Annalise Makes A Shocking Discovery – How to Get Away with Murder

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Nothing ties Hannah to any local maternity wards or hospitals at the time birth certificates, nothing unless we’re looking at the wrong month. She was back in school March 5th because she must have had the baby in February or March, and then she went right back [ Music ], who was born in March Annalise [, Music, ], Hey [, Music ], talk to me, [, Music ]. What? If Sam wasn’t the bad guy this whole time, of course yours, if any of this is true with him, he was pierced nah, he abused us. He made me break up with you so think about how much time he’s stolen from ours, I’ll not forgive right! [, Music ]: this is my clients, written authorization that states she wants. This sample tested against her husband, Sam Keating deceased. Mr. Keating’s DNA is on file from the lila stangard murder investigation. I need this on a rush. Okay, but we are beyond backed up with two grand out. I appreciate that [, Music, ]. Okay, I have to apologize well, you are right: ilex been in direct contact with xt us for nearly a year, which means you clearly have insight into things. I don’t so. You want to come down here and tell me what else I don’t know. I’Ve told you everything. I know you’re gon na do the rest of the work yourself, [, Music ]. What’S wrong, I have proof the hen and Saints luck together. What is it a child? I ran a DNA test against Sam and the sample was a match match for him who was born in March. Anna Lisa. Tell me who, who is it Frank,

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