Betty White — Safety Old School Style #airnzsafetyvideo

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Listen up people. This is my cousin’s grandson and his buddy from Air New Zealand. They were telling me about their crazy safety videos. Well, I said if you want to know about survival. Talk to us, because you’re gon na want some advice from folks who have been there and done it. So this is safety, old-school style. We know you’ve probably seen it all before, but a few things may have changed a little since you last flew make sure any items by your feet are pushed well under the seat in front of you, Gavin MacLeod. What’S in the box, oh hi, Betty, oh Allah! This is a priceless, antique priceless antique. What is it your sense of humor? Oh welcome aboard Gavin if the captain switches on the seatbelt sign not back into allocated seats straight away, put that seat belt low across your hips and fasten it up. If you do need to get up release by lifting the lever, these are oxygen masks and if they drop in front of you, so what my friends here are doing by pulling down on your mask, placing over your nose and mouth and breathing. Normally here you go like this, what do you know you’re young enough, to be my grandson? I am your grandson and, if you’re sitting with others, even a child, make sure your own mask is on before helping with ears. If you don’t see the bags full with here, don’t be alarmed oxygen flows through the bags straightaway. If an emergency were to happen during takeoff or landing, we recommend this delightful brace position or, if you can’t reach the seat in front of you, put your hands on your head and bend down to your knees with your elbows on the outside and your feet flat On the floor, your life jacket can be found under your seat right here, remove it from the pouch put it over your head, plug in the waistband and pull it tight, hold the redtag to inflate, but don’t inflate, while seated only inflate when leaving the aircraft and If your lifejacket doesn’t a fake, grin there, you can blow on that red. I heard there’s even life jackets for your baby. No matter where you are smoking on any aircraft is prohibited at all times, as is any other hanky-panky that creates a bit of heat in an emergency. We have lights on the floor that will help lead you to the exit, if your eyesight’s, not what it used to be or you’ve forgotten. Where you are. Your flight crew are now pointing out where your nearest exit is your nearest ik, so could well be behind. You so have a look and count the rows to the door Jimmy it’s your move, turn off your electronic device. Oh I’m sorry shimmy, your phone right. I can’t hear you. I turned off my electronic device. All electronic devices must now be switched off if you are going to use electronic devices such as your phone switch it to flight mode. So it doesn’t interfere with the planes, navigation and always power them off for takeoff and landing and make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off as well. Well, folks, that’s almost her up! If you want to recap any of this or find out about those electronic devices, ask one of these guys or refer to this card from a pocket in the seat in front of you here, the Boogie in my dear yeah from all of us at a New Zealand, we promise to do everything we can to make your flight and enjoyable experience. It’S a pleasure having you onboard, we hope you carry on flying with us, we’re a very, very long time bring it back what up write it. Let’S take it to the bed. You

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