Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

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– Can four normal ding-dongs beat one poker pro? We’re gonna find out. – I will call anything you bet. Ned, Ned! – I’m all in. – Oh my god! She was just lying to us! – [Zach] We’re going all in! (all yelling) – As long as our expert isn’t Asian then I’m fine. (dramatic music) Damn it, okay, I have another strategy. Can four regular guys beat a master at their own craft? – [Keith] All it takes is for one of us to win.

– [Ned] Oh, wow. – [Eugene] This is TryGuys Four VS One. – I’m Maria Ho. I am currently ranked second in the world among female poker players. I’ve earned over four million dollars in live poker tournaments, and last year I was inducted into The Women of Poker Hall of Fame. – Wow, oh my god. – Oh my goodness. – I got like a dollar in my backpack somewhere. – No stakes are too low for me to play, guys. Don’t worry, I’m here to take it all. – Today we’re going to be playing a modified game of poker where the four of us are going to be playing as a team. We’ll each have individual hands and chip stacks, but we’ll be working as a team to try and take Maria down. – One of the best female poker players in the league. Maria Ho, more like Maria whoa, she’s really good at poker. From a skill perspective what makes someone a great poker player? – Of course, you have to be good at math, because the game theory optimal way of playing poker requires that you know what your odds are, what percentage you have to win this hand at any given point.

– I played a little bit of poker in high school. Mostly against my brother. – I have not played poker in 15 years. We played at camp a lot, normally for like candy. – You also have to have good people skills. A lot of it is reading people, looking at somebody and seeing their mannerisms, and also getting inside their head. There’s table talk when you play poker you can kind of psyche people out and make them feel like you have a better hand than you do just by what you say. – Out of all the TryGuys, I know the least about poker. I have played this many full poker games.

I know in poker that it’s very important to have a stone cold poker face, and that is literally what my face is like 95% of the time. I have resting poker face. (man laughing) – I do like poker. I probably have the most experience out of all the TryGuys, but I can’t bluff, at all. I cannot bluff. Just like, she’ll see right through me. – We’re very good at this, but if anyone doesn’t know how do you poker? – It’s a pretty complicated game but simply put, you get dealt two cards that are face down.

There are five community cards, in total, that we all share. And we combine that with our whole cards, which are our two face down cards, to make our best five card poker hand. At the very bottom is ace high or king high, any high card. – [Ned] Whatever your highest card is? – [Maria] Exactly. Then, you go into the pairs, two pair, and then trips which is also three of a kind. Straights, in numerical order. Flushes, five card hand of all the same suit. Full House, which is a five card hand that consists of three of a kind and a pair. After that, quads, and then straight flush, then royal flush, ace, king, queen, jack, ten of the same suit. – [Zach] If any of us get a royal flush today, are we allowed to just run around screaming? – [Maria] Yes, you should be really happy, but then you should also be sad that you used all your luck in this game.

(laughing) Because it’s very tough to make royal flushes. So, you want to make that when you’re jackpot worthy place. – And today we are dressed like we’re in “Oceans 11”, so that’s pretty cool. (electronic music) – So, we’re gonna draw for the button, because the button has a huge advantage of getting to act last. So, we’ll see who gets the first button. – So, you mentioned blind betting. There’s two kinds, right? – Yes, so there’s a small blind and then a big blind. The big blind is the forced bet and the small blind is usually half of the big blind. And then, there’s the dealer button, which determines where the blinds are. So the dealer is always the last person to act. – Kind of sitting between a little small blind and a big blind right here. (laughing and yelling) – Hey, all right, that was good everybody, let’s pack it up. – As you were saying? – Oh, it’s ’cause you wear glasses. – Yeah. – Took me a second. – And our stature. – Yeah. – [Zach] We got a jack on the table.

We got a queen on the table! (yelling) – All right, you got it Keith. That means that I’m the first big blind, which is kind of a disadvantage but you guys need all the help you can get. So, Eugene you’re the small blind for 25 and I’m the big blind for 50. – Half. – [Maria] All right, good luck everyone. – Everyone touch the middle for good luck. Everyone go boop. – [All] Boop. (all humming) – [Maria] All right, here we go. – [Zach] When do you bet? – [Maria] The first time you bet is right after you get your first two whole cards. So, you look at your cards and depending on if you want to play or how good you think your hand is, there’s one betting round there. – So I have a choice to match or raise or fold.

– [Maria] Exactly. (Eugene gasping) – [Eugene] The first bet. – [Zach] We’re in. – I’m gonna fold. – Oh, wow. – [Maria] Discipline, I like it. – I’m going to fold, as well. – Oh, wow. – [Maria] A check means that you don’t want to act, meaning you don’t want to bet but you don’t have to fold. So yes, either tapping the table– – [Zach] It’s double double play. – [Maria] You could do single, you could do double, you could do knuckles. – And you say, “hit me.” – Wrong game, but I hope you play it like it’s blackjack, because that’s just a bigger edge for me. (laughing) – Oh, what does that mean? Is that you checking? You still have to bet. – Oh I can’t check? – You have to bet 25. – Oh, okay I fold then. – [Keith] Okay. – [All] Ho, ho, ho. – Let’s do this! – Oh no. – I would be scared for you. – I would be scared for you, as well. – So the first three community cards are called the flop, next community card is called the turn, and then the last community card is called the river.

After the river and the betting round we see what our best hand is, we either bet and then if we get called we turn our hands face up or if nobody calls you, nobody gets to see the hands. I’m first and I’m gonna bet, you know, just a hundred. That’s it, a hundred chips. – Yeah, I’m gonna say that’s a swift fold for me. (laughing) – Oh, man. – [Keith] Wow, she’s already in the lead. – Yep. – What advantage are we going to have with four of us? – [Maria] With four of you guys you guys are each going to get dealt a hand to start with, and I’m only going to get dealt one.

And, so, you guys are going to have a higher probability of A, being dealt a better hand and also it’s just me in the pot. One of you guys is probably more likely to win than me. – What I learned that good poker players don’t like is somebody who’s bad inconsistently. So today my strategy is to be really, really bad. So distractingly bad that, you know, it maybe enables Ned to like, go in and snipe with the, is that how it works? Do you snipe in poker? (laughs) – [Maria] You’re first Eugene. You can call 50 or raise. – I’m gonna make it 175. (gasping) – I was smiling at you hoping that that would do something, and it– (laughing) I was just smiling the entire time. So you think statistics are on our side, and we might win? – There is a little bit of luck involved in poker, but if I played you guys a hundred times, you guys would have no shot.

– All right. – So there’s a chance. – So the stats are in our favor. – I wanna be in the room where it happens, so my goal today is to be in on every single hand. I will match any bet. I’m not playing this dance, not today. – You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – [Zach] That’s true, that was my strategy. – So I’m getting in this. (mystery music) – [Maria] Wow. – [Zach] Yeah! – [Keith] We got some good hands here. – Or, you guys are just trying to take me out, but we’ll see what happens. – That’s a lot of keeshola on the board.

– [Maria] Here’s the flop. – I’ll check. – Yeah, I’ll check. – I’ll check. – And, I’m gonna bet 375. – [Keith] Bully everybody out. (Zach loudly breathing) – 175 seems okay but then 375, that’s a lot. But she might also not have a four. – She could also be bluffing. – She’s probably bluffing, but I don’t wanna take the risk. – Yeah. – Ned folds. – She’s not gonna play this game unless she’s got something good, and this is pretty terrible. (laughs) No, I’m gonna fold. – Well, Eugene? – This is thrilling. – [Maria] Oh, wow, you are raising me! (clapping and cheering) Oh, you guys are just loving this. – Yeah, you didn’t see that coming! – All right, you know what, I did not see that coming, but my hand’s just too good I can’t fold, so I’m gonna have to call you. So we’re going to see the turn card now. (dramatic music) All right, that’s an interesting bet. I’m gonna call. So now, we’re going to go to the river.

Okay, so your bet is a hundred. – Whoever wins this, it’s going to seismically shift the game. – That’s right. – You know, I don’t believe you, Eugene. So I’m just gonna go all in. (yelling) – I mean you either put everything in and it just comes to whoever has the best one? – The two factors you have to consider is how good is your hand like your own five card hand, and then, also, whether or not I’m trying to bluff you.

(dramatic music) – I fold. – [Zach and Ned and Keith] No! – You just gave her so much money for nothing! – [Zach] No! – Now we don’t even know if she was bluffing. – Now, you lost all the money. – So now we learn nothing about her and she has a crazy stack. – I don’t understand how you get points and I’ve never bet money on anything, because my mom said, “Why bet money on stuff “when you can buy lunch?” – [Maria] All right, so, big blind is a hundred. – So the blind just went up? – Yes. – The blind went up? – So, a major poker tournament, you would play for maybe 10 to 12 hours a day for five days straight, in order to win that tournament. But the blinds keep increasing and if they do then you can’t just sit with your stack, because then your stack diminishes in its value. All right, so, I’m first and I’m gonna make it 250. – [Keith] What the (beep)? She’s just playing a richer game now. – I’m folding.

– Zach! (Zach stammering) – [Zach] I’m playing responsibly. – Wait, what are my cards? (laughing) – That’s not what you want to hear. (laughing) – I’m gonna fold on this round. – [Maria] All right, so, three of us to the flop. – Oh! – Look at that, what a time. – You know, oh, what did he do? – [Keith] 200. – I’m gonna fold. I feel like you have a good hand. – Yeah, Keith! – Nice job Keith! – You (beep) did it! – Got her! – You’re still in. Okay. Well, let’s see what’s next. – Oh, so, you guys are going to play each other? – Sure. – [Zach] Well, don’t raise each other anymore. – Really? Okay, I won’t I guess, I’ll check. – No, you’re playing each other, we’re on the same team. (laughs) – [Maria] Guys, this is getting competitive between you two. – [Eugene] Spicy. – It’s four VS one, not one VS one VS one VS one VS one.

– If you win and get all the money, that’s good. – That’s great. – Because, then you can take her on. – One of us has to be strong. – [Ned] So that all of us can be strong. – [Keith] Exactly. – I’m gonna bet a lot of money. – I’m also gonna match every bet you do. – Try to do the opposite of what your table is doing. So if everybody is playing really aggressively then maybe you want to hang back a little bit, because you’re kind of letting them make all of the mistakes and you’re able to just capitalize on when they make the mistakes.

– [Zach] I don’t, I don’t, I don’t agree with this. – I will call anything you bet. (laughing) – [Zach] Ned, Ned. – [Maria] 700 it looks like. All right, guys let’s see the hands. Flush, king high. – Queen high flush, wow. – Wow, VS queen high. – Whew, wow! We were both so confident, and rightfully so. – Well, obviously, we both had crazy good hands. – Okay, so you’ve been talking with us for a little while now.

What have you observed about each of the four of us? – None of you guys have a good poker face, I just have to put that out there. I feel like I’m gonna be able to read you guys pretty easily. I think some of my biggest strengths as a poker player is my ability to read other people. I know when they’re weak, when they’re strong, when they’re trying to give off a tell that may or may not be accurate, just to throw me off. – I’m feeling good about this one.

– [Eugene] Yeah? – I’m in. (laughing) – [Maria] I’m in blind. – [Eugene] That didn’t work for you last time. – That is dangerous. Okay, I’m going to make it 450. – [Keith] Oh, come on now. (laughs) – Whoa. – Somebody like Zach, who, you know, is in a blazer today then you’re like okay, maybe he’s going to play a little bit tighter and he’s not willing to gamble as much. – I’m out. – I thought you were in? – I’m out. (laughing) – No, I’m going to fold. (loud breathing, whistling) (laughing) – [Maria] First, Eugene.

You know, Eugene, because he’s wearing leather, motorcycle jacket look, he looks like a little bit of a wild card. He might play a lot of hands. All right, I’m gonna put you all in. – Yeah, of course she is. – [Maria] 750. – Gentleman, I disappointed you the first round. I will match you. – [Maria] All right. – [Keith] Yes, here we go. – [Maria] We turn our cards up, I have pocket jacks.

– Oh, shit. – Oh, farts. – I have an eight and a nine. – Oh, shit. (laughs) – She’s going for inside straight. – [Maria] Yeah, so you have an inside straight going. – So if I get a six– – Or a flush or a flush draw. – [Maria] Yes, or a flush draw. – Eugene, you can do this! – I just wanna say, good luck. This is where luck plays a part. – Yes. – [Maria] So hope it’s on my side. (dramatic music) (groaning) Good game, Eugene. – Good game, but that was thrilling. I liked that moment of waiting for those last cards. We should stress again, that she is playing against four people who are strategizing together who all had equal chips.

That is so hard. – Eugene, you have lost, but you still win a prize. – My dog, finally. He can come play poker as he was destined to do. – [Maria] So, now blinds is getting up there. We’re going to 200, 400 now. – [Ned] Blinds are increasing. I’ll call. – [Zach] I fold. – I feel like she has a good hand ’cause she just went like this which a professional poker player wouldn’t do. – Would never. – I think psychologically, I know how to get into peoples’ heads. – I think that she thinks that I think that she thinks has a good card, so. – [Maria] I’m gonna make it 1600. – 1600!? – I’m definitely out.

– [Keith] Oh my god! – Next hand, we’re dancing, but this time, no. – She just took 800 just for funsies. – [Zach] Yeah, just easy. – We didn’t even see any cards that time. – I’m starting to understand, you know, every time she (beep) me over I’m like oh, I see what you did. – Yeah, she bought you away, she scared you away with money. – We just lost $800. – She’s not betting the first round thinking that she could actually beat us.

– She has no idea! – She’s just saying I got nothing and they got nothing. Look at these stupid, little shit heads. – That’s what she’s thinking in her head– – You think that? – You guys have a very distinct tell. – Oh, yeah? – What is it, screaming? – [Keith] All right, the blinds went up, but it doesn’t matter ’cause I only have so much money and I’m in. – The small blind is 400 now and the big blind is 800, but you are all in, from the big blind.

– [Keith] So I play with what I got. – All right, Keith, this is potentially your final hand. – In poker they have a saying and it’s called a chip and a chair. And we’ve seen someone come back from one chip to win it, so anything can happen. I’m going to check. – Yeah, I’m gonna do 800. – If two of you guys are, have remotely good hands– – Right. – You should stay in ’cause there’s a better chance that one of you will beat her. – Well, I already declared that, I’ve just realized what I’ve done. – 800 is the bet and I’m gonna fold. So, you can take this 100, as well as that back. But now you two have to turn up your hand for this pot. This is the turn, that’s the river. – That’s it, I tried. Hey, I’d rather you take it than her. It’s better to go that way than that way. – Oh no, you could’ve folded and let Keith have it.

– Yeah, I could’ve. (laughing) (dramatic music) – [Maria] It’s down to us three. – As working together, do we need to put more money in this or less money? – Hm. – Mhm. It doesn’t seem like Zach has a good hand, which is rough because then we’re just giving her $800 if I fold. I’m out. – I’m all in. – Wow. – I knew that that was coming. – I don’t believe you. – Okay, here’s the deal, I have a pretty good hand.

This is the right play in this situation– – For you. – For me. Are you gonna make the right play? – How come? – Because, math. So, what are you gonna do. – I think she’s even more bluffing now. – That could be, true. – Gotcha. – A computer, a robot would do what I’m doing and feel nothing. (laughing) – I’m sensing that she educates us when she knows she has the advantage.

– Let me see my hand again, I mean there’s really, there’s no. – I think you should fold. – I think I should fold. – Then you should fold. If you think you should fold, you should fold. – Yeah, I’m gonna fold. – Okay, do you want to pick one, I’ll let you see one. – Yeah, I’ll see the one closer to me. Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah. – Oh, shirts. – We made the right choice, we made the right choice. – I was being honest, but I could’ve just been leveling you, but I don’t know. – What power you have. – Wow, we know nothing. – [Maria] So, now the blinds are up to 500, 1000. So, as I had said, it’s time to get a little aggressive, because the blinds are getting extremely aggressive. – [Zach] Call it. – Fold it. – I’m gonna check. – Garbage comes straight out of the flop. – All right, I’m going to check. – Sure, check.

– I check. – I’ll check. – I’m going to bet a thousand. – Yeah, I’ll see you. – I have eight high. – 10 high! – Whoa! – Straight, straight garbage. – Yeah, straight garbage for both of us. – I think I just severely damaged her. – Yeah, that was good. – I have more chips than her now. – I have more chips than her, I think. – You guys both have more chips than me now. – Guys, let’s be calm. – Let’s be calm. Remember Zach we have twice as many chances. We used to have four times as many chances. – I would say the best thing to do is play very, very tight. Meaning just play the best starting hands. You want to be able to observe what else is going on, you want to be able to see, okay, is this person playing very passively, very aggressively, because that way you can adjust your game to theirs.

– Yeah, my hands garbage, no it’s cool, it’s cool. – Okay, I’m gonna go all in. – [Zach] Nice. – Here we (beep) go, yes! – [Ned] Oh, shit. – Here we go! – Shit, Zach. – Yes. – I think I have to. – Yes! – Yes. – Here’s your chance, Zach. – This is the moment. – [Maria] To take out a pro. – This isn’t a wonderful hand. (laughs) Here’s the thing, is if I take her out right now, it’s pure blind chance. – There’s a chance. – Bad cards could still lead to good outcomes. – We’re going all in! – All right, I have ace, six. – Oh, (beep). I have two, five. (laughing) – [Maria] All right, guys. – [Zach] Oh no. – [Maria] Ooh, that’s not a good start for you. – She already got a six. – [Maria] If a seven comes you have a straight now.

– [Ned] seven, eight, nine. (gasps) – [Maria] Every other card in the deck, I win. It’s roughly an 8% chance right now, going into the river, that you’re going to knock out a pro. – Eight’s my favorite number. That’s the age at which I stopped mentally progressing. – All right, well here we go, then. – [All] Aw! – Unfortunately, I’m going to take all of those chips. – So that was poker? – Should’ve folded. – Should’ve, but how fun was that. It was a good learning moment for our viewers.

– That’s right. – I understand the dangers of this game, ’cause I’m like I have so much adrenaline right now and I don’t want this to ever end. I either need to go straight to a casino or get a season pass to six flags. – [Maria] I’m pretty much forced all in, this hand. – Oh, no. – Because, it represents more than half my stack. being in from the big blind represents more than half my stack, so that’s not good.

I guess, which of one you guys wants to try to take me out. – Oh, wow. – This is where we can have our two to one advantage. I feel like if you’re medium confident we should just go for it, ’cause the odds then might be in our favor. – You be my goose I’ll be your maverick. – That’s the reference you want to go with? – Yeah. I’m in. – [Keith] Holy cow! – [Eugene] Holy moly. – What a flap. – I’m all in. – Wait, what, no no no, put her all in. – Oh, put her all in. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, why would you– – ‘Cause then you’d put him all in, too. – Yeah, I’ll put you all in. – All right, well, I’m going to have to call. I have a lot of chips invested. – Samesies! – [Keith] Oh yeah, richen the pot. – All right, so, see the next card.

Now it’s between you two for a side pot. – Just gotta do it. – Check. – All right, last card. (dramatic music) – Well, I’m checking. – You guys checking, all right. Well, I had an open ended straight draw on the flop with a nine, but I didn’t make it. So, I’m certain that that’s not going to win. – I also had that, but I get a pair of sevens out of it. – And I drew a pair of eights. – You did it Ned! We did it! We did it! – Good job, guys. – Wow! – Wow! – Wow. – All right, we couldn’t have done it without you. This proved to me it was super fun and also, like, even if you think you don’t have the skills of other people that are inviting you in, luck always plays a huge role in this game.

– Well, that’s the beauty of poker, is anybody can win at any given time and that always gives people a little bit of hope, and that’s what happened here today, so. – This was thrilling, Maria, you are pretty spectacular to watch your brain in action. – Yeah, I feel like I never knew what you had, and I think the only way we won was because of the odds of having four chances at getting a good hand.

– It was tough today, you guys put up a good fight. – Thank you, Maria. (clapping) – [Maria] Thanks. (upbeat music) – But like, also like, do you want to go to Vegas right the (beep) now? – Let’s go! – Let’s go!.

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