Write the letter A | Alphabet Writing lesson for children | The Singing Walrus

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The Singing Walrus Let’s write the letter ‘A’ Hey kids! Now we are going to write the letter ‘A’, as in ‘ant’. A – a- ant You’ll need a practice sheet and a pencil. Go to our website to download a free practice sheet. First, we’ll write the capital ‘A’. That’s the big ‘A’. Start at the top and make a line down. Go back to the top and make another line down. Now go to the middle and make a line across. Let’s try it again! Down, down, across. Now you try! Now check if you did it right. Great job! Now we are going to write the lower case ‘a’. That’s the small ‘a’. Start in the middle and go all the way around. Next, go up and then down. Let’s try it again. Around, up, and down. Now you try! Now, check if you did it right. Well done! Now you know how to write the letter ‘A’. Next time we’ll write the letter ‘B’. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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