How to take a screenshot-how to screenshot-on windows computer-xp-windows 7, Must Watch

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Hey so guys, wan na know how to take screen shots of your desktop. I am gon na show you the easyeast method to take screen shot and it’s free and every body has this on google windows. Ok, so there is a button on your windows. I mean on your laptop and its called laptop, insert open string. Ok now, when you wan na, take a snapshot of your desktop windows, just press that button and by pressing that button, you can go and when you go on paint right, click on it, you get an option to paste and then it shows its real time. Ok, so i cannot show you my keyboard, but what i can do is i can go here under my windows and i can start on screen keyboard. Ok now this is onscreen keyboard is here now i wan na take a screen shot just for this video. Let me go on youtube. I wan na take a screen shot of this. What ever here is ok, so this is what i am talking about print screen. You will get this on your. You will find this on your laptop on your pc keyboard. Ok, just click over here, ok and then. Ok. Now i am on paint. What i have got to do is click over here. Select right click. You get a paste option here. Just click paste! You see. I have my snapshot. Everything, ok, guys remember this io for demonstrating the video i open on screen keyboard, so its coming. So on your case, don’t go on screen keyboard just find that there is a screen girl on your laptop on pc its there.

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