Cricut Pens: Writing and Envelope Addressing Tutorial

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Hello: everyone, my name, is Jennifer maker and today we’re going to talk about pens for your Cricut explore and Cricut maker [, Music ]. Your Cricut comes with two tool: clamps clamp, a plant B, clamp a is for accessories, and this is where we can put pens to insert a pen, simply open, clamp, a take off the pen and insert the pen tip down with the arrow, pointing towards you hold The bottom, until it clicks I’ll, be sure to close the clamp when you’re done and that’s it. That’S all, that’s it. If I did it insert a pen, and did you know that you could insert pens other than Cricut pens, that’s right and now not all pens work but I’ll be showing you which one’s worked for me in this video also keep in mind that pens that aren’t Cricut pens won’t click the same way, and so the best way to insert a nine Cricut pen is to put a craft stick underneath, while you are inserting it and it just barely kisses the craft stick, and if it does that you take it off and then You’Ll know you’ve got it in position. Close the clamp and you’re ready to go tip, always put your pens test. Your pens on a scrap piece of paper before you try them out on your Cricut, especially if they’re new they might need to be primed a bit to get the ink going you’re going to want to do that before your Cricut uses them on your project. Now, let’s do some writing on our Cricut. I’Ve prepared a test file in Cricut design space that will let us try out both the Cricut explore and the Cricut maker and the Cricut pens and the non cricket pens, including the extra fine point, Cricut pen and I’m going to go through each of these. So that you can see and get them all out, so we’re going to test the extra that’s actually right here, we’re going to test the extra fine point, Cricut pen, no purple one found these at the craft store. I can’t even find them online. I can’t tell if they’re old or new anyways – this is extra fine point. It’S point, three, a tip we’re going to do this, one in purple, all right! So let’s set this over here. So we have them all and our way and then we’re going to try a fine point cricket pen, which is 0.4 0.4 tip and we’re gon na do in Jade. This one came with my Cricut explore air 2. Originally the next one around try is a gel cricket pen, a medium point and that’ll be a black one, and that comes in this set, which is the multi pen set, and this is a really cool set, because it’s got a point for tip 0.8 tip a One-Point tip and two two-point tips that are for calligraphy. So let’s get out the medium gel pen, which I believe is this one and they all have the names and sizes and the colors written right on this side. All the cricket Penn State at least they’re written right on this side here: okay, so that’s our glitter pen, okay and next we have the medium tip pen and we’re going to use this silver metallic one. Okay – and I believe that yes, calligraphy pens are next so we’re going to use we’re gon na go back to this pen set and we’re going to use the two-point tip thick calligraphy pen they’re, all all every pens are thick and then we’re also going to use In this set, which is the multi pen set gold, it’s very similar, not exactly the same, but it’s very similar. This is all gold metallic. These are very pretty we’re going to use the extra thick calligraphy pen, which is the last one in this set right here. Let’S make sure calligraphy 2.5 gold, yes, so these are the cricut pens that we’re going to use. This is all the pen cricket pens. This is all of the different sizes and metallic, and with glitter and gel, and as is so, this is everything that I know of at least oh, but one more all right. So we’re also going to use the washable fabric pen we’re gon na try it out and look through that you can see what looks like it has a 1-1 point thickness tip so we’ll set. This is here alright, so how about some non cricket? Pens yeah? You can definitely do them now, which one’s fit in your machine really depends on your machine. We had some discussion in our Facebook group about this, and some people could fit some pens and some others couldn’t. I am trying with three different machines. So hopefully you know what I’m telling you is gon na work for you, so I’m I’ve tried all of these pens on my Cricut Explorer Cricut explore air two, which is over at my computer. You can’t see it right now on this new Cricut explore air, which I just got like three or four days ago and on my Cricut maker. So we are going to try a dad ler marker pen and we’re going to try the red one. So that’s what this looks like, so these are really really nice markers and we’re also gon na try a jelly-roll metallic Pena. These are really nice, so we’re going to try a green metallic gel pen. This is a jelly roll and these are really cute alright and we are gon na try a bigger round. Stick ballpoint pen, that’s right! Nice super cheap pen and then we’re gon na have a alright, so we’re gon na. Do the Crayola fine line marker in blue? There we go that’s everything now. I should note that there are some pens that I can’t get to work with. Other people claim to work. So, for example, this is the pilot, precise v5. It’S like extra fine. Whatever point is, it does not work. Let me show you what I mean, so it just will not just will not go in there far enough to reach the paper, so it won’t work. Some people can get them to fit. I cannot that was just too tight, the other one that I have that I tried and I haven’t be able to get, is a Sharpie fine line marker same deal. It just will not go in far enough, and I did try this on all of the machine. This one money would go in anywhere near you can’t even see the tip come out, so no go, and these, however, all is not lost. If you really really want to use these other pens or other pens that you have, there is an option so over on Etsy. They have what they call the ultimate pen cricket pen, adapter set, and I will link the the page for this adapter set. In the comments for this video, but basically it’s a set of little plastic things. You take out this pen adapter, which is this round thing, and you use there were there pen adapters instead and then you can use a huge variety of different pens. Like a quite a few, however yeah, I don’t have that bad adapter set, and I think this is a lot of pens to be able to write from so I don’t need to get it right now, but if I you know, if I had a specific need For something real that I really wanted, it’s, no it’s not really that expensive, so, but there’s so many pens to try. So I want to press the Go button on both of these machines and actually start writing, and I want to show you how they write. So, let’s do that. I have a piece of white paper in both of these and they are both ready to go now. These pens are going to all right in the same writing font, which is called Dear John, and this is a Cricut font. That is a part of Cricut access. The only two fonts, the only two pens that won’t be in Dear John, are the two calligraphy pens which are going to mean Emeline and they’re. Also a part of Cricut access, so in finding the ready funds that look good on the Cricut can be tricky. Your best bet is to use the fonts in Cricut design, space that are designated as writing, as they won’t create the bubble. Letters when the pen tries to outline a standard font. So when you’re searching for fonts just click the filter label on the far right and then select writing from the drop-down menu now cricket will only show you fonts that are good for writing. So there you go so pick one that looks good and mess with it. Now, what if you find a font that you love, but it’s not available as a writing font? There is a way to turn it into writing. If you really really want you can create text from it in Inkscape or illustrator by tracing the text. You want with a single vector line, which is what is needed for a proper writing font. So if you feel comfortable using Inkscape or illustrator, trace your text and that pretty font you love and save it as an SVG file to upload to Cricut design space. So let’s get started, we’re going to start we’re gon na start with the explore air first and then we’ll move over to the maker, because I’m not sure I can get to it the same. I could try doing two at the same time, but if you get might confuse me with all the pen changes, alright, I’m gon na go ahead and load this so Cricut design space will, let you know which pen to put in in which color? If you pick the color right in the first place, so if you need any help with picking colors, I have a whole tutorial on writing on your Cricut on my website. Okay, so we’re gon na start with the extra fine point. Cricut pen, 0.3 tip we’re gon na put it right in here. This one has an arrow, because all the Cricut pens have an arrow. We push it in pull the bottom push it. In till it clicks close the clamp and then we press go and I’m going to move the camera so that you can get a really good look at this all right. So when the Cricut design space will prompt you when to change it, and this button will flash again so, let’s remove the pen put the cap back on and the next pen is not going to be in order. Unfortunately, despite my best attempts, I could not get to still in exactly the order I want, so this next pen is going to be a non cricket pen. This is a Stadler marker pen with a point three tip in red. So to use this we’re going to want to use our crop, stick we’re going to put it right underneath and then we’re going to press down until the tip of the pen just kisses the crap stick and then clamp it. Let’S put our cap back on here. Remove this and press the Guide button, [, Music, ] all right this catback on tip down in the tool tray cricket now says to use the medium point: cricket pen with a 1.0 tip and silver metallic, so find the arrow pushing in close it and press the Go button, so that was the silver metallic pen. Next pen is the fine point cricket pen point for tip in Jade cap there all right, so that was the fine point cricket pen with a point for tip in Jade. Now the next one is the gold 2.5 tip calligraphy pen. Now this pen gets inserted differently than the other pens do so we take off the cap. You look for the arrow now, unlike the others, where you just had the arrow go facing towards you, you actually want to rotate this 45 degrees, so you want it the arrow to be coming in at this angle. It could also be at this angle instead right. So coming off here, but for tonight we’re gon na put it in at this angle, so coming off to the to the left right. Okay, so I just put it in now watch where the arrow is pointing and close the clamp cap on here. So we don’t lose it and press go all right, so that was the 2.5 tip gold, the calligraphy pen, pretty spiffy, okay. Next one we’re gon na do. Is this jelly roll metallic gel pen? So this is a nine cricket pen, so we’re gon na want to use our craft stick again. So cap up there set that in there push it open the clamp push it down until it just touches the craft. Stick close the clamp and press go [. Music ]. Alright, that was the jelly roll metallic gel pen. Alright, the next one we’re gon na do is the unusual one. This is the washable fabric marking patent from Cricut. Now, I’m normally, you wouldn’t put this on paper, but I’m not gon na put a piece of fabric in here right now and obviously into my Cricut explore, but it works the same way. There’S an arrow. You just put that in close it up put our cap on and press go now. The fabric marking pen has a, I believe, it’s a one-point tip. This is on the side there. As you can see, it’s really much for fabric, not the paper. I will show you what looks like I’ve happened to. Let me do our maker all right, so now we’re going to do a non Cricut pen, we’re going to use a Crayola fine line, marker and blue, so we get our craft stick put it underneath push it in until it just touches, crap, stick and close it Up and press the Go button alright, so that was the blue Crayola. Finally, in my works, this is the gel Cricut pen with a point eight tip, and it is black glitter alright, so that was the jowl black leather pan from cricket. Alright, the next one is the 2.02 calligraphy pen a little smaller than the gold one that we did just right here and this one is in black again you want the tip of your behind our arrow. You want the tip of your pen to go at 45 degrees to your machine, so on I’m going to instead of having it come this way I’m gon na. Have it come the other way so that you can see the difference in what happens when we change the angle, so I’m gon na put it in like this and press go it’s quite a bit different. Doesn’T it based on this font? I would definitely recommend, but you put it at the angle, that we did initially so your pen going off to the left the angle going off to the left instead of going off to the right and what looks good might differ a lot depending on what font You use so it’s definitely gon na be worth it to ask, but for Emmaline I would recommend that your pen be going at the angle off to the right we’re your era should be pointing off to the right instead of off to the left or excuse me, Your arrow should be pointing off to the left. Is it off to the right when we do this on the maker, we will switch the order around so that we can compare the difference. Okay and the last one is a very simple bic round. Stick a ballpoint pen in black really really basic. Remember make sure that you have primed your pens first, especially these ballpoint pens. They don’t just work right out of the box. The way a marker would so, let’s put our craft stick down close it and start it. [, Music ] all right, so there we have all of our pens that we’re trying out. Let’S unload this and take a closer look. So here you can see all everything looks pretty good, except for a couple a couple I had somebody definitely had some issues. So the gel pen, which I believe is fine, the gel pen this one right here – is the gel Krita black them. You can see that there are some letters that weren’t fully formed here. It might be the nature of the gel tip or the glitter, I’m not sure this pinhead was primed, so you can see that here at the beginning here – and it looks like around here that it had some issues – it’s not terrible though it’s and it is, it Is glittery, so it’s pretty this so the 2.0 black calligraphy tip. So the angle that we use for this one is not the right angle. It doesn’t look good for this font, so we used the angle where the arrow is going off to the right and it would have looked better if we had changed it. So the air was going off to the right, because that’s what we did here with the gold and even though this gold is thicker, it looks much better because the angle of its tip, which is chiseled right, is going off at the right angle for this font. So the angle was off here to the left like this, and everything else looks pretty good. The big ballpoint pen is naturally lighter because it’s a ballpoint pen right – and here you can see the Crayola – is very, very strong and looks stands out really well, so those are the results of our cricket pen and non cricket pen testing on the Cricut explore air. Now, let’s take a look at what does on the maker? Okay, let’s come on over to the maker and do the exact same thing well: load up our Matt [ Laughter ] like before we are going to start with the extra fine point; click it pan with the point three tip and purple so take off the cap. Open up clamp, a put it in snaps, close it and press the Go button. Okay looks like the big problem popped up. While we were doing it, it did not fit properly in the cricket maker. So, let’s suppose I move this and see. Okay, so things look pretty good that black gel cricket pen again had some issues. The calligraphy pen definitely looks better at that other angle, so the opposite of what we did before and you can see down here at the thick pen popped up when it got today.you and did not mark properly. It’S still there faintly, but it didn’t it didn’t stay in the holder like I should have now. If we compare these two so here we have the maker. Here we have the Explorer air, so you can see they look very similar. You can see the difference here in the black and the gold when they were put in the machine at different angles. So the angle, the calligraphy pens, are very, very important you can see over here when we compare these big round sticks. If you look at the B over here on the Explorer, you can see, it’s definitely clear which mm to me means it likely popped up as well, not enough to make it stop writing, whereas over here it really, you really can’t see the rest of that, so That big round stick ballpoint did not really work well and either the maker or the Explorer and, of course the glitter pen seems to be an issue. It’S hard to tell whether it’s just the nature of that pen in particular, or that I have a bad pen. All right, so, let’s do a real, quick test of the washable fabric pen on felt on the maker, so real quick. I want to show you. This is an older mat and you can see down here. It’S got the outline of some things. I’Ve done! It’S! No big deal, it still works just like. I said in a previous lesson: okay, so let’s load this up, get our fabric [, Music, ]! It’S like wait till it stops moving. Shall we all right so put that in cap on and there we go, the fabric marking pen on the Cricut maker works really well. Actually I really like this pen. It’S awesome just always remember to put the cap back on this one cuz these things do definitely dry out pretty quick all right, so we looked at the fabric marking pen on a piece of felt and as well as this is the Explorer’s pen and the maker’s Pen, that’s right there, so we saw that there’s some differences. A little bit mostly had to do with the Pens, all the Cricut pens other than that black glitter pen worked really well, and I will put, I will put good high-resolution photos of these completed. Writing samples online so that you can see that all right. So that’s now one other thing I want to show you is something that you can do with this amazing writing on your cricut address invitations. So I prepare to pretend invitation to my 50th birthday party. No, I’m not really having a party, but I am turning 50 this year. So I want to use the pretty calligraphy pen, the black one. In fact – and I want you to watch – is the cricut addresses my envelope now remember to put your calligraphy pen in at that 45 degree angle to your machine, so you get there pretty thick and thin lines associated with pellagra fee and based on our test, we’re Gon na put our clicker few pen in at the angle that’s going off to let’s see that would be your left right, so we’re going to want it to go like this. That definitely look better when we did the tests right. So let’s get an envelope. I have a pretty big L up here and we’re going to put it on our mat now, when you set up to do an envelope in Cricut design, space you’re going to want to position the text to be in the right spot on your mat and the Way you do that is in your mat preview or yes, you mat preview and you just click and drag it. So it’s in the spot that you want it to be okay, so we have our envelope put it on the cutting mat, put it into our Cricut. Explore air this is gon na work, no matter what machine you use. So this is fine. You can do this regardless, which one and we’re going to use the black color graphic pen and we’re going to put it at a 45-degree angle going off to the left. So just like this make sure, that’s it a good angle. It seems good. Okay, all right. Let’S do this! [, Music ], don’t forget to put your cap on your pen, so you don’t lose it and yeah making this a little bigger than maybe what you might want to do, but this is totally away these just big clicker. If you like this, this is a sort of calligraphy that you would have on your inner envelope of a wedding invitation, for example, because we don’t have to worry about. You know it’s being legible by the post office. If you ever, you are going to do calligraphy for a letter. That’S going to be read. You’Re, probably gon na want a very legible font to make sure it actually reaches your recipients. So we’ll pretend this is a hand-delivered. The invitation I intentionally picked this fancy font because I wanted to see what it would look like with the color graffiti will be the calligraphy pen, because that’s what it really is meant to is this sort of fancier come on and you could do it with others? In fact, I did a whole test page, which I will show you when we’re done of the different fonts that are available and Cricut access that you can use with the calligraphy pen. So you can see what what you think I’ve done. This was my favorite, though Emeline, which is why I’m choosing this for my invitation, all right here we go and there we go. It’S gorgeous, isn’t that I wouldn’t know that this wasn’t hand loaded by someone if it was just given to me. Also, in addition to this black one, I want to show you that in one in the gold, so this is the gold with the 2.5 inch tip. Is this one right here, and this is the black with the 2.0 calligraphy tip pen? They look very pretty. Don’T you think I am really impressed with this and if I have some real invitations to send out, I will definitely be doing it this way because yeah this is really gorgeous. So I did some other tests of the calligraphy pen. So this is all at a 45 degree angle just like, and we did in our tests and all of these were going in the left direction, the direction that definitely seems to look the best. So I can’t name all of these fonts off the top of my head. However, I have saved this file and this this Cricut design space canvas – and I have linked it in here. If you would like to know what each of these fonts are, but I think that they look pretty good, but, as you can see this top one here, I think looks really the most like calligraphy. It really does. Some of the others are kind of. I don’t know maybe in a bigger size, they would look better, but some at this 2.0 pen size they get a little bit chunky um. I can’t imagine you know that the 2.5 would probably even chunkier but a larger size. There probably be amazing. So really, you know which one you pick really is going to depend on what size, pen you’re using what the application is the size of it, and everything like that. Okay – and I want to make a note that, in order to get this pretty look on this envelope, I use one of the advanced features of design space. I selected my text, click advanced and then chose ungroup to letters, and this allowed me to move each individual letter, so I could position it where it looked best and when I was done, I just selected all of the letters click attach and I got a perfect That so it worked out excellent and if you would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to create text in design space and change, the font and the size and the color, and all of that I have one on my blog for you. So I hope that this has given you some helpful insight and how to write with pens on your Cricut if you’d like more video tutorials, please be sure to let me know – and if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my Channel for more videos until next time, bye

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