Anna Griffin 2piece Envelope Lettering Templates

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You promised you also in our final show the opportunity be able to take advantage of a lot of brand-new items so, for the very first time we’re going to offer you the envelope lettering a template. This is a two piece at $ 19.95, so this is gon na help us a little bit with all that writing do we have to do. You can never get the right precision, you just call it the smart guide. I, like you know this, is this is something again developed out of necessity, where I know that for myself I get my my mind gets ahead of my hand, and so my handwriting is not the best. I do the same thing, and so, if you wanted to take your envelopes from that Christmas card kit and you wanted to hand lettering them, this is a guide to be able to do that, and one of the things that’s really fun about it is that you’re Getting two different templates, one for the front of the envelope, one for the flap of the envelope and then you’re also getting 15 different stencil designs to decorate the envelopes. A lot a lot like this, so you see the little scribbles yeah so cute. This is one of the stencils, so you can get very very creative with this. You know is so great about this too, that I immediately, I think about like Noelle’s wedding. My daughter’s wedding and Anna did amazing invitations for us that were so beautiful, but you think. Okay. Now I need to find somebody to do the envelopes. Have you price that ever before it’s outrageous, it is wages. So here you could do that yourself and get that like custom design, look so value a what so they’re two different templates will just show. I’M gon na show it I’ll show it this way. First is the outside and there’s all kinds of instruction here to showing you what to do: okay and telling you what to do, and these are the envelope guide sizes and you don’t need to know the measurements or anything because you just take them and you line Them up on the bottom left corner. Oh, I see you see how that’s centered it and if I’d wanted to move it a little further to the left, I could all right you just line up the little corner. These are thumb holes so that it holds the stencil in place and then just like in school all right. So I’m gon na I’m gon na I’m just gon na do a few letters here so just like in school. If you were printing right, that’s what I would encourage you to do, you’re filling out a form right, and so these little guides are showing you, mr

Let’S see Anthony and I don’t know you just have to calm down right and you have to write it fallen though, and by the way it’s only 1995 and you do as we said, get both of them. So here’s what I did so I pick up the template right and then I I finished my descenders and then I go back and decorate the letters. Okay, so I give them a little serif right and then I go back and you could give you remember how, when you used to do little dots, all right, isn’t this fun so fun. So then your stencil, let’s say we wanted a I’m, not gon na write. The whole thing, but the stencils go around the address. Okay, isn’t this cute? Look we’re gon na decorate this I’m gon na give I’m gon na leave room over here for the decoration but they’re just so much fun. You could do this on, like anything like party invitations right, major cards, birthday cards, right right, you, so I’m gon na I’m gon na write this to my friend Anthony Heywood. Okay – let’s just finish that, so it doesn’t matter about whether or not you’re your handwriting is any good right, even the perfect proportion, then they said for the others, because you just use the guide on it. Well, the important part about this is and I’ll show you on. One of these bigger envelopes is that you have the the guide is gon na give you a larger line at the top and smaller lines for the address. So then you get really nice, yes, and then you get really creative with so of these all up close so that you get creative with your handwriting and we’re off to the races, because it looks like it’s been hand calligraphy without really having to do the hard Part – and I tell you the quantities in the hundreds, so I know we’re getting ready to move on Jane

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