Biologically Speaking… How Many Genders Are There? || Science Sunday meets Pride Month 2020 [CC]

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Hi, I’m a scientist and I’m here to tell you that there are more than two sexes and more than two genders. I am a pharmacologist. I have a BSC and an M R as a masters by research in pharmacology, but across both of my degrees. We did lots of biology, related modules, microbiology, biochemistry genetics. We did genetics and immunology lots of things. So that’s what qualifies me to talk about this. So, let’s get on the go science and, more importantly, let’s get on to debunking some of the myths about sex and gender, I’m probably going to lean more heavily on the sex side of things that will become the reason. Why will become more evident towards the end? But please stick around because number one. This is very interesting and number two you’re gon na learn some stuff. So let’s move right on in shall we first. I would like to start off with possibly one of my favorite scientists and one of my favorite pieces of research that I have read and seen it came out in a copy of the New Scientist, which is a science-based magazine. February. 2019. I think I can’t remember the exact date, but it’s by Gina, rippln, r.i.p, p, o — n and she basically debunked the myth of gendered brains, which is just fantastic and fascinating. At the same time, I’ve put lots of links down in the description below and I will pin them in a comment because I know lots of people will start an argument without reading them. First, so they’re down there, there are two Gina rip on that links that I have posted. One is a short summary and one is a longer summary. There is a bit of a paywall, but there is a nine and a half minute, video, sadly uncaptioned – and i’m very sorry about that. There’S not much do about that, but it’s an interview talking about the research and that is not behind the people so go and check those out after this video. Her research discovered that brain structure does not cause your gender weird phrasing, but go with it. But it’s in fact, the other way around gendered brains are a product of living in a gendered Society, the brains of trans women, look like female brains and the brains of trans men, look like male brains, more importantly, non-binary brains, look like a mixture of both and Scientifically and biologically speaking, that validates the existence of non-binary genders for all of the skeptics out there. So once again, gentle brains are the product of a gendered society, and now this absolutely does not mean that we should be scanning the brains of transgender people to validate their gender. That is not a thing brains, brain chemistry, brain structure do not dictate gender and brains. Brain chemistry and brain structure do not dictate sex. More importantly, sex does not dictate marine structure. A brain chemistry membranes in general, sabe, except genitals, genitals, do not dictate sex either. Firstly, because if a sis man loses his junk in a freak accident, chances are, he still identifies as male and would be seen as a man still losing your dentals does not automatically make you the opposite sex. Secondly, it’s estimated that about 1.7 percent of the population are intersex or have intersex traits, which can mean that you have ambiguous, genitalia or atypical genitalia. I don’t. I don’t write the definitions. Please don’t come for me, which basically means that your genitals don’t either look male or look female, be covering the exact statistic, but the incidence of intersex traits picked up at birth is way way way lower than intersex traits picked up later in life. So, looking at your drunken saying it’s a boy or it’s, a girl is not a reliable determination of somebody’s sex. The intersect Society of North America defines being intersex as the variety of conditions where a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy. That is atypical to male or female patterns. This can be by chromosomal differences. This can be by physical differences, which we have just discussed a little bit. I am NOT going to go into the full biology and list of intersex traits and conditions, because there’s actually quite a lot of them, and I do want this video to end at something but again check out links in the description for more resources. If you would like to know more, these differences can also be hormonal again in the links below chromosomes. Don’T dictate somebody’s gender. We don’t test chromosomes routinely at birth, so we don’t know the incidence of the at least 16 different. Variations of sex chromosomes in humans know plenty of people with XX, chromosomes that are born with penises and they develop typically male. There are plenty of people with XY chromosomes who are born with a vagina and grow typically female. You can’t tell somebody’s chromosomes just by looking at them. We’Ve already talked about physical differences in genitals, but they are there and physical changes in things that aren’t genitals like skeletons not always conclusive. For example, when we are looking at skeletons that we have found buried somewhere, we can hazard a guess about what gender or sex they may have been by looking at things like pelvis shape, hip shape general bone structure. But that is only a guess. We can’t really know for sure, and then we come on to hormonal differences, the boundaries between hormonal. What makes you a woman and what makes you a man are kind of blurred hormones are so subjective that it’s impossible to categorize somebody’s gender or somebody’s sex by what sex hormones they produce. For example, women with polycystic ovary syndrome might have a much higher level of testosterone than other women who do not have PCOS that doesn’t automatically make them not women, and likewise men might have a low level of testosterone or even a higher level of estrogen, and that Doesn’T automatically make not men hormones are not reliable enough to determine sex or gender, they just aren’t. So what does define sex honestly, not much? Usually the doctor or Midwife that delivers? You looks down at your junk and says it’s a boy. It’S a girl and that’s usually enough, but that isn’t how sex works in the real world – and I hear you sex is important in a medical sense and I actually kind of disagree with you. What’S important medically are risk factors so saying somebody is a woman doesn’t mean that you are at risk, therefore, of breast cancer and Demetri of cancer ovarian cancer. Plenty of women are just not born with these things. Having breasts does increase your risk of having breast cancer having testicles does increase your risk of having a testicular torsion, but that doesn’t mean that only women are at risk of having breast cancer, and only men are at risk of having a testicular torsion, but it didn’t Want to lean too heavy on the cancer thing too many people do that people of any sex and any gender can get either of those things so medically speaking to sex, isn’t necessarily too relevant. You should still test for both. If the symptoms are there, I can even hear the transfer bank see doesn’t matter. If you cut your dick off, you still won’t be a woman, and that is also not what I’m saying what makes somebody not a woman. It’S not gon na be the genitals before or after any surgery. It’S not going to be the hormones before or after any treatment. It’S not even necessarily the chromosomes, because chances are neither of the people involved here. The trans person or the trans folk know what chromosomes the other has. So that’s what gender comes into it. Gender, according to the World Health Organization, is the result of sociological, constructed ideas about behaviors and actions and even roles in relation to sex again gender. According to the World, Health Organization is a social construct. There is no need need to bring biology into something that we, as a society have created. Biology doesn’t say that there are only two genders biology, doesn’t even say that there are only two sexes so stop with your but biology claims, and just let people live without harassing them. Trans women are women, trans men are men, non-binary people are non-binary, and that is completely biologically irrelevant to any opinion you have about us. So don’t forget to like this video drop a comment down below. If I have missed anything, I will make a follow-up video subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t already and ring that notification bells, so you’re gon na divide every single time I post a new video which is brought every Saturday at 6 p.m.

Apartment this month, which was Pride Month but you’re not getting any more bonus videos you’ve had 9 this month didn’t plan out that out. Try very much see ya.

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