Gender Identity: Can a 5’9, White Guy Be a 6’5, Chinese Woman?

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There’S been a lot of talk about identity lately, but how far does it go and is it possible to be wrong? We went to the University of Washington to find out. Are you aware of the debate happening in Washington State around the ability to access bathrooms, locker rooms, spas based on gender identity and gender expression? I think people should feel have access to the facility. I think bathrooms could and potentially should be gender-neutral, because there doesn’t need to be a classification for differences. I think people definitely should have the ability to go into whichever locker room they want. I feel like at least public university should do their best to accommodate. For those who do not have a specific gender identity, you know whether you identify as male or female and whether your sex at birth is matching to that you should be able to utilize the resource. So if I told you that I was a woman, what would you respond to me good for you, okay, like yeah nice, to meet you I’ll, be like why really I don’t have a problem with it. I’D ask you how you came to that conclusion. If I told you that I was Chinese, what would you response be? I mean I might be a little surprised, but I’d say good for you, like yeah, be who you are. I would maybe think you had some Chinese ancestor. I would ask you how you suddenly came to that conclusion and why you came to that conclusion um. I would have a lot of questions just because on the outside, I would assume that you’re, a white man, if I told you that I was seven years old, what would your responsibility um? I wouldn’t believe that immediately uh, I probably wouldn’t believe. If I mean I wouldn’t really bother me that much to go on my way until you know you’re wrong, I just don’t know okay, he wants to say seven years old. If you feel seven at heart, then then so be I’m good for you. So if I wanted to enroll in a first-grade class, do you think I should be allowed to? Probably not. I guess I mean, unless you haven’t completed first grade up to this point and for some reason need to do that now. If that’s where you feel like mentally, you should be, then I feel like there are communities that would accept you for that I would say so long as you’re, not hindering society and you’re not causing harm to other people. I feel like that should be it. Okay thing: if I told you I’m six feet five inches. What would you say that I would question why? Because you’re not no, I don’t think you. If you truly believed you’re 65, I don’t think it’s harmful. I think it’s fine. If you believe that it doesn’t matter to me, if you think you’re taller than you are so you’d be willing to tell me I’m wrong, I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong. No, but I say that um. I don’t think that you are. I feel like. That’S not my place as like another human to say: someone is wrong good to draw lines or boundaries. No, I mean one just go like oh you’re wrong. Like that’s wrong to believe in X, I mean again, it doesn’t really bother me what you want to think about your height or anything. So I can be a Chinese woman, yeah um sure, but I can’t be a six foot: five Chinese woman. Yes, if you thoroughly debated me or explain why you felt that you were six foot five I feel like. I would be very open to saying that you were six foot five or Chinese or a woman. It shouldn’t be hard to tell a five nine white guy that he’s not a six foot five Chinese woman, but clearly it is why what does that say about our culture? And what does that say about our ability to answer the questions that actually are difficult? You

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