How To Draw A Unicorn – Pointillism Or Dot Drawing Technique

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Hello my name is Harriet Muller and in this video I’m going to be showing you how to draw a unicorn’s head using a technique called pointillism or dot drawing. So what you’re going to need is a piece of plain paper, a pencil, a rubber and a black pen and you can either use a sharpie, a big thick sharpie, or I’m going to be using a black permanent marker.

Let’s get started. First of all we’re going to start off with a large oval shape so using your pencil just draw a rough large oval shape a bit like that. Now we’re going to draw a smaller oval shape and tilting towards this direction so, I’m just drawing the smaller oval shape. Now we’re going to join them up together so just draw a straight line from that one to that one and another straight line from there to there. We’re going to do the unicorn’s ears so just at the top of this oval shape draw the ear coming up like that. It’s got its ears pricked up. Then the other ear just peeping out from behind just like that. Now we’re going to do the unicorn’s horn, so this goes all the way up like so. With a little rounded tip up the top and coming back down like that. Now these are just rough lines; don’t worry if you get it wrong you can just rub it out and start again.

Make that a little bit longer- just like that. Okay, I’m now going to add the nose so here we go. A shape just like that and then the mouth comes underneath just like that and now we’re going to be doing the unicorn’s eye. Just come down like so and then the forelock coming down like that and then it will come round the front and sweep across the eye like so and then the neck. And then the unicorn’s mane: a wonderful luscious mane just like that. Now in this next stage get your black pen and using a series of very small dots we’re going to do the outline of the unicorn so if we start with the horn, just do a series of dots all along the outline that we’ve drawn in pencil. We’re going to rub the pencil out at the end of this. So first of all just do lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of dots and we’ll go round like this just following all the shapes that we drew in pencil, obviously not this oval shape; it’s just the outline.

That was just to help us. I’m going to speed this video up now just so you can see what I’m going to be doing. Pay attention to the light and shaded areas. Where it’s darker you’ll need a higher intensity of dots: so lots and lots of them and where it’s lighter less dots. So here’s the finished unicorn drawing I’ve rubbed out all the pencil lines and if you want to go one step further, you can try using different colored felt-tip pens to create a more impressionistic effect. If you’ve enjoyed this video please consider subscribing and liking and I look forward seeing on the next one Thank you, bye!.

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