How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 11 Mins – Simple Steps for Beginners

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Hi there I’m Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com, and today I will teach you how to start a blog in 11 minutes without any technical overwhelm, people often delay starting a blog because they’re afraid of two things. The first fear sounds like this. Oh, I am NOT a mute at technology. I will never be able to set up a website on my own. Believe me. Anyone can do it and I’ll show you today how fast and easy it is step by step. The second fear sounds like this: starting, an online business must be really expensive. I need to save up more money before I get to it. That’S really just an excuse. My friend, your fear, is holding you back for no reason at all. You will see today that starting a blog or a website of any kind is very affordable these days. Now, let’s get into the steps because hey I promise you it will take just about 11 minutes, so step number one is choose a domain and hosting the domain name is the name or the address of your blog. The golden rule of website naming is that you have to make it as short as possible and easy to memorize. The second rule is that the main names in that cone zone are always preferable, because users automatically think of dot-com when they memorize the mains and also the main single cone zone are considered more trustworthy both by users and search engines, and the rule number 3 is Don’T use numbers or hyphens and your domain names they are difficult to read and to remember, we’ll see in a few minutes how you can search for the main name and how you can even get one for free. But when it comes to hosting, I always recommend Bluehost for beginner bloggers Hosting is where your site content will be stored. So it’s important to have a reliable hosting. That also has a 24-hour support, and let me explain why I recommend Bluehost from this video. You will see that WordPress will be installed and your site will start working so smoothly by just clicking on a few buttons in Bluehost interface, that you don’t need any technical skills to set it up. The step number is setting up WordPress. If you ask me why WordPress and not any other website builder, like weeks or Squarespace, that’s because WordPress has the largest community of users and the biggest platform used globally with huge library of free, plugins and themes plus since WordPress is so popular and powerful. There are tons of free tutorials available, even here on YouTube, for literally anything you might ever want to set up on your WordPress site. Here is how our wordpress blog will look like in the end result to start setting it up. The first thing you need to do is click on the show, more link in the description under the video. It will open the full description and you will find my affiliate link that goes to Bluehost, I partnered with Bluehost to get the best pricing for you. So when you click here, you will see that you can start a self-hosted site for just two ninety-five dollars a month. This is a very special discount Bluehost offers to my audience. If you go through my affiliate link now, let’s click on this green button get started here. You will see various packages and I would suggest you go as a beginner with the basic package. It’S a great value for the price, because you will not only get the hosting itself, but also a free SSL certificate, which makes your site show up as a secure site on HTTPS address, and you can also see here a free domain name for the first year. So, let’s click select on this page, you need to search for an available domain. If you want to get a free domain name and by the way, if you already have a domain name, you can use this window on the right side. I already told you: what are the best practices for choosing a domain, so we will try to keep it short and, let’s imagine we’re creating a food blog. Let’S search for a domain, maybe food set go calm. Oh, it shows none available, so be prepared that a lot of domains you can think about, are already taken, and it can take you some time to find a domain that is still available and, if you’re not ready with a domain name. At this point, I would just recommend you to click on this link below that says I’ll create my domain later. It means that you will skip the step for now, but you will still be eligible for a free domain which you can choose later in your hosting account. But let me try for now. Some other combination, for example, sneck, said, go calm great, so it’s available and let’s move to the next step. Now, let’s fill our account information now scroll down to package information. You will see here that if you choose the basic plan for 36 months, you will get the lowest price per month. I would personally go with this option to secure this package for the next three years now scroll down and in the package extras section, you can select only one option, which is the main privacy protection and the rest of the options are really not essential. Moreover, you can always get them later in your Bluehost account, but the main privacy means that, if someone searches for the public information about your domain, your full name and the email address will be hidden, so it literally protects your privacy so keep it on. Here we will add our payment information. Don’T forget to check the box that you agree to Bluehost Terms of Service and now hit submit great. You made it now. Let’S create your Bluehost account click here. Now, let’s create a password for your account. It has to be something that you will not forget, but it has to be something reliable: click on this checkbox to agree to their privacy policy and hit create account. So, let’s click on go to login here and here you have to insert the password you just created and hit login now hold on a little bit. While it’s setting up your account here, Bluehost will ask you a few questions to understand better what kind of site you are building, because they will recommend your plugins based on the type of the site, but you can totally skip the step. I will do it now. Just click on this link below again here is just some information they’re collecting about your site, so you can click on skip the step again at the bottom of the page. Here, Bluehost will show you a selection of free and premium WordPress themes, but we don’t have to select the theme right here. We can again skip the step and I will show you later how you can add the free theme that you saw at the beginning of this tutorial. Now the host will show you this temporary domain and you don’t need to worry about it, because the domain that you selected is going to take some time to propagate. So you can start building your site on this temporary domain and move it later. Remember that I told you that Bluehost made it super easy for you to build a wordpress site, and all you have to do now is click here on this WordPress button great. This is how your wordpress dashboard looks. This is the back end of your site and you will be editing your posts and installing plugins here step. Number three is installing a wordpress theme. Remember I promised you to show how to install a free WordPress theme inside your dashboard to do this hover over the appearance and then themes now look up for the button. WordPress.Org themes, click here and WordPress will show you a selection of available themes, but we will search for that pretty theme. I recommended you to try it’s called ash, so we will search here in the search bar on the right for the name ash it showed up and we need to click on this install button. Now, let’s click activate, let’s go to the top left corner of the screen and click on visit site to see how our blog looks like these are the basic elements of the homepage, and now we will start customizing it to make it our own step. Number four is setting up the home page of your blog, and to do this we will go back to dashboard hover over the appearance and click customize since we’re building a food blog. I want to change this header image to something related to snacks. We will click here on the header image. First, read the information about the current Heather size, it’s 1,300 by 500 pixels and you will need an image of this size. I already got mine ready so I’ll. Just click add new image, I’ll just drag and drop the image from my folder. Now, let’s click on the button in the bottom right corner, select and crop. Since I created this image in the right size, I don’t need to change anything or crop anything I’ll. Just click on skip cropping here great now: let’s edit our site name and the tagline, we will click on this arrow to go back to the menu and choose site identity. You have here site title and the tagline to edit the site title. I will keep the same as the domain. A snack set go and the timeline we will say delicious, simple snacks for your family hit, publish to see the changes we need to close this menu and in the dashboard click on visit site. If you want to avoid going back and forth to the dashboard after every little change, I recommend you to keep a separate tab open with your site, and you just need to refresh the page to see the changes. All right. You can see now how it looks on the site, see how easy it is to customize anything on the home page. Ok. So now I will open in a new tab, the customize window and let’s go to widgets here, we’ll click on the right sidebar. This is the part of your site, where you usually have your profile photo a short information about the site. You can also have a search bar for users to search anything on your site, and I would also recommend, having here a block of recent posts. Let me show you how we set up all of this, so we click on, add widget, first search for a text block. Let’S add our profile, photo click here to add an image, drag and drop the image here. Click on this button in the bottom right corner insert into post now, let’s write some short text about our site. Click apply. Let’S add another widget look for this search bar okay! I want now to add the recent posts widget I’ll put in the title. Recent posts hit apply also at any time. You can easily organize these blocks, just by dragging them see how change the order of the widgets in my sidebar, you can continue editing your site in WordPress until you’re, happy with how it looks while you’re doing this. Your site is private, and only you can see it when you are ready to make your site live and visible to everyone. You need to go to the button coming soon active. It will show you this menu and the button to launch your site. You’Ll just need to click on this button and your site will go live. So if you didn’t follow the steps, while I was showing you this tutorial, then put it on the replay and just remind you if you want to get the exclusive price offered by Bluehost to my subscribers to limited time only you need to click the link in The description below this video, I can’t promise this price will be available forever, since it’s a really special offer. So don’t miss your chance and start your website for less than three dollars a month, and I also have a free course that will help you build a profitable website and in just a week it will teach you all. You need to know about a beginner, blogger, monetization strategies and what actually will help you make money with your site I’ll give you a link to this free course in the top right corner and in the description below this video. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below this video I’ll be happy to help, and if you found this video useful, give me a thumb up, and I will leave you a few links here to the other videos on my channel. That are perfectly complementary to what I was showing you today see you in the next videos.

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