Best Betty White Bloopers of ALL Time | Hot In Cleveland

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– I signed up when my bender was over. Fact, that’s my screen name, bend her over. (laughs) (audience laughs) I signed up when my bender was over. (laughs) (everyone laughs) I signed up when my bender (laughing) was over. (audience laughs) – From your line, any time– – From mine? Oh. – Yes. – I signed up when my (laughing). (audience laughs) I signed up when my (laughing). God no, please forgive me, please. – So I’m guessing this is why we’re throwing the party? – I don’t know. (audience laughs) Oh, I’ll be breathtaking, watch this. (audience laughs) We’re doing it the old fashioned way, (laughs) where the man is on, no.

(audience laughing and cheering) (Elka laughs) – [Director] And action. – I left my girdle at Pierre’s (laughs). (audience laughs) What is it? (actors drowned out by audience laughing) I left my girdle at Phil, uh, uh, what’s it? (laughs) (audience laughs) (Elka sighs) (Elka laughs) (audience laughs) – Oh no, oh no. – I have a feeling we have another bender over. (audience laughs) – I left my griddle at Pierre’s once. (Melanie laughs) (audience laughs) Well, just get me out of here before they come after me. (sighs) (mutters) Help. (audience laughs) – We’re not alone, we have each other. – And, and, Joe finally did get married, (both laugh) to Victoria. (Melanie laughs) No? – I think her name is Joy. – You called me Joe. – Joe. – Joy? I, I– – You called her Joe. – Joe, maybe I, not in my head.

(audience laughs) – Bread is not elevator music, it’s soft rock. There’s a difference. – Yeah, all up in your face, like elevator music. – [Director] No, no, we can’t overlap there. – I was doing that on purpose. (audience laughs) – [Director] Action. – Oh, I loved Fred and, and, and (mumbles) Bobby and… (audience laughing) (phone chimes) – (gasps) Oh, it’s another text from– (Elka sneezes) God bless you! (audience laughs) You know, actually, I was surprised Cleveland had psychics.

– Oh, we have a sizeable (mumbles) psycho American community. (audience laughing) What are you laughing at? (audience laughing) – Give me a vodka stinger, lots of sting. – [Director] Still rolling, still rolling, one more time. – You want it right, I suppose. (audience laughs) That show he’s on, Californication. – [Director] I need to go back to the whole line, Betty. I need the whole line. – I can’t just say fornication? (everyone laughing) I’m sorry, sweetie, honey badger doesn’t give a shit.

(audience laughs) Well, he is, Give me a box of paint and a, and a, (mumbles) and a little vodka on the rocks. (audience laughs) Yes, I, I, uh, I, ay-ay-ay. (audience laughs) If you like Lou, no, that’s not right Betty. (audience laughing) – Why, just now I accidentally brushed a fang while milking her. (audience laughing) See? (everyone laughing) – Shall we try the lemon meringue? – No, the guys at Pie-Curious were right. Once you go blackberry… (everyone laughing) (Elka laughing) Let’s start with her line? – [Director] Yes. – Bitch. (audience laughs) So he’s blind and dumb? And by the end of it, he’s gonna wish he was deaf. (laughs) (stammers) Up high. (actors laughing) – Oh God! – Who can help me? – These two African black rhinos refuse to make love.

(sniffles) Now, Clementine is perfectly willing, but unfortunately the only thing horny about Moses is his face. (Elka laughing) (audience laughs) This might have to be a single. – What should I say? I mean, what if she asks if I have a girlfriend? – Well, tell her you do. – Who would I get to pretend to be my girlfriend? (audience laughing) – Bros before hoes, Joy. (audience laughs) Did I say it wrong? They’re the bros, she’s the ho, no that’s right. (audience laughs) – [Director] Do it, you guys tap dance. (audience laughing) – Just from you, why don’t you chew the scenery? – Okay. (audience laughing) – [Joy] Why don’t you chew the scenery? – You’ve got a (laughs) a bitch. You’ve got a bug down on, you’ve got a, you’ve gotta go. Bitch, you’ve gotta… (everyone laughs) I can’t work with these women. – How about you guys take five and I’ll put on a giant pot of coffee and we’ll rehearse for a few more hours. – A little louder honey, they– (audience laughing) – Now, who am I kidding? I can’t be poor, I’m…

(gasps) (audience laughs) Okay, now I’m really ready, and I’m okay. – Is it too late to recant? (audience laughs) – So we’re gonna start, oh, sorry. (audience laughs) – Professional jealousy is a terrible thing. – So we’re gonna start with Betty’s line, right? – Yes. – Okay, bitch. (audience laughs) (Victoria screams) – [Elka] Is Victoria trying to iron again? – She’s re tea.

Why can’t I speak today? – Because you’re British. – That’s why. (audience laughs) – [Director] Action, Valerie. – I, I’m going. (audience laughs) I know what action means. – So do I, but it’s been so long. (everyone laughing) (audience applauding) (Elka breathes deeply and blows) (audience laughs) (Elka blows) Look, you’re at an awkward age for television, that.. (audience laughing) (Joy laughs) – [Joy] Ain’t that the truth! – Don’t make fun of an old lady. (audience laughs) – That was beautiful Elka. My film’s got everything those Oscar winners have. Craggy-looking old people talking about… (laughs) (audience laughing) (gentle music) (audience laughing) – It doesn’t take much.

(audience laughing).

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