How Many Genders Are There?

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What is up my niptucks? I am once again back from a 3000 year long coma No, but you see, I go to school High school, to be specific And school is *freaking* hard It’s taking up about 40% of my life right now And the remaining 60% of my life Are occupied by my boyfriend He’s very persistent with being in my home And I can’t very well film while he’s here Because when he is, 100% of my attention and love is devoted to him ‘Cause I’m a good boy It has, once again, been a while since you saw my face And this time around Don’t know why I hit my wall, but I did This time around I thought: You know what? Why not talk about gender? And I know what you’re thinking But Josef! You’ve done a video on gender before! And yes, thank you dear commenter I have But that video sucked And I wanted to redo it Because that’s what I do best Suck at doing things And then doing them better And then redoing them for a third time because it turns out that I didn’t learn anything So yes, here comes my opinion – That is actually kind of fact But some people find this to be a very hard pill to swallow So let’s just call it an opinion, okay? – on gender.

I will begin by introducing myself My name is Josef And As you can see, I am not a very stereotypical straight guy, *UUUUuhhn*, pussyslayer I’m rather feminine And I am also Not Straight Nor a guy I mean, I’m a guy, but I’m a trans-guy You see the difference here? And this is when all the angry little people that… Don’t have anything better to do Are going to say: Well of course you have this opinion on gender.

Because you’re transgender! And yes, you don’t have to inform me I know that’s why, but… Why not just try to listen, okay? I dare you to watch through this video and then comment about it So basically My “opinion” Is that you can do whatever you want to do, as long as you do not hurt anyone else or yourself I’ve said this in previous videos And doesn’t this seem like a pretty simple principle to follow? Why is that so hard to get into your pea-sized brains? I mean, you can’t have much information in there anyway, you’re so dense And with that said I believe there are more than two genders That is four More than two genders And hold your horses, before you start to attack me When I say gender, I don’t mean biological sex Because those are two separate things Kind of There are two Biological sexes There is penis There is vagina No but there are two biological sexes And then there is intersex, which is a combination of the two And then we have gender Gender to me is not [equal to] biological sex That’s not the same thing Gender to me means Which basically means what’s up here, and not down there Which, by the way What’s down there is the subscribe button, and the like button You could hit That if you want But yes I believe there are more than two genders I think you can be genderfluid, or genderflux, or gender-whatever I think a *freaking* attack helicopter for all that I care I mean, it doesn’t affect me, does it? So, yes That’s basically the whole video I hope I didn’t offend anyone This is just my “opinion” And You can have yours, if you want to But I will inform you that you are wrong Trust me, look at me Just let people live Thank you, dear subscribers For 100 subscribers, first of all Also…

Use code JOSSIE for 10% off your purchase at teenhearts.com They sell, good clothing [for all genders] (wow I really missed my one chance there, didn’t I?) That is all I have to say I am not wearing their clothing right now But if you go to my Instagram page Good plug You can see me wearing one of their shirts [sweaters] And also if you go to their website you can see their clothes I mean It’s- it’s pretty obvious Now that all of the plugs are out of the way, and I’ve gotten this gender thing off my chest Not literally It’s time to end the video You will probably not see me again until next year Or, maybe, sometime in late December Who knows? But I might, probably, put up a video before Whoah That was cool Before Next year But you might not see my face until January Or February Who knows? My upload schedule is not the best And when you see me then, this damn thing will be gone Yes, I will once again shave my head As you can see, I am currently sporting a very sexy mullet I think it’s a good look But I do want to shave my head again I don’t know why, but I want to Thank you all for watching And I’ll see you Sometime Probably not soon That’s good promotion Subscribe~

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