Betty White is doing just fine!

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It’S time now to find out what’s trending with Digital producer Trent Gilbreth and Trent really quickly before I hand it off to you. I want to give you the biggest kudos while we were in quarantine and weren’t, having any show your non-stop posting of caring stories what’s going on in our city, what’s going on in our state ways that we can help each other out, you did such an amazing Job, that’s all I want to tell you, take it away, you’re awesome! Thank you, CP the whole team effort. I couldn’t talk about our awesome producers and you and Kara to choose from I feel like 11alive, we’ve had so much heartwarming content. So I put that on all our platforms and uh, but I can’t believe I’m like talking to you right now, like I’m Chuck, I know coming, I know I just I like coming to you from Peachtree Hills in my home. I just can’t believe well anyway, if we’re gon na talk about trending things. You know we talked about Betty White, a lot on this show and she is 98 years old, and the Today show our friends have told us she’s doing just fine she’s out of her home she’s she’s hunkering down in this Florentine and she’s feeling up a her Spirits are high laughing with friends so so. We’Re, very thankful that that icon is is. Doing a-okay praise God praise God I love. Betty right I know how do we not we’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page we have a great story up of that and. Finally, America’s Got Talent premiered last night on 11alive epic show Howie is reunited with Simon Cowell, with Heidi Klum and a newcomer, the gorgeous Sofia Vergara. We are so excited and you can find an awesome performance on our FB millions of views strong, so watch ATT all summer long. Oh, Thank You, Tran, I’m so happy to be back with you and thank you for joining us. We’Ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye guys, today’s Atlanta in company was sponsored by 50 floor and Sita fell. [ Music, ]

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