Cristiano Ronaldo VS Miss World: ”I’m here to win” ♠️ PokerStars Duel ♠️ PokerStars Global

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[Applause] [Music] pocket one against one it’s all about precious Channel and people always feel a little bit of pressure and get bagans me I can use them Ronaldo you’re such a legend he just loses confidence and charisma you just know he’s a champion my advice to him is to play really aggressively he’s gonna put us all to it and I think he’s gonna win me suborn Vega alig Naga and used to say Ronaldo on television playing football and now I have to play poker with you it’s intimidating but I believe in myself for Mariah it’s just a matter of like keeping it simple not getting scared they each have a timeout where they can ask what to do and obviously that’s a huge advantage but there’s only one time up for match so they must use it wisely I hope Ronaldo will underestimate me I’m very competitive and I hate to lose there’s a lot of money in the table for charity I’m here to win [Music] those rabbis did a lot of elocution soda boys we got it I say yeah made any more cider area calls the 2,000 in the beginning to hazy with good feeling but sometimes the best cars doesn’t mean that you’re going to win the game it’s all to play the cards that is most important para nós to start and poquito so in this position now do you have 10 seconds to act and seconds is a lot around the races to 4000 Ronaldo is looking confident maybe you have something maybe a rare calls flop is queen of clubs seven of arts eight of diamonds one of the best three thousand I have had no luck here I think that he has this one vehicles [Applause] [Music] that was a good start but we didn’t really get as many chips as we could have out of the hand so Maria also did well she did the right thing once Maury I missed the flop and realized he was very unlikely that she was gonna win their hand that’s when you should fold and she did oh no tengo nada yo a post are a salir tambien as si Marya calls the 2004 another checks now some things are working with time to put some money in the table round about four thousand let’s see if I can do something here miracles I know and I’m in good position to win Renaldo bets 8,000 I want me to think I’m loving the obligatory it siempre for the salad i’m annaliese Englanders no quiero Sally Korea calls to 8,000 another bats 10,000 I think that Rinaldo is looking to intimidate me Miriah Cole’s shut down please Nelda shows King eight miniature skin six Rinaldo was doing a really good job putting pressure on urea it’s making her uncomfortable so she’s making it mistakes she has to learn when to call and when to give up Ronaldo has a really good instinct he can see weakness in his opponent and he understands how to make that work fun we’re in a great position to win it’s not over yet one big hand can change everything for you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yuria calls a 2000 Renaldo checks Papi’s Jack of Diamonds King of Hearts King of Diamonds [Music] time to bluff Renaldo bets seven thousand vehicles [Music] CERN is the seven of us we’re now the best 12,000 [Music] Casas spurred on dope una carta Buena a nova salir I focus I look at the girl okay array of calls I’m worried about this hand I just hope she has a king reveries the five of diamonds let’s see if no pressure will cause Maria to make mistake Alda mousseline this is the most important moment of the game do I believe him you want time up yes Miriah calls for a timeout [Applause] oh that’s a tough one actually so chances of him having a king are very slim because there’s already two kings out there the only thing that makes sense is that he had a fluster on the flop like so he has dos be a monkfish or consumer dos de amante’s uh yeah he tambien yeah that but if he’s bluffing this is a really good work to bluff on it’s a big decision cuz she’s basically only beating a bluff even though she has a pair of jacks and although it’s very unlikely as a king he could have diamonds that’s basically the only two hands he could have but if he does have it and we call it’s over you’re worried I’m not worried this is not get a read time this is time to confer with your student yes okay sorry to call in time okay I think you can call I think you can call because a lot of the time he’s bluffing on this board and you think she might fold I completely understand why she’s hesitating because if we’re wrong that’s it decision right now sorry I feel I have to take a chance we have a no leader na’kal should I’m pleased yes [Applause] winning that loan was so important mariah made the right call and it always feels good when you’re right hopefully this will give her confidence and make ronaldo question himself ronaldo just guide unlucky it was a good time to bluff but mariah figured it out I told him to make moves to put his opponents on the defensive and make them uncomfortable because he’s a boss and he does intimidate the hell out of everyone even after this hand I think he’s going to be pretty unstoppable it was great to have all the crumbs part in me the audience shouting my name I was feeling very comfortable in this atmosphere this is odd 1,000 small blind please mm a big blind area for now the calls the 2000 you’re a HX flop is deuce of ours Nana spades five spades discards I can play with I believe I can win mirre yeah but mm you’re gonna keep calling this is not a big bet I’m confident that Maria does not have a good hands Ronaldo raises $10,000 I was obligatory a synonym apartment where data further will Ronaldo write something again I think so No [Music] dear Eccles their code is a king of spades with check we roundabouts 20,000 vehicles the 20,000 I Reavers the three of hearts [Music] period checks this isn’t the moment Alwyn around on us is all in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you have ten seconds left nyah-ah-ah Oliver McCall Wow we have it shut down please see your cards okay she’s a pair ace five for media but it’s been looking better for Ronaldo with five nine and that means don’t otherwise the jewel [Applause] it’s unbelievable feeling to win it’s a fantastic experience the people around the table to be in the stage it’s great I mean Ronaldo and Walter said he played like a boss there was really impressed with him Ronaldo is a very good player so it’s a very good experience to play poker with him playing against Ronaldo in frontof well the world that’s tough tasks have a lot of respect for her at first was feeling a little bit nervous but Fatima was very helpful for me and it was great to have all the crowns supporting me so I’m very very happy really well it was a great battle but the most important thing was to win 20,000 from save the children and means a lot I know and I’m in good position so to help the people who need it it’s a big pleasure you

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