Michaela, Connor, and Annalise Make Critical Choices – How to Get Away with Murder

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Smart decision so lower my sentence no years Michael sadly, but what I can tell you is you’re gon na make a great lawyer. So don’t patronize me, I’m serious! You convinced us to give you a better deal. You think that happens. Often I’m ready to sign it’s great news, but I have a stipulation. Otherwise we go to trial. Now your Ummah, the hotel tire room service menu should be waiting when we get there. We kill, but I have a stipulation. The terms of the deal are only valid if they apply to both Connor and myself. Protect us equally or we don’t have a deal. You’Re welcome what I made sure we got the same deal. No, I made sure we got the same deal only signing if you agreed one more term which is Michaela, gets the same protections I do, even if she doesn’t sign [, Music, ], great minds, brilliant minds: Connor [, Music ]. I love you so much. [, Music, ] est cerca de la conquista, Katyn, el puente, post nmos que busca roto camino y hacer, no mejora fear anymore, something wrong. We have to hurry, pray well, we’ve been walking for over an hour, they might know you’re here who I don’t know, come quick. I just got off the phone man at the PD: they dropped the charges against Connor Michaela think they took a deal. What do you think Hey? Thank you through this Frank boy. Was it you? No, I am that stuff [ Music ]. I think she Laura sitting on a beach somewhere there. That’S our driver, [ Music ], just eat hurry, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] Anneliese, kidding [, Music ], Oh orizaba Cola, crisps, poder de la policia federal mission is Erika empty. I said gosh, I love you so much. Would you like, for you find annalise keating yeah ACH you

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