Barefoot Contessa’s 5-Star Garlic Roasted Potatoes | Food Network

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[, Music ]: these are these: these potatoes in the world. I think I’ve made more garlic roasted potatoes than every other vegetable combined. I start with red potatoes, but you can really use any kind of thin-skinned potato, maybe about two pounds if they’re big potatoes, I’ll cut them in quarters, if they’re, small, potatoes, I’ll cut them in half okay, a little olive oil just drizzle it on coarse salt use. Kosher salt, but you can use sea salt or any kind of salt. You have around lots of fresh pepper, give it a little spice now the secret to my potatoes, really good garlic. I was trying to find garlic. That’S very firm like this. It doesn’t have a big sprout on it. You don’t want to plant in your potatoes. You want a really good garlic, peel six cloves of garlic there’s a lot of garlic in this meal, but when you cook garlic for a long time it becomes really sweet. So it’s not gon na be too garlicky meal. Now the easiest way I find a chopped garlic. Let’S just leave the tip of the blade on the board and run the knife back and forth you really let the blade do the work. Okay, lots of garlic smells so good. Can you use my hands to mix up the olive oil salt it already put on at the pepper I’ll check into the oven 400 degrees about 30 minutes? Oh, this is a girl across the potatoes and they are seriously garlic. Throw up crisp on the outside and delicious inside, it’s like a retired kitchen, hi sweetie. What you’ve been dreaming up all the way home and I’d love, someone that’d, be fabulous and a sprinkling of parsley on the top

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