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Well this will be a nightmare. Let’s continue the journey, shall we? You know the past month or so I’ve been talking a lot about Speech you know censorship and I’d like to move on to the next topic now Which is about how many genders there are. I want to talk about only two and turf’s and tumblr genders and ze, zem, zir Some people have spammed literally every video that I’ve ever made about the nature of gender and sex with “only two”, okay point taken so I hopped on Twitter and asked those of you who did feel there are only two why you feel that way and in even asking that question I got you know a little bit of backlash from the feminist side of things you know it’s problematic or it’s hurtful, or it’s invalidating And I understand why Some people might find it upsetting but I’m going to talk about it because I feel that this conversation is really at the core of Feminism it’s very relevant to sex-Ed.

It’s not just something that can’t be discussed. The idea here is not to invalidate anyone’s identity anyone’s experience of Gender it’s to understand what the whole scope of those experiences look like and how they lead people to understand Gender the way they do I think it’s fascinating and I want to talk about it. Feminist and anti-feminist alike in the courses conversation you may very well find yourself Disagreeing with some of the things that I’m going to say and I say ‘cool, tell me why’. I’m open to other perspectives I’m open to changing my mind on this stuff. I have before but I need strong arguments I need arguments that are logically sound, that are not based on emotions arguments that are backed by science and data wherever possible With strong study design and I’d love, would absolutely Get off to responses that address what I actually say, “oh my God Laci supports harassment” No, “oh my God Laci hates men” No “Oh my God Laci’s a white supremacist now” Chris is the white supremacist not me Just low-key shade for you there I see three political groups three basic philosophies in this conversation about gender.

Anti-feminists say there are two: only two Radical feminists say well, you know Gender doesn’t actually Really exist and liberal feminists say well gender is infinite and it’s expanding How are we all looking at the same thing at Gender and coming to such wildly different conclusions about it That’s the question right. for starters, I’m not convinced that we are all looking at the same thing: genitals specifically This is a penis And this is a vulva. In biology class or maybe porn we all learned that Genitals are a part of human sexuality in large part because they help us to reproduce It’s the survival of the species right life on Earth, wow so beautiful.

There are basically two sets of equipment that allow humans to reproduce that is, male and Female xy and xx that is basically sex Basically. a more comprehensive account of biological sex includes four traits. You’ve got chromosomes, hormones, Primary sex characteristics and secondary sex characteristics, and there’s a little variation here right low-key you mean You got you know females that are infertile you got males that have more boobage all that kind of stuff then you also Have you know about one in two thousand people are intersex they have both male and female bits and another part of the variation is trans folks who will transition between Male and female using hormones and surgery what’s notable about sex is that all.

All mammals have one the vast majority of mammals are either xx or xy just like us You know there are some animals that have traits from both Just like us There are animals that transition between sexes, but what’s not just like us what other animals don’t have in my book is Gender. Monkeys and tigers they might be male or female, but they aren’t men or women Gender is the way that body sex is interpreted and understood in The world, in Society. The American psychological association defines gender as the attitudes feelings and behaviors that a given culture Associates with a person’s biological sex, and this is the definition that is you know widely used by experts but when you look at the definition, you know it’s kind of broad and subjective, you know attitudes feelings behaviors Like, what does that even mean? And I think that this is one of the problems in this conversation Is that the same word is being used to refer to like a million things.

Gender sometimes refers to sex how many genders? Basically two. Gender sometimes refers to Society’s Gender Roles, how many? basically two. Gender sometimes refers to someone’s outward gender expression, how many? potentially infinite. Gender sometimes refers to individual gender identities, how many? potentially infinite. And gender sometimes refers to labels and pronouns It’s language, how many? Again, potentially infinite. Okay, so the word gender can mean a lot of things in this conversation, so I think it’s good to be specific. The question now is, well, which one of these definitions of gender Do we use when we’re talking about things like sexism or transphobia? Feminism, anti-Feminism, you know gender differences in Society well, this is where the anti-feminists, the radical feminists and the liberal feminist schools of thought start to have some disagreements, let’s take a closer look shall we So I ask those of you who feel like there’s only two genders to share why and 53% of you told me there’s only two genders because of biology you know there’s male/female xy/xx and it’s Not a complicated issue.

This is fairly straightforward And so on so forth. Logically you know let’s walk through this in its purest interpretation gender equals biology Implies that all the differences that we see between men and women in society are ultimately the product of our bodies You know we’re slaves To our bodies in a sense, and our social environment doesn’t you know play a hand in shaping who we are if biology alone creates the differences between Men and women these differences should be universal throughout the human species across Every culture, and it would also be constant throughout history because biology sex is the same all over the world. But, when I look at the world, that’s not what I see. I do see some variation I see some common themes, some things that seem to be pretty Widespread, but there are also a lot of differences too. between cultures when it comes to gender and certainly throughout history.

How do we account for cultures where the Gender roles are completely swapped? How do we account for cultures where there are three four even five genders? I mean I’m not just making this stuff up It’s real and it exists in the world and so we have to try to make sense of it. None of this is to say That biology plays absolutely no role in our behavior either. There was a meta-analysis that was done recently. which is always preferable because, it looks at a whole bunch of studies at once I think this one looked at about 45 different studies altogether. so this found that there were you know three main sex differences that maybe very heavily influenced by biology. However, for a lot of gender differences the evidence overwhelmingly Points to both you know some role of biology and of our social environment at once. So, the next question then is well How much of our gender differences are biological Versus social? you know to what degree does each play a role, and I think that that is the interesting question. And I think that the question that has to be asked on a case-by-case Basis.

Comparing male suicide to you know women not being in STEM there might be a connection there But, the context is different for each, and I think we have to look at all, all of that. That is in a nutshell Why I Think there is more to gender than just biology But what I do like about this perspective Or what I do take comfort in, that I think a lot of anti-feminists and skeptical types take comfort in is the fact that Gender equals sex is you know based on objective information. Sex is relatively easily observable. It’s tangible, It’s measurable, its material. Sometimes It’s nice to just have things be simple You know. the other only two reasons the anti-feminist’s gave me is one: that multiple genders defines gender as personality That was sixteen percent of you and two: that multiple genders reinforces gender roles, another 16% of you, And there were actually five percent of folks, who were all trans who said something similar, that multiple genders Trivializes Gender dysphoria.

In perhaps an unexpected twist there are feminists who would strongly agree with that In part two of this video. I need to split this up because, it was just too much stuff I’m going to talk about a very interesting tension, a conflict within the feminist movement about how to See Gender. I’m going to explore the radical and liberal feminist perspectives and tell you a little bit about where I fall in That mess. In the meantime, I want to know your thoughts.

You know. I’m reading my comments I’m reading my tweets mainly. Twitter, like I said it’s a main place i’m having this conversation off YouTube. Lastly, the first debate, conversation, open forum thing, Livestream; has been scheduled, but I can’t confirm it just yet, but I will in the next video I have three people who have very different views on this stuff. So I’m really excited to talk to them, I hope you’ll join me! I think it’ll be a lot of fun! I love you all! I will see you again shortly with part two.

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