How do people live in Cold Alaska?

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Breakfast time fire alarms going off 6:00 a.m. barely any traffic. That’S what 5:00 in the morning looks like on a Friday morning in New York City. I can’t believe it that Street yesterday was so packed like any time of the day. You could just walk right across the street and it was you’re just walking in between cars that were parked. Basically, we are heading out today we’re heading to Newark, New Jersey, get on a plane fly to Seattle, Seattle to Fairbanks Alaska. I don’t know what’s gon na. Take place today, but based off of the last couple of days and the crazy things that have happened with like having a dude pee in the car and an uber and then getting hit by a car in an uber. This week has taken me from LA to DC to New York now to Seattle, then in Fairbanks Alaska, pretty wild, but at least we’re gon na stay there for a few days. Let’S get out of here, you ready buddy back at the airport. I love it when the TSA recognizes that’s right when we walked up to get the IR ID and again he goes. What do you guys cut an open today? [, Music ]? It’S been a long trip two and a half hours edited a bunch with reading lots of books and he ate lots of [ Music ] for all of you that are from Seattle. I’M sorry, but I never knew actually snows in Seattle. I’Ve only been here in this summer. It’S mowing, but it rained, but the snow, [, Music, ] I’ll. Let this kid around escalators will spend all day with this madness. [, Music ], welcome to my favorite airport terminal in the world great place great one. We have two hours, I’m gon na try to upload today’s video or this today of tomorrow. Whatever you want to call it, we don’t really go daily. I’M gon na upload a video on to the family channel, but we’re gon na have to test out the internet for a CF faster. It is either Java Wendy’s Pizza, [, Music, ], [, Music, ] time we’re off to Fairbanks. It’S gon na be cold up there. They don’t what are you tired, yeah? It’S been a long day like 4:20 here something interesting. The reason why we’re even here is because Leslie is from here her family’s been here for like six generations. In fact, the only gift shop and the entire Fairbanks International Airport is this. One right here called wigs. Her aunt Kathy owns that pretty cool right, polar bear, just don’t feed it. Yep, oh yes, haven’t been outside, yet it looks cold. Doesn’T that just look? Oh, you can’t see look at the cars that just looks: cold. Okay, so Leslie sent a text she’s waiting in the car she said call and she’s when we get our bags. So she didn’t forget about us Claire’s coming in to bring my jacket. So I’m gon na hide from her Claire Claire, hiding from you. Thanks for bringing my jacket, how’s Alaska get warm out there don’t cross the yellow line. Vera. Hug Lincoln, get your hug all right. Let’S go test this cold out! Oh hey carpet! It’S like soaked! All in my throat is doing is like coughing, London. What are you doing in the back? Why do we have so many people? It’S Owen? Oh here we are 20 below it’s the truth. How do people live here Owen? How do you live here in this cold? Aren’T you freezing all the time? No, you go to recess in this cold. What it’s so funny! We picked him up from school and everybody had all their snow gear on snow pants like you, couldn’t even see anything except for their little eyes. It was really cute. You knew his eyes, I knew his eyes, those little cute, little blue eyes. Yeah, it’s not nighttime! That’S right! It looks like it, though, how in the world did you grow up here? You don’t know like I come here and and you’re no different and we would go to recess. We would we’d walk to school, so I must be tough and you drive so fast and it doesn’t even matter your tires, this grip yeah. Well, I have my snow button on so oh this snow button is where it’s at yeah. It keeps telling me make sure you push the button. [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Do it okay Lee! Did you hurt yourself what you hurt? [ Music, ]

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