Loaded Baked Potato – You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

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OK, I have turned on the potato search machine Then wait to find a delicious, juicy… *Ding* *hit* Caught it! you You cook You cook so bad Your cooking is so bad Your cooking is so bad, really Your cooking is really bad If you are not good at beating the ground, You can also go to the store and buy them directly. Then you can leave some time for the potato Let them do the final farewell… [Sad piano music QAQ] But the potato does not have the ability to speak, So don’t fish in troubled waters. Now that you have potatoes, Time to make a decision In what form are you going to bake them.

Microwave oven is one option. If someone uses Microwave oven and belittle you Just say, “If you know how to use a microwave oven, you come—” [Microwave oven: beep, beep, beep] Rookie luck. The fact is that using a microwave oven is very easy. Put the potatoes on the plate, Set it to 10 minutes, high firepower, You will get a perfect potato. Ok. Another option is water baking.

Some people don’t like to bake with water Because they are worried that their potatoes will get wet. That’s a stupid idea, because the potato comes with IP68 waterproof function. See? But just because they are waterproof, It takes a long time to bake in water. In fact, this trick is called boiling, I am not here to teach you this Baking in a slow cooker is very simple. Put your potatoes in Close the lid, Set the timer to 6 years, Then leave and start your own family. When your child is in first grade, You will get a delicious meal. Baking, the method I will use today, Is the method that humans have been using for decades Since the 1960s in Bancroft, Kentucky Since the discovery of Onion.

Baking takes a long time Because the potatoes are sealed But before you start, You need to process your potatoes first. First of all, we have to wash them incense. Then you have to stab the potato with a fork, The method is to use your fork in it Then use a pair of vise to pull it out easily. You can also hit it with a hammer, Or let gravity do it for you, You can save time by using four forks at a time, Or if you play professional baseball like me, you can do it. If you are reluctant to stab the potato, The steam in it cannot be released Potatoes will look like this. [bump] [cough] This can also happen in a microwave oven, So, *clear your throat* don’t forget those fork holes. Now we just have to drizzle the potatoes Olive oil flavored puncture relief ointment™, Sprinkle some preservation salt™, And give these guys four free tickets for Gravitron (a kind of amusement device that uses centrifugal force). Throw them on the baking sheet, Roast incense set four hundred incense (the oven will never read the wrong stem) We are going to bake them for about 45 minutes.

They have been inside for enough time now But the fork is the most important tool that can determine the maturity. Take your fork and beat it aside. If you hear it resonating, then congratulations: What you have in your house is a tuning fork. But if you take a real fork It’s easy to plug in, You know it is done. If you feel resistance to resistance, Put it in and bake for 10 minutes. Next you should use a saw to saw it open… Then press to both ends, Until it opened like a super hot 70s wallet.

[Music in the 70s] Now we have to shovel the contents inside, Put them in a bowl. OK, that was really silly just now. You should use a shovel of the right size. If the potato hole is not cut properly, Throw the potato into the trash can and start over- Kidding. Now look at this. What does this remind you of? It reminds you of “nothing”. When the Greeks first discovered potatoes, They had to invent the number “zero” In order to correctly describe its taste.

The shape of zero comes from potatoes. This is why we are in the potato Stuff in anything we can find So we can try to forget We are eating something very tasteless It’s like staring at an endless abyss. But it also has advantages, You can put in whatever you want Why do you want to silence? *You can put in anything you want very cool* Thank you. First, we need to add some cream. Some cheddar cheese. Some sour cream. Some salt. Some pepper pepper pepper. Some bacon. Some chives. In the second step, we have to put some vegetarian soup cubes, Some cumin, Some cheddar cheese, Some cream cheese, Some cauliflower. Then mix all the ingredients together, Until completely mixed. Then we stuff those back Then we sprinkle more cheddar cheese, And more bacon, Some chives. Then we put these ** ** back- Oh please! (Gorgeous food) Thank you. We have to put them again Throw it in and roast it for 10 minutes Reheat the inside and melt all the cheese [Whispering] Or you can Watch them very carefully until you think it’s time, Then take it out With your great intuition and observation.

Ok. So these little cuties are baked, Serve with some cream cheese and chives. But just when you appreciate how good they are, Remember this is very important Be sure to confirm any raw potatoes you have left I can’t see your masterpiece. They already feel entangled because they have no taste. You don’t need you to make them feel more upset. I want to thank Audible for sponsoring this video. I like Audible because They really made me feel interested in reading again. This is my favorite multitasking method, Especially when cleaning up these ** serious? (these things) Thank you.

In the universe Audible has the most audiobooks. I only listened to “Born Standing Up” by Steve Martin. He talked about his success Before being a talk show manga and movie star Hard years. This is the most real, heartbreaking, interesting, But most importantly, he is a great writer, And I can’t bear to put down this book. You can go buy that book, Or any free book you want to read When you start a 30-day trial period. Visit audible.com/ysac Or send a text message “YSAC” to 500500. Visit audible.com/ysac or send the newsletter “YSAC” to 500500. [Whispering] Have a nice day. Goodbye. you You do everything You are not bad at all You’re not bad at all You are not bad at all.

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