Jamie’s Perfect Roast Potatoes

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I’ll take you back to my archive to make the most amazing, classic roast potatoes I have been perfecting my cooking method for years! To get the perfect potato, I would choose the Maris Pepper variety, which has the perfect density The best choice for your bets. First, I always boil potatoes for two 10 minutes in boiling salted water. Drain them, and put them on the roasting pan Even the edges level and a little more. Fat is needed. Extra virgin olive oil It is the healthiest choice and will give you a nice golden roasting taste. Or you can use Butter a little more thick, sweeter to taste. Or you really wanted to put them together …

You can too Use goose fat for the thickest roasting flavor between them all. The secret is, always apply one coat In a roasting tray and give them nicely seasoning salt and pepper. I’ll cook them for half an hour at about 190 ° C, 375 ° F. Until it turns light golden then I’ll show you what to do with the masher This is what will ultimately give roast potatoes. Half an hour later we are ready to do some mash Magical. And so what I want to do is I want to increase The surface area of ​​the potato is on the bottom of the pan. So I’m going to do that via Like this just crush them.

I’m telling you, give it a try, and you won’t Regrets that. Plus, you get the maximum roasting taste you want Maximum flavor. And I’ll add some herbs now that I made it … which if you put it in the beginning, yeah you can get good flavor, however Herbs prevail … and it’s kind of ingested so it’s not pleasant. But if you put them in the middle of the action By doing this you get more of the herbal flavor and flavor. First add some rosemary (rosemary). And covered with splashes of olive oil and a little From vinegar …. bear with me …. vinegar will disappear by cooking completely but it will give Potatoes are like shock. And then we add some garlic here.

That’s a personal touch, so I put it in what do you prefer . You can also try putting thyme herb with garlic and bay leaf. Or even some sage and garlic Or some zest of orange peels to give some joy and change Then for a second time, we put them back in the oven for 25 minutes. 30 minutes or so you see is perfect with your eyes.

But, half an hour … and then when You see the produce and taste it ….. Oh. The best, most wonderful, and delicious roast potato in the world. Here I see them. Listen, we look at you how full of good taste and taste. Even when looking in the middle Just nearly flat. Let’s try ….. are really good! Absolutely delicious. These are the perfect roast potatoes … subscribe to the Food Tube. it’s free ! And together We’ll have the best birthday ever !! .

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