HOW2: How to Play Poker

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I bet you’re gon na love how to play poker. That’S right. First, let’s go over the rules of Poker for tool spare. Let’S do this thing. All-In dude we haven’t even dealt the cards. We don’t even have a table to play on yet you can’t go around flipping stuff over. If things don’t go, your way watch me. No, I really mean it. You can’t. I nailed our poker table to the floor. We’Re playing this game by the rules. Rules were gon na, learn right now now the poker new collection of cards, it’s called your hand, [ Music, ] yeah, I’m sorry dude, but it’s not that kind of hand. Now the best hand you can get in poker is called a royal flush. That’S when you put your opponents now it is not. The next best hand is a straight flush and that’s when you flush your box cards in a normal French toilet, so it is not okay. Now, then, other types of fans include Han Solo. Stop we’re talking about poker hands orange. You know we have a lot of ground to cover. Are you gon na behave this way? While we go over chips like Doritos and blinds, I prefer vertical and the river. Can I get a actually know all the bunker terms? Yeah bit of a contract – oh, is that so tell me what poker term orange right now nope? No, that is not a poker term. The way I played a chair is worries. If you get bad cards in poker, that’s fine! You don’t pull up the game. You Bluff you Bluff, yes, SEC. You know that. There’S no need to point out that I’m naked, I said, Bluff nut boss. Ah, nothing is when you pretend to have better cards than you have. Oh, so bluffing is lying. Basically yeah, yeah, yeah, okay! Well then, I guess there’s no need for me to blow off the table now all right glad to hear it. [, Music, ],

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