Connor Finally Discovers Why He Was Picked for the K5 – How to Get Away with Murder

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Oliver is not here James talk to you. Why was I picked for the k5? What Anneliese claims that she doesn’t remember, but you know where all the skeletons are buried literally so tell me: why do you care so much? How could I not care Annelise didn’t pick? You I did you’ll, I know she always let us pick. One student Frank chose Laurel. I chose you why your application essay? You wrote about getting a gay conversion camp shut down when you were an undergrad. You honestly expect me to believe that I’m gon na be a survivor Connor when I was a kid so to know that you stood up for those kids when no one else would I wanted to know you I’m sorry that happened to you. It was a long time ago, so as me being a guy who helped people [ Music ], it’s like he died with Sam. I think I was hoping. Whatever reason I got picked would explain why in this way, you’re not bad guy got her. I’M just tired. We are nothing good comes from painting yourself. You deserve a lot more bed, though you’ve had so do. [, Music, ], you

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