How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 PC / Laptop | Windows 10 Snipping Tool

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Hello Falls myself, Akhil back with another Windows, 10 tips and tricks video in this window, 10 guide. I will walk you through one of the simplest and build in method to take screenshot only from a particular active window or a particular thing on active end. No matter the situation wind ocean have you covered with several easy ways to capture and save screenshot next up this video and know how to take screenshots on windows or any PC or any laptop here you see my clipboard is empty as of now so, let’s try Taking some screenshot press printed screen button and have one screenshot being taken in less than a second yes, fresh windows V and you will see a screen shot being Sona. Now, let’s make more use of this snipping tool of Windows, 10 press windows Shift S and here Windows comes up, gives option to rectangular snip, freeform, snip window snip and floor forms. Now one can select a particular area to take a screenshot. Now that’s cool, but here comes a free from snip, which is not just cool, but this man’s way to take screenshot clicked again windows. You press escape and selected freeform snip. This time I have open Google Chrome with WM original channel homepage showing up. I will select this feature video and see. How awesome is this? You can select a particular area to say it with your friends over social media SN. Now what about taking screenshot of active window? Well again, fresh windows, impresses and select window snip, and from here you can take screenshot of active window. You cannot just perform all these actions through shortcut keys, but also an action from Windows. 10 Action Center, just click on expand – and here you see screen snip option. Just by clicking on this, you can perform all of the actions such as taking full screenshot rectangular snip, as well as active window snip, which I am doing right now. You can also save them. If you want Y is just copying them to pane 3d app or you can also save them directly by clicking windows V and selecting a particular clip which you want to save or share, you can also save them like this. It’S that simple to take screenshot in Windows, shell, you can access all of the screenshot taken by pressing windows. Three and air comes up clipboard with the history of screenshot taken hope. You found this video useful. Do share your when you can comment and do subscribe to w machinist if you have not done yet thanks for watching also don’t forget to press Bell icon and give this video a thumbs up.

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