Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2020 ($31,000 A MONTH BLOGGING!)

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In this video we’re going to talk about blog niche ideas for 2020 and in particular I want to share with you a blog niche idea that makes over 31 thousand dollars a month what’s up guys. My name is Greg Kononenko. You might also know me, as the caffeinated blogger click the subscribe button just below this video. Take that Bell notification icon as well. I upload three videos a week on free traffic, affiliate marketing and blogging, and I look forward to seeing you regularly on my channel. Let’S get into it so in this video I’m going to do a lot of research for you and I’m going to show you the exact niche that is making over thirty one thousand dollars a month. Also, I’m gon na show you exactly how that niche makes that money, exact website ideas for keywords that you can use and how you can actually get started today in this niche. So first of all, here is the proof how I made thirty one thousand two hundred and twenty five dollars in one month with a food blog. So the case study and the niche and the website that we’re going to be looking at today is called forty aprons. Calm and this website is run by this lady Cheryl and Cheryl has been running this website for a little while now and she publishes regular income reports. The most recent one that I could find on her website is from August 2019 and in August 2000 nineteen she made thirty one thousand dollars and if we just take a look at some of the stats here, you can see here is here. I her page views. So many days she gets over twenty, sometimes even over thirty thousand page views. Let me just get that up on the big screen here, so you can see over twenty thousand page views per day, normally on her website. How does she actually make the money? Well, luckily, she has written a pretty detailed explanation of her income and most of her revenue actually comes from AD thrive if you’re not familiar with AD thrive. Ad thrive is kind of similar to Google, Adsense and media vine eats. This is exactly where those ads that you see on her posts are. So if I go into one of her posts here, any of the posts really, you will see that there is this ad at the bottom and as I’m scrolling through I’m going to see more ads see this is a net here. There is a video ad here, so all of those are automatically inserted by this company called ad thrive into Cheryl’s posts, and then people look at these ads. They see those ads, they click on those ads and Cheryl gets paid either per click or per thousand impressions, and if you average it out, she actually shares the information here. Her IPM revenue per thousand impressions, okay, so per thousand page views, is almost $ 27 us which is really really good. So for every thousand visitors that get onto her blog on to forty aprons com, she makes approximately twenty seven dollars and when you get twenty to thirty to forty thousand page views per day, there’s no surprise that she makes almost a thousand dollars a day from ads Out of interest, I’ve had a look on a dress to analyze this domain. Forty aprons calm and, of course, everything checks out, but it’s still interesting to see that she’s currently ranking for close to a hundred thousand different keywords and according to a travs, she currently gets approximately two hundred thousand visitors per month. But, of course she is actually getting a lot more, as we saw in the income report. Hsv’S tends to underestimate the amount of traffic. They do the same thing for my website as well. It shows a lot less traffic than what I’m actually getting. So, let’s take a look at what kind of keywords this website is currently ranking for and surprise surprise. This is, of course, a food blog, so food niche is an excellent niche for anyone to get into, and this is something that literally you or you know anyone online can start doing. It doesn’t require any special knowledge. All it requires is food text and photos as you’re, preparing the food and put that information up onto a blog, so the way that this works just in case you kind of not familiar with the whole blogging situation. If you look at this keyword here, eggroll in a bowl, you will see that currently forty aprons is ranking on position three for this keyword. So if we take this keyword and we open up a new page, as you can see here on the google search engine result pages, we will see that forty aprons com is ranking right here with a nice five-star rating. So that’s how people find forty aprons com? They type in different things into Google, they click onto the result and then they look at the information here and after they’ve looked at the information. They’Ll click on some ads, for example, they might click on this ad. They might watch this video. They might click on this ad, and that is exactly how, for the apron score actually makes the money. If we go back to the income report, you will see that there are some other amounts of income. They are the minority that Cheryl makes her sponsored posts. She has published some sponsored Porsche, probably charges, I would say anywhere from a hundred to maybe 300 dollars per sponsored post, where she links out to somebody else typically or she promotes something. She also has a coaching group, so two and a half thousand dollars, I’m assuming that this is probably most likely just one client that she’s taken on. But again it’s just two and a half thousand out of about thirty and she’s made a little bit of money from other places. You can see actually her Filat earnings are quite low, just two hundred and forty four dollars. But the interesting thing for me personally is that you can make really really good revenue per thousand impressions in the food niche which actually has very very low competition on Google. You can publish recipes on Google and you can get so much traffic for free from Google search. If you choose your keywords correctly and we, you actually can see the perv that the ad revenue in this niche is actually really high. Let’S take a look at some of the keywords that forty aprons com is currently ranking for so again, I’m inside my aged wife’s account – and here are all of the keywords, so seventy four thousand different keywords that are currently coming up on on the US, Google, and If I apply this keyword difficult to filter, so let’s just take a look at some of the keywords that are reasonably easy, so I go to keyword, difficulty maximum seven. Let’S take a look at how many keyword opportunity is there out all right so now that list is twenty six thousand eight hundred different keywords, which is a lot. You can write a ton of articles on these twenty six thousand different keywords, and you can see that a lot of them have got keyword, difficulty of one so air fryer, tater tots. How cool is that she’s ranked as number one? This is keyword, difficulty one and if we look at search engine result pages, you can see that the results here are super weak. So we’ve got a website. That’S ranked as number five. It’S AR is sixty million, which basically means that it’s at the very bottom of the ranking table on ATF’s it’s a very weak website. Another way to look at it is the main rank you might have heard of that. So domain rank determines how much authority the domain has it’s zero. Next one is 7.6 million. So again it’s a very weak website domain rank just twenty one, and you will also see that the amount of backlinks here is very, very low. So what this tells you again just in case you’re, a little bit new to blogging – is that very weak domains managed to rank on page one for the search term and also they don’t have many backlinks most likely to actually don’t have any backlinks. If we look at the backlinks, so hf s, — tells us we’ll open this up. It will tell us exactly where those backlinks are from and there you go so. The backlinks for air frying dotnet are basically very low. Quality backlinks they’re, not backlinks at all. It is a link, but it’s from a dump from web sites with domain Authority, zero, so dr0 and their low-quality links. So what does that mean? If you write an article on air fryer, tater tots today, you’ll have a very high chance of ranking on page one. Just like these other websites have one more thing to keep in mind. Here is, if you go to, for example, this results, air, fryer, air fry era. F, I don’t know how to pronounce this. If we open up this recipe here, you will actually see the is insanely short. So if I choose all of these text here – and I right-click – and I got count these words – I’m getting 1400 words only I’m getting 277 words guys. This is nuts, so you could write an article, that’s 300, 400 500 words long and you can rank on page one for a keyword that is getting 4,600 searches per month. That’S how easy and that’s how open wide open this niche is to anyone who wants to start a blog in this niche and start making money and getting the traffic to your website now the type of content that you would need to make to be successful in This niche is nothing complicated, publish a simple recipe. You can see that this website actually has very simple content, no photos of the actual preparation step by step process. It’S just the description of how to cook things. If we look at another piece of content from 40 aprons confidence by bagel chicken with scallion cream cheese, again nothing complicated here, let me just close this ad. You will see that there is one photo then another photo here. You can create this pretty easily in paint or in another free program and then just the step-by-step description of exactly how to cook this. So anyone can start a blog in this niche. There is no secret to creating content. It’S super easy and very newbie friendly. How do you actually get cracking with a blog like this? Well here is how to start. I’Ve got a bunch of free videos on my channel, so check the links in the description. Just the latest video check description open up that the little arrow and have a look at the description. I will post links to videos there that will show you how to buy a domain, how to set up your website step-by-step and also they will show you how to actually publish content. So in general I recommend to publish long-form content, but of course, sometimes you can publish content of just a thousand words one and a half thousand words. Two thousand words. I describe all of that in my free videos, if you click the link in the description below generally after you’ve published, say 10 to 50 articles that might take about one to two months for you to do. After that. You know in about two to three months. You generally start seeing first results if you’re doing everything correctly, but then the traffic just starts to snowball in blogging. That’S how blogging works. I saw the same thing on a number of my sites. It takes a few months to really get cracking, but then you get that free, ongoing traffic coming in to your website and guess what, if you can get a thousand visitors a day which is not very hard by the way you can make twenty seven dollars a Day, which is a pretty good start, that’s a thousand dollars a month. If you want a bit more help from me than again check the links in the description, I’ve got currently a deal 35 percent off. My blogging course just check the links in the description and use coupon YouTube to get your 35 percent off discount. That’S it. I really hope you enjoyed the video if you did, I’d really appreciate it. If you can drop me a comment below tell me what you thought of this video click, the like button as well. That just helps me, of course, with the YouTube algorithm to spread my media to more viewers and make sure to subscribe to my channel just below this. Video click Subscribe. Take that bell notification icon this way, you’ll get notified as soon as my next video is up. Thank you so much for watching I’ll see in the next video

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