Yogurt vs. Ice Cream: What is Worse?

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So i have a question for you: what’s healthier yogurt or ice cream? Well, yogurt right! Not quite let’s do the comparison. Let’S take one cup. That’S 128 grams ice cream on average has about 28 grams of sugar per cup. But let’s take a look at the sugar in four different yogurts Yoplait 41 grams of sugar per cup compared to ice cream. This is off the chart. Then we have GoGurt, which is 38.2 grams of sugar, Dannon 36 grams of sugar. Then we have Dannon Activia 43 grams of sugar, but of course these are sweetened with sugar they’re, not plain, but this blew my mind to actually do a comparison to see how much sugar is actually in one cup now, a lot of these products are either in Four ounces or six ounces and one cup is eight ounces. So if you were to look in the back the label you say: oh, this is a little less than ice cream. But if you do the calculations, one for one you’ll see that it has a tremendous amount of sugar, so you’re going to create a huge spike in someone’s blood sugars, not to mention the type of sugar a lot of times using high fructose corn syrup. They add modified corn starch, which is a flavor enhancer to make it taste good. They put corn syrup, but it’s low fat right. It has added vitamin a and vitamin d and it’s grade a now. What is grade a there are two types of milk grade. A is primarily used for direct sales and consumption in stores and grade b used for indirect consumption such as cheese making and other processing. So that’s all grade a means. Now i did an assessment on the quantity of certain foods that someone consumed back in 1970 versus 2015

Check this out beef from this time period. This time period it went down by 33 chicken spiked up by a hundred, and sixteen percent corn products went up by 180 corn, sweeteners went up by 300 percent, grains, went up by 127 percent. Soy went up by 190, vegetable oils went up by 270, but look at this yogurt went up by 1600 percent. Now when i first saw this, i kind of like downplayed it and i didn’t put attention on it, because i’m thinking yogurt can’t be that bad. But this is significantly higher because back in 1970s, we didn’t consume as much yogurt, and this could be potentially one of the significant factors of adding all this sugar into the diet and creating insulin resistance. In so many people. I would recommend if you’re going to consume yogurt, make sure you read the back label, make sure it’s plain make sure it’s whole milk. I would highly recommend getting a bulgarian yogurt if you’re going to do that. Kefir is even a little bit better. It has more microbes and less sugar, definitely don’t get the added sugar or sweeteners or even vanilla, has a lot of sugar in it. You can put drops of stevia in there as your sweetener if you want, but if you have this idea that yogurt is a health food in any way shape or form with this amount of sugar, it’s not hey, we’re back with another amazing recipe, no grains, no Sugar totally keto, there’s no suffering in keto, absolutely not karen and it’s an immune system builder. Absolutely you have to check this out. I think you should hurry up, watch the recipe and make it yourself. It’S just so easy to be keto, but is it simple? It’S super simple: we hope you enjoy, making it as much as we are enjoying eating it.

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