Frank’s Bloody Fate – How to Get Away with Murder

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Broke up a thief really, why are you so surprised? Because I am last time you were here thanks for going well with Eve is what happened? I met someone else. Merci, [, Music, ]. It’S hoping to see you again, please sit only if I get to ask you whatever questions I want. Okay, can I get your drink? When did you know it was me the panel you prosecuting me, I’ve been waiting for this day a long time. I got this Junior welcome to the castle milady. What are you, what are you doing here? Okay, just hear me out no Chloe go away. I have a girl bout to come over. How am I supposed to explain it? My sister’s here, I’m her Asher, you, you catfished me, please! I just want to talk [ Music ], it’s Korah Duncan welcome back to you as soon as possible. Okay, I’m ready. Let’S finally, do the thing you being naive. No Jorge gave Tegan that stock not Laura. According to Tegan, why would she tell me all of that if it weren’t true, because she knows we’re on, do it or you’re wrong about her, don’t be foolish? Just like maybe I’m wrong about you. [ Music ] wait [ Music ]. Whatever this is, I don’t want it. It was all you get out of my house, you said it was a bad guy, oh, but it was you who made a belated him last time you were here, things were going well with Eve. That’S what happened. I met someone else. Man is kind. Caring. Handsome problem is he’s. My therapist who told you Laurel owns that company. The FBI. Are you working with them? No do not lie to me right now: [, Music, ]! No, no! No! No! No!

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