Genders and Sexes Oh My! How many genders are there Biologically (sex)

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Hi everybody vanquished angel here and today I have an interesting topic now. The actual purpose of this video is to kind of practice my editing a little bit, but I did research, a topic that I did find very interesting now if you’ve watched my other videos, you’ve noticed that I have a video out there that talks about pronouns and How I’m gon na address you, how you present yourself to me and I don’t necessarily believe – and you know 300 and some different genders, I think they’re up to now. I haven’t checked lately, I don’t know not scientifically, but according to tumblr excuse me and then they have a bunch of others. So I decided to research a lot of this as the topic for this video, and I also decided that maybe it is my opportunity to learn a little bit of something that maybe I wasn’t open minded to. I do tend to like to do this because sometimes it does open my mind and I was not let down. I will link you to my research down below just a few places that I got, but I knew some of this beforehand. I just didn’t really a whole lot go into it and, of course, I’m a gay male commenting on this issue. So what this video is going to be about sorry that took so long is yeah again all these transgender issues and sexes. Now, what commonly comes up in a lot of forums that I’m on is mixing up of gender and sex? Now to me it doesn’t really seem like a big deal, but actually once I got more into it, the scientific part of it, it actually got a lot bigger, and so this is gon na. Take me it a little bit but so bear with me, but so what I did was I looked up someone’s paperwork on this. I don’t really have his name right in front of me, but the link will be in the description started. To look up. Karyotypes know what karyotypes are they’re cells, essentially with chromosomes and stuff like that, and in this case this has to do with the sexual ones. Now everybody knows the standard, male female sexual genes and chromosomes or whatever so like the common female is two X chromosomes. I am looking down at my notes once in a while, because it’s a lot to remember the common male is an X and Y chromosome and to everybody most people out there. This would be known as the sex of the person. So if you have a penis, essentially your sex is male, and if you have a vagina, your sex is female. Now, a common point of contention between conservatives and some liberals is that there’s only two genders well, the problem is, is that they’re people kind of confuse gender with sex and I’ll get more into that? I was. I was kind of typically a little bit more in that camp up until I did this research, so this paper that I found again, which will be linked to in the description, actually argued that there are more than just two sexes, and I was like whatever you Either have a penis or you have a vagina, it’s in the genes right. Well, it turns out. That’S not a hundred percent. True, there are up to six viable combinations of genes that exist in humans. Now. What that means by viable is means that they survive. They go through puberty and they grow up or they’re able to grow up, they’re able to live they’re viable, so the fetus is viable and actually so. That kind of throws that whole using the karyotype as distinction of sex, because it can have a penis but actually have the genetics for a girl. That’S actually biologically possible. So – and I will link to some of these and I’ll have to click and stuff over a little bit so bear with me if I don’t quite get the editing right but like the first one is Turner’s. Now that is just an X chromosome, and so we’re going to kind of cover a lot of topics here so now. Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects the development in females. The most common feature of Turner syndrome is short stature which becomes evident by about age. Five, an early loss of ovarian function, ovarian hypofunction or premature, ovarian failure is also very common over the ovaries developed normally at first but the egg cells, the oocytes usually die prematurely and most ovarian tissue degenerates before birth. Many affected girls do not undergo puberty unless they receive hormone therapy and most are unable to conceive. So they are infertile. A small percentage of females with Turner syndrome retain normal ovarian function through young adulthood, about 30 % of females with Turner syndrome have extra folds of skin on the neck, a web neck, a low hairline at the back of the neck, puffiness or swelling lymphedema of the Hands and feet skeletal abnormalities or kidney problems. One-Third to one-half of individuals with Turner syndrome are born with a heart defect such as narrowing of the large artery leaving the heart or abnormalities of the heart valve that connects the aorta with the heart. The aortic valve and complications associated with these heart defects can be life-threatening most girls and women with Turner syndrome have normal intelligence, develop normal delays, nonverbal learning disabilities and behavioral problems are possible, although these characteristics vary among affected individuals, so that is kind of just one way That the the chromosome and the sex of the person are different than what normal people perceive. So then we have the X X Y chromosome for sex. This is 1 to 500. According to this paper to 1 to a thousand – and this is Klinefelter syndrome – and so we’re gon na go over what that is here. Klinefelter syndrome is a chromosomal condition that affects male physical and cognitive development. It’S signs and symptoms vary among affected individuals. Affected individuals typically have small testes that do not produce as much testosterone as usual. The testosterone is the hormone that directs male sexual development before birth and during puberty, a shortage of testosterone can lead to delayed or incomplete puberty. Breast enlargement gynecomastia reduced facial and body hair and an inability to have biological children infertility. Some affected individuals also have genital difference, including undescended testes. The opening of the urethra on the other side of the penis or an unusually small penis, older children and adults with Klinefelter syndrome, tend to be taller than their peers compared with unaffected men. Adults with Klinefelter syndrome have an increased risk of developing breast cancer and a chronic inflammatory disease called systemic lupus erythematosus. Their chances of developing these disorders is similar to the women in the general population. Children with Klinefelter syndrome may have learning disabilities and delayed speech and language development. They tend to be quiet, sensitive and unassertive, but personality characteristics vary among affected individuals. So then we have another difference, which is the X Y Y chromosome, which affects about one to 1,000 people, and then we have the X X X Y, which affects 1 to 18,000 to 1 to 50,000. So, as you can tell, and then there’s your normal ones, so, as you can tell determining the sex of someone by karyotype is not straightforward, some will have female characteristics. So is it that far-fetched to assume that even someone with a penis with one of these could actually feel female and need that correction? It is actually quite logical that they could feel that way this. So this is. This does have basis in biology. So a common argument against a lot of these things is that what you’re, still biologically male or you’re still biologically female well biologically. That might not even be the case due to this, so these are the six viable biological sexes in humans that survive other species may have different ones or varying amounts, depending so with that said, then there’s gender. So what exactly is gender well, gender? It? What is typically touted as being mostly a social construct for cultural behaviors, that is kind of true, but gender is based on your physical sex characteristics. So if you’re born with a penis society expects you to act masculine, this means you know, be rough thump. Your chest act hard, whatever put on a show, essentially thump your chest, like the great apes, essentially just the human version of it and women same thing in society just to be extreme. I don’t actually believe these, but just to be extreme Society, for the most part expects women to be barefoot pregnant in the fridge or in the kitchen, making a sandwich barefoot. You know, because that’s your cultural, behavior, wear, frilly, dresses and pink and then be weak and helpless. Those would be example, examples of gender roles that are assigned you based on your physical sex characteristics. Now the argument comes to that. The extreme leftist would argue that gender is a social construct. Well, it’s sort of it’s based on your physical sex, but it does have so. Therefore, your gender is not quite your physical sex. However, your physical sex is just your physical sex and then there’s your biological sex, so your physical sex is just what it’s essentially what is observed by other people. You come you’re born into this world. The doctor looks at you, you have a penis. That’S your physical sex and that’s what you get assigned so and then there’s other issues to throw into the mix here. There’S such a thing as a chimera that actually happens in society and within the population. What a chimera is. The technical definition is two different organisms, mostly they almost have to be at the same species, but two different organisms live as one life. Now you can see this in the plant world, pretty easy when you buy those five Apple apple trees. It’S usually grafted from one tree on to the the other tree and it kind of lives almost as one organism, but produces five apples. However, this does happen in animals and it is actually discovered in modern science due to DNA testing. So what exactly can happen is like there might be a twin inside the womb or multiple eggs fertilized, or what have you are multiple sperm, fertilizing, an egg or they grow separate and then grow together inside the womb. This actually happens. There’S documented cases of this. You can look it up, so how this did gets discovered in DNA. Is that, let’s say a mother has a child and that child needs an organ that child might reject the mother’s organ, even though it’s the mother, because they’re actually not related, that is actually possible. So certain parts of the human body can actually be from this twin or this other fetus or pre fetus that was developing inside the mother’s womb that just joined in grew off of it, similar to a grafted tree and so yeah that gets kind of creepy there. But it does happen, so a mother or a father can have a child. Biologically pregnant came out, you know, born into the world the old-fashioned way and that father’s body not actually related to the baby because he might be a chimera. His reproductive organs are from that. Other organism that joined with him the same thing with the mother, so how does that factor into it? Well, what if the pre the reproductive organs of that male father are male, but the father’s body can actually be biologically female. That is actually possible. So, there’s a lot more into this mix thing even just those six sexes when it comes to those other things like like a chimera now, even more in it to add into this there’s other cases. So there’s the case of this one named Riley grant now Riley grant, has the X Y chromosome Riley grant has a males body. However, thanks to neuroscience today, we can map the male brain and the female brain, and we know that male brains and female brains are significantly different in many ways, this can be mapped in the case of Riley grant. His parents started to catch on when he tried to take scissors or a shears to his penis and they caught him, and he said that this doesn’t belong there. Im a girl and started living the life of a girl wanted to know the parents didn’t necessarily foster this but started living the life of a girl. Mri scans proved that Riley was correct. The brain of Riley grant is mapped identical to the brains of women through research. Riley grants brain without a doubt, is a girl. Now this is not to say that all transgender people are in this sometimes a lot of times. Transgender people have other issues going on and in sort of use, transgenderism as a coping method mechanism or other places. Kind of push. Transgenderism, which sounds kind of weird, like the country of Iran. Very intolerant towards gays throws gays people off the building, but it is actually acceptable to get a sex change there, which is odd, is more acceptable, so men that might be men or women that might be women to feel women, have women brains or whatever, but are Attracted to the same sex might get a sex change because that’s how their society teaches it. So that is another weird dynamic to add to to. This is Riley grant that the brain, the body and the reproductive system can actually all be different in humans. So and then there’s another one now this one is the most interesting to me, because this is a societal pressure. David Reimer is how I think you say his name. David Raymer was a boy when born and then his parents being religious, put him to get a circumcision. Then what happened is the doctor botched the circumcision and cut his penis off the doctor, and the parents decided to bury this secret and raise David as a girl in frilly, dresses and makeup and long hair and pumped hormones into him to make him a girl at An early enough age and essentially made him a girl. The problem he’s not a girl David, is a boy and grew up to discover this later in life that his sex was actually changed, because the doctor botched a circumcision so – and this is actually not as uncommon as people believe. I grew to discover this later in life, but that David then came out again as a male and transferred to a male again later in life, so not only biologically male with that X Y chromosome, but society’s willingness to adapt because back then they believed – and this Is key to the next one after this back, then they believed that people were a product of their environment so because they changed him and pumped him full of chemicals into a girl. And if they raised him as a girl, it would be a proper, probably Christian girl, and this was acceptable now. The even much bigger problem with this is that that’s on the assumption that how you’re raised so leading into the next one is there’s something called the phall-o-meter or phallic-o-meter. Now this was satirical invented in the 80s, but its roots and where it comes from and what it’s poking fun of was actually very real. The phall-o-meter or phallic-o-meter is actually a measurement of clitoris length or penis length that was used and doctors actually used this, not the exact phall-o-meter but went by this. So if the male penis was over an inch than it was considered a boy, but if it was under an inch surgery, if the clitoris was under a certain length, then it was considered a girl if it was over, possibly in the realm of surgery, to correct And this was done and done in secret oftentimes, not told to the parents and in another countries and stuff, because they wanted them to fit that societal norm and they were doing it for the life of the person, so they were knowingly correcting God. Essentially, these were also religious people, but they didn’t see it that way as correcting out, but essentially that’s kind of, if you believe in God, that’s kind of what they were doing. They were changing the sex of the person into what the what fit their definition. So me saying that I really only believe in maybe two or three genders. This is possibly wrong. Now that I’ve done this research, there is scientific basis for other sexes, and so what I’m going to define here is gender is the social construct combined with the physical that is gender, so in society’s version of gender, I’m gon na argue that the binary sexes are Actually more than two, so there is other possibilities according to my research and that nothing is as laid out as it. It seems so I mean just to read off this phall-o-meter because whatever in the u.s

Today, infants are born with excuse me in the u.s. today, when infants are born with ambiguous. Genitalia surgeons often operate in order to bring the child into accordance with our expectations for correct male or female genitalia, even when the actual morphology of their body causes no dysfunction or harm. Such act of some activists, such as those involved with the intersex Society of North America, are trying to stop these surgeries. The phall-o-meter found here is a satirical ruler, designed to draw attention to the way in which the surgeries force bodys existing in nature into social categories of our own invention. So this is kind of what that phall-o-meter here is about. So hopefully this may be enlightened. Some people is definitely some enlightening research. For me, I do look at things just a little bit differently now than I did before. I was kind of okay of a penis to present yourself as a male you’re, a male. You have a vagina. You present yourself as a female you’re, a female I’m still kind of in that camp. I’M gon na address you how you present yourself to me, but I’m a little bit more enlightened on the subject now so anyway. Okay, thanks for watching this helped my understanding a little bit more. Hopefully it helped your understanding a little bit more as well have a good day thumbs up. If you liked the video or if you learned something or whatever and have a good day,

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