Cobie Smulders Invites Fans to Sing Robin Sparkles’ “Let’s Go to the Mall” at Her

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-I want to talk about — because the last time you were here, your walk-out music was… -Yes, thank you. -“Let’s Go to the Mall.” -Yeah. Classic. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my God! -People know — Come on. -They just might want to go to the mall. -No, they know exactly what this is all about. -Oh, my gosh. -Come on. -That makes me so happy, you guys. That’s what our show is all about. We want to make people happy. -No, I came out to it. And I think I was — I think I was maybe a little nervous and I didn’t clock it, and then I watched it. And I was so grateful. Thank you very much. -No, but your character on your old show — -Yes. Yeah, she played — She was a Canadian pop star in the ’80s, which was really the ’90s.

Because apparently the ’80s came to Canada later… [ Laughter ] …in terms of pop culture. That’s what we said on the show. Yeah, so they found — She had all these music videos. And one of them was “Let’s Go to the Mall,” among many others. -Yeah. But do people sing it to you and want you…? -People love it. I see it in karaoke bars sometimes. But no one’s singing it to me. I invite them to. Because you know what? It’s actually a really good song. -It is. -It’s a little difficult to sing. It’s very high, a little bit pitchy.

Or at least I was when I was singing it. But it’s — but it’s a joy. It was so much fun to do. I do feel like we should do, like, an acoustic version of it soon. Because it would be a fun thing to do. -We would love to set you up for that… -We’ll do it. -…if you want — next time you come back. -Next time. Next time. Let’s do it. -Really? -For sure. If they’ll do it with me. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, yeah, we’ll do it. Oh, we’re excited. You kidding me? -I just started sweating. -I wouldn’t make you do it now. No, no, no. -I just started sweating. -I don’t want you to be upset leaving the set.

I want to talk about your new show, “Stumptown.” -Yes, yes. -This is set in — is it Oregon? -Portland, Oregon. Yeah. -Portland, Oregon. -Yeah, yeah. “Stumptown” is an acronym — [ Scattered cheers ] Yes. [ Laughter ] It’s an acronym for Portland, “Stumptown” is. And I play a bisexual private detective. And it’s a weird mix of action, comedy, and drama. But it’s a lot of fun to do. We’re on episode 11 now, which is wild. -There’s a hot sauce out there called Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce. -Is it from Portland? -Yeah. -Oh, cool. -That’s the only thing I know about Portland. [ Laughter ] -Portland is a really fascinating, cool town. -It’s super fun. -And when we shot there, I mean, the food there is incredible. And the people are really cool. -Speaking of the food, the hot sauce. -The hot sauce apparently is magnificent. -It’s unbelievable, yeah. That and the Tom Cruise cake. Oh, my God. -Put that on top. -“Kids, kids, pose with this hot sauce.” -“Dad, why? It’s just Portland!” -“Just wake up and pose with daddy’s hot sauce.”

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