprouts, usually, and then I usually eat ice cream a couple times a week too. So I try to have carbee meals in the amount part of my day and then incorporate veggies for dinner. I don’t have any particular plan. I do eat breakfast every single day. My stomach will grow if you don’t eat. I cook a lot at home, so I’m meal prep every Sunday. I have a huge sweet tooth, but typically I try to eat healthier honestly, my diets, like all over the place, my diet consists of bread and sugar. It’S probably quite a boring protein protein protein. I eat more less chicken, like four or five times a day, put my carbs in the morning and some cups right before my training. How often do you work out and what do you do I work out. I try to work out five to six days of the week like 45 minutes of strength, training and then the last, like 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, haven’t been to the gym and like 132, it’s just life is crazy, so I haven’t been able to go. I work out a lot almost every single day, sometimes twice a day with yoga, and then I do like my own weight, I’m uh seven days a week as well. I usually start off with some weight lifting and then all marathon training too. So I’ll do like three miles to, however long I have a long run day on the weekend. I would say at the least three days, but I try to shoot for every day, just some sort of activity and that’s kind of my goal. Typically about three times a week, I go through phases for exercises like sometimes it’ll be Dan, sometimes it’ll be typically. I don’t go to the gym. When I do go to the gym. I try to do some cardio. I train a lot more less every day, so offseason I go to the gym for the weight, training four or five days a week. Don’T do so much cardio at the gym off-season period, I’ll save it for the on season, but I have a dog. So I do a lot of long walking all right now laurels gon na step in and we are gon na. Do some reveals we’re gon na reveal your BMI and they’re gon na really you’re by fat all right, one, two three! So that’s your BMI, which is a relationship between your height and your weight, based on like these industry standards. Hobie, it says, 22 is like in the healthy range and then for Paloma. It says that 24.5 is in the healthy, like almost overweight range. What do you think of that? What do you think about BMI? I don’t really like it and never really use it because it doesn’t like include body fat percentage, which is something I gravitate more towards 20 point five says you’re in the healthy range and then rachel says you are so also in the healthy range arbitrary number. It doesn’t make sense to me with physical therapy. Is my background, like we don’t use the BMI scale as much anymore for evany and for Celeste, both of you. It puts you in the overweight category. So how do you guys feel about that? Not great yeah? I feel guilty, I guess that’s the word, I’m centering on for both Irene and Darlene. It says both of you guys are in the category of obese. I’M gon na put that in quotes, and I want to know what you think about that and what that word means to you. Yeah I’ve been through this a lot of times with when you have a lot of muscle. This doesn’t work at all. I mean I personally don’t consider myself like obese. I mean, I know, I’m not healthy ya know it makes no sense. I think it’s a now we’re gon na clip one more you’ll, see your body, fat, ready and flip. So, according to a sickness, both of you are in the fitness category for body fat percentage, my entire yeah, I think I’m just surprised, I’m definitely not as toned s. Bonet just goes to show you, you never know crazy. Okay, you guys are both in the athlete realm for body fat for women yeah interesting with all these classifications yeah. I think you feel good, you look good, but then you get a number attached to it and it might change your mind completely. 26 and 29 puts you in what they call for women like acceptable whatever that means. So when you see these numbers, how does it make? You feel I kind of go back and forth with this, because at one point I want to say like they’re just numbers, but then at what point? Does those numbers like turn into greater health risks or something like that? I really hate that the body fat is called acceptable. It just sounds so terrible like you’re all right, like you’re, not great, but you’re right. I I’m in the same boat, like I feel like that, doesn’t reflect Who I am health is my priority, so I feel, like I shouldn’t be labeled in this way I mean you are more than just essential fat, so women right here on this scale, essential fat, Is 10 to 13 percent and for men it’s 2 to 5 percent Darlene. It would put you in the obesity category and I want to know how you feel about how these numbers impact you personally and do you think it has any marker on what your health really is and no, I don’t think it have anything to do with that. It’S so different from person to person I mean if I’m 44. Now I don’t know what I was before. What is the biggest takeaway? You think you guys learned today. For me, my biggest takeaway, I think, is that we’re all unique individuals, it’s interesting to hold this up and it’s kind of like my label right now, right like it’s like. I am this number and we don’t walk around showing people telling people like I. This is my BMI, I think, for me, it’s been like a huge wake up. We really are like way more connected and in tune with each other and I’m hoping to like be super stoked on meeting people who maybe are struggling now, because to like help bring this rate or awareness of like we’re really human. These numbers are not necessarily like a great indication of somebody’s true health and like what exactly are they measuring that the body fat percentage and based on what numbers? This is just you need to attach a number to in how gon na go say to like health, because mental health is a big part of your health as a whole like if it doesn’t matter how you look or what all these numbers are. It’S if you’re happy with how you are your body and what you’re doing who you surround yourself with at the end of the day. Those are the things that make you healthy hearing everyone’s experience, it’s been great to just know like we all have different stories and different backgrounds, but in a lot of ways like we’re not alone, and some of the things that we’re and experiencing are similar, you see A lot of girls and you think, wow she looks amazing, and then you start to talk to her and she said no. I have to lose weight, she’s, not happy with herself and all of them have their own struggle. We can defy what a scale or something else made say or despise the stereotypes that others may have doesn’t really matter how you look or like what a number says. It’S about, like the person, definitely feel more comfortable. I think we came in not knowing each other at all. I think we’re definitely leaving all those friends wow you guys so many takeaways with this video and I just want to say thank you to the women who participated, because it’s not easy to talk about your weight and your health in front of people and their vulnerability Allowed us to better understand how we are judging other women every single day, whether or not you think it’s conscious or subconscious, we do it. You cannot judge a person’s health based on how they look. You cannot judge a person’s health based on how much they weigh there is so much more to someone than those numbers. Okay, there is a whole story behind a person that we need to take the time to get to know. So you guys, I hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you want more like this, go ahead and comment below and I’ll see you next time, bye, [, Music, ],

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