How many genders are there?

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Greetings, fellow snowflakes, sometimes I think we need us to confuse things by focusing too much on words and labels. Perhaps this is why what people call social justice get so much flak sometimes, but I don’t really pick sides. What is important to me is truth and compassion. This is the foundation behind all of my views and, although I often find myself coming down on the social justice side of things, there are also times when I can understand some of the criticisms people have towards certain ideas: take biological sex. I think that the existence of intersex people definitely proved the biological sex is not a strict binary. In other words, you can’t say people are always either biologically male or biologically female, that there are other people who exist, who have one set of chromosomes, but the physical and aptamil the other sex eg complete androgen insensitivity syndrome that there are people with ambiguous genitalia and There are even people with over testes gonads that have a mixture of ovary and testicular tissue. All these conditions proves that there are exceptions, people who are not entirely male or entirely female before I guess somewhere in between, but I do think that scientifically it is probably accurate to say that the human species generally has two sexes all the mechanisms chromosomal or anatomical Have the function of creating male and female two sexes, it’s just that it doesn’t always work out that way, because nature isn’t perfect. I also don’t agree with the attempts by some transgender individuals to try and distance themselves from the terms male and female when they refer to biological sex. Look, biological sex is a thing, and we so we need language to describe it so that we can talk about it. The terms man and woman refer to gender determine and feminine refer to socially constructed gender roles and expression. The terms for biological sex are male and female. I don’t see the problem in using words that way. It is important that we can still talk about biological sex when we need to, for example, with regards to feminists talking about pregnancy periods, abortion, etc. Things that affect biological females and where biological females might be treated unfairly by a patriarchal society. Having said that, I think chromosomes, although they might usually create a certain biological sex, are not the definition of a biological sex and that where a transgender woman or a transgender man transition with hormones and surgery, they absolutely become the biological sex. They want to be a post-op trans. Woman is not on your woman. She is also now female and a post-op trans man is not only a man, he is also now male. As for gender identity, I accept that there are those whose neurology may be intermediate between male and female. I accept that there are those who don’t fit into the categories of man or woman, and their gender identity is more complex than that. I absolutely believe in the need to allow non-binary individuals, some kind of gender neutral way to be in society, where they don’t get gendered as men or women, and their non-binary gender identity can be officially recognized, but counting genders is, I believe, misguided. It only confuses people and makes them hostile plus. I think it is the case that some people are neurologically male, some people are neurologically female and some people fall somewhere in between well words, and labels are an excellent way to express how you feel and explain how you make sense of your non-binary identity. I think it is possible that those who are neurologically intermediate just have different ways of describing and explaining their gender call yourself a gender by gender, intergender, demi girl, demi boy, gender, fluid or whatever that’s fine, but how many genders are there? Well, there are men, women and those whose gender identities more complex or indeterminate than that I don’t think counting 76 genders or whatever helps socially and legally. It makes the most sense to say that there are three genders, those we call he those we call she and those we call they or whatever other gender-neutral pronoun. We can all agree on. That’S simple: people can wrap their heads around that which makes it a better strategy for gaining acceptance. I’Ve realized a strange facts about myself and it shows a danger of getting too hung up on words and labels. In practical terms, I am a trans woman, but philosophically I am non-binary, I don’t know if it’s accurate to call it Buddhist exactly, but I have what I like to think of as a Buddhist detachment from words and labels. These are external and slightly illusionary. Things really words: we make up to describe things. Real social progress happens when we realize that men and women are more similar than different, that we shouldn’t impose unnecessary gender roles and stereotypes on each other, and we can and should reach out a hand of friendship to each other. That’S why non-binary folks rock there are people saying I’m not going to play that game, I’m just a human being who happens to be physically male or female or intersex, and I feel this way often I’ve decided to stop worrying about how male or female they appear To be, I’m just me I’ll do my best to express myself authentically, and I have my own transgender needs which I’ll come to in a minute, but you know what I don’t have to fit into your narrow idea about what I should be. There are many times when I think in gender, just a load of bollocks, really. Society pushes always concepts of meanings on to me that don’t necessarily have anything to do with. What’S really going on or my own experiences so that in many ways the problem with the whole idea of gender identity is what you think you are thing? Is that the words and concepts will use about gender are very much affected by our own personal philosophies about gender? What we think those words mean, so it’s not necessarily very illuminating to reflect on what you think you are. But I do have complex feelings about my own Anatomy: feelings. The only hormones and electrolysis or laser hair removal could fix. I do find that I prefer to be referred to with female words and pronouns rather than male birds and pronouns, and if it’s a choice between feeling comfortable and honored rather than continually annoyed and irritated, then only social and legal transition can fix them. And I do feel a weird kind of kinship with women desire to see a woman when I look in the mirror and a tendency to look up to a want to emulate certain inspiring women with a fictional real that I very rarely if ever experience with regards To men, and all of that means that i’m genuinely transgender and would benefit from transitioning, so that’s it really an insight and an update to what I’ve been thinking with regards to gender and talking of updates the assessment process for the gender clinic is now complete. I’Ve been given leaflets and information about hormones, a recomendation to get checked out by the doctor before I go on a moment and also information about facial hair removal. At a discussion about whether I want surgery, so things are moving forward. So, hopefully I’ll begin. My physical transition soon I’m happy about that, especially since I learned the first few electrolysis or laser hair treatments on my face will be on the NHS, so I won’t have to pay for them. That makes me so so so happy anyway, we’re all different real special snowflakes unite: [ Music ]. You

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