Cristiano Ronaldo VS Aaron Paul – ”I’m here to beat him” ♠️ PokerStars Duel ♠️ PokerStars Global

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In Java, what are you going to do? Oh ever went this head. Wait. Did you? Oh please, let’s see the river tradition and Prussia. Our moments that I live for channel go. Ronaldo is obviously extremely competitive. He wants to win. You just know he’s a champion for now is a kind of a legend he’s the best in the world at what he does, but I’m here to beat him Peppa girl, Cristiano Ronaldo, the football player Aaron Paul reactor. This is odd. Harrow raises to 6000 total obey the SIM cards turn all the calls flop is eight of Spades. Seven o’clock ADA Daniel, let’s see if Aaron, is confident, run all the checks, I’m probably in front of her errand but 6000. When all the calls turn is a four spades, we’re not look check. Aaron takes reveries the six of clubs good card for me. For now the bets mm my wedding, this one Aaron is a spy. It’S unlikely that I’m still winning, but I also want to know his hand Erin Kohl’s showdown, please well, the show’s, stupor, 60s and eggs six killed me. I think Aaron just wanted to see how Ronaldo played his hand and okay. He got the intro, but it cost him hi Sam haha Ronaldo. It was his confidence and he made Aaron just get a little too curious. I’M trying not to lose my cool patience. That’S like the main thing. Don’T freak out, don’t panic! Now the pressures on Christiano calls. This is a good hand. You know, sometimes you get two cards and you just might have to go for it. I don’t raise this all in Oh time out Christian austero time out, yeah yeah, better him than me. I know queen eight isn’t the best hand, but it’s not a bad hand. Either. Aaron went all-in right away when he had the option to just kind of check and look at all three cars. You know that’s a huge side of strength. I think you’re right. I think probably he has something pretty good and you still, I’m sure, have pretty good for sure yeah. It’S really a test of wits, because one misstep that can cost you a lot of chips. Sometimes I calculate the risks, but the most of the times are just wrote me the feelings: let him win he’s done all right old nice work, Aaron make him right. Move Reynaldo just got a read on him a little bit. He called me over to double-check the math, because his instinct, his gut, told him there’s just no way that Aaron doesn’t have a good hand here, and he was absolutely right. We wanted Ronaldo to call that hey, it’s still a win. All I know is, I won, and it was awesome with people inside lines watching you want to make them proud. You want to do well. Aaron calls mm this hand is a great opportunity to win the game around the raises to 6000 total that race. That’S really strong, but doesn’t mean he’s, got anything, I’m not gon na. Let this cool caracoles, let’s clip Fluffy’s six of arts, eight of diamonds, five of hearts, get something to work with Renaldo bets $ 6,000 playing strong, but I don’t think that I leave them. Let’S put the pressure on Erin raises to 18,000 total. I think Aaron is dinging, I’m bluffing how many more 12,000 more 18,000 in total, let’s put all in know, got this for all the calls I’m coming for you buddy, we don’t see, turn is a displace move. The deuce try to draw a long road. What are you going to do? Aaron? Take the risk always on the moves. All, in my hand, is not strong, nothing wrong and he’s got something it’d be all over. I don’t think he’s got a good hand, but I’m about to find out. Oh oh, shut up. Please there are six is arid, but it’s looking better on the side of another with Jax. Oh we’re looking for six or four or a seven to make straight or a sense that over six four seven three come on seven. I like where your head’s at okay, please and let’s see the river to win. It’S a big pleasure Karen played really well, but I had better cards than him, so I feel very good. It was really impressed with Ronaldo. Today he was pretty unstoppable. Aaron played extremely well. He clearly knows what he’s doing, but you know the cards just weren’t with him. That’Ll happen too. I really wanted to win, but that’s alright because it was super fun and it was great to play with Ronaldo. He was a great sport, great player, so it’s been fantastic Aaron such a nice guy. He loves the game. He played really well, but Ronaldo did a great job. Please big round of applause for a champion to win the game. I’Ve to win 20,000 from Save the Children. It’S a great dog. You

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