Connor’s Courtroom Gambit Pays Off – How to Get Away with Murder

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You have a witness you’d like to examine mr. Walsh. Yes, your honor I’d like to call immigration and customs agent Zack Mills to the stand. Please may I suggest a recess, it’s not necessary Your Honor. This man is not a real ice age in Hector’s reaction, however, is very much real. You coached him how Hector can’t even talk due to the trauma that he suffered inside the detention center miss price. Were you part of the charade? No, your honor. This was my idea to illustrate the horror of my clients, inhumane living conditions. Living conditions are not an issue. Article 37 of the UN Convention on rights of children demands no child shall be subjected to torture by that standard alone. My client deserves asylum chief justice repugnant to secure our borders for V Simmons. The Supreme Court said that international standards matter in how we treat children. The Supreme Court also made clear that those standards are not binding. Just last year, the Chief Justice wrote that the internment of japanese-americans in World War, two was morally repugnant. Look at this boy. Can you honestly say that the conditions we have him in are not morally repugnant. Your honor, the Chief Justice’s remarks, were about Korematsu a case that has never been overruled. Let me quote: the Chief Justice: Korematsu was gravely wrong. The day was decided, has been overruled in the court of history and has no place in law under the Constitution. We’Re talking about immigrant processing centers, we’re not talking about wartime camps, we’re talking about rounding up, innocent children on American soil and caging them behind barbed wire. How is that any different than what we did to the Japanese? Mr

Bosch, I appreciate your least six non-american children have died in the custody of us. I refuse to wait for my client to come. Do the neglect and cruelty that he is suffering the hands of the American guy agree with you, mr. Walsh, and while no one has ever had the creativity to invoke these precedents. I cannot allow them to decide this case, your honor. What I can do is issue a continuance based on your clients, mental state, miss Ford, please coordinate with the Office of refugee resettlement to place him in foster care. There’S no legal standing for this. Unless you can argue a legal justification for the torture of children. You’Ve lost mr

Walsh, well done you

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