Multiplying Fractions [CC] – Civil Service Exam Review

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[, Music, ], [ Applause, ] hi there. Thank you for checking out my channel. Thank you for clicking on this video. If this is the first news that your washing from this channel, I’m a big educational motivational videos for you guys, this video is actually part of my series now attitude test helpers and today we talk about another topic on math in this part of my math Mundy’s Series, because every Monday, I post a new video lesson on math – and this is actually partners here – is called fractions long ago about two years ago. I started in my first series, our first videos on fractions, but I figured it’s time for a revamp. I’M adding some other things, including new tips, kata laga, on how to do it faster, and that is exactly what we’re going to talk about today. We’Re actually going to talk about multiplying fractions. So aside from the usual a traditional method, an ex-police, I know I’m also going to show you some of my speed techniques. Latinum. It comes to multiple choice, questions, so I’m really hoping the mehar too long. It was in your lot of manga exam kayo, but even if in there you can actually use this if you’re still in school or if you know someone who is in school, the earlier the better sign em, I swear, I mean kids somewhat. Pitot-Static need a go at it all right. So if you have a copy of the workbook that I made, you can look for the exercise here and I’m a gambit mean you’re as soon as possible. You want technician 802 rofo, but if not, you can always reach out to me directly by going to the Facebook page www.facebook.com / team like right. So if you’re ready I’m going to switch over to my PC, so I can show you how to do it I’ll see you in a bit. Alright, let’s talk about multiplying fractions. Now this video is really about Special K at the end of the video I’m going to give you your marking technique. Campano, shiny eyeball are gon na guesstimate, you answer and if you pick this technique up actually this can save you a lot of time, so exam better hurry along then you can still use the traditional method, so you know matter importante. You cannot do away with knowing your concept of fractions, castellano, Malaba, saladna exam, but among exams coming up a Kaffir trabajo. So again just walk with me through the entire thing and at the end, we’re going to have a quick quiz, okay, ready. Let’S do this all right, so, let’s start with this simple concept: Munna, okay, so you can only work with fractions if we say we handicap, I think multiplied by the partial fractions in this case, but I wan na Mesilla fractions carried away my assault at IO. Our rule is this: oh, hey tap at NAPA, so in my match, mushara you not have to ask at a patinas a fashionista baba, hoppity nasa baba and you just multiply them. Okay, so 2 times 1 is 2 over 3 times 6. So 6 times 3 is 6, 12, 18, so 2 over 18. So the answer here again is the smallest room, school and since Padova’s pasilla event pedagogy divide both sides, a okay. This is just a visual representation, the more you do it, the faster you get me turning an island of it apart, metal or a stool at you will just see it. The answer here would be 1 over 9. Okay, so again tap that back mix a match and then multiply sure I match use of asset as Sai Baba Sai Baba. It’S really simple that way he Neiman a hologram Papa rellena, Nemo Helana LCD vetoes a multiplication. Okay, now it starts to get complicated capital internet. When you’re dealing with mixed numbers, okay, he need wan na shop, ready, get multiplied in Alana’s a person as a testing with 2 over 18 de Noli Ito in each operating McCrae cut that way. So what do you do? Let me walk you through. Okay, all right! So, let’s start with this, you know again if we have the fraction right here at a mixed number, so slop Alejo, it’s the same problem up, close Korena, step-by-step laminate and so first convert them into improper fractions, so Godwin attend on mo multiplayer, editor 2 times 3, Plus 2, that is 8, let’s copy on Eli Liam over 3 times 3 times, 6 is 18 plus 1 19. Over 6 gon na go lonk a detour gap. An original video curriculum in this fashion, transforming fractions in learning in a lava, basically convert column, shot into an improper fraction. Next, I’m multiplying an attention match and multiplied so 8 times 9 into 3 times 6. So if I’m Stein teen, you can solve it like that. 19 times 8 the opposite carry carry, or what I prefer to do here is I just multiply 19 by no 10, so 192 times 10 shot a subpoena by wasn’t sure in my mind, down the lappam 19, which is going to give you thirty eight. So the answer here is 152 okay, so you know so go 252 and again you can solve it like that pneumonia traditional way, well, um problema, doing okay after you optional on tour. If you want to know what goes on in my mind, when I saw it for today so 152 in either pass over six 12 18 so 18, and then you can break it back into a mixed number. And you do that by basically dividing 152 by 18 and then you remainder is a dilemma for suggestion: kohanga Nieto, since Machado maluhia number paragonimus along the vegetables to so many couple start with that. So yeah. You divide both sides by two in Topsham bottom, so 152, divided by 2, that is 76 over 80 divided by 2, is 9 all right. So at least at all my dramas easier to see you matcha tea, divided by 8 major hallelujah Pareto visually, a lock on a guard 70 Tom pinned on my lap 8, which is 8, and then you have 4 over 9, 8 and 4 over 9. Ok, so again, I’m just giving you you mean the way I do it, but again you can do it. Para ni 152, divided by 18, Congo’s Tony, oh okay, wish me apartment, but a sapphic SMS medallion, a smallest Ramona, Sharm posible. Para. That’S why the Dina shake on break ok, so that is how you saw a bit like that neon light normal guy going in your you’re, not going very much a fraction and Benny more multiplied more and then mixed, not Igor one. Brick moba me to mix number comas, my affection so on or below extreme smoking Hindi. Now I mean you are very method that I was talking about Nina the only estimation I speed technique, sha and again, I’m just trying out a tool to say no. Usually I teach this pug life telega, but I can see Konoha ball Piniella on you concept up arrow, very, even why I got ta. This technique was because mention about knock on about that, so koala and – and I and usually on that thickening a horse teacher discuss. I keep thinking of ways to make it simpler or I’m nobody more patents and I get em bridged incident. This cuz, I’m in and one of the things that we’re not gon na discover is this. Okay, you more did like at a fashion so fraction and actually a terrain iam rule if you’re talking about multiplying a decimal by a decimal, okay bucket contraction, Amanda, but my counterpart into decimal, and so I’m fraction is just a decimal fraction as a decimal. So, at the pattern time, it also works for that okay cool, so you must be less or equal to mod, eliminate options exam. I don’t know how indicating options usually and against experience Kosovo’s release measure bacala options, so up cut or filtered, not so as oral. A a not so much a feel that means removal, a didn’t do Sunita home a sample test. No so at the Bahama hat alone, say no at least come mahalo hyoroku, no booze and Hainan time. Okay, grating rule when you’re multiplying a fraction by a fraction or a decimal by decimal. What you need to understand is okay and I’m going to explain running what’d. He say it so he said Co combined upon holy patriot or no and 1 over 2 or 1/2 times 1. Okay by itself, it’s just 1/2 right, l nu 3 over 5. This is actually smaller power than 1. So what’s what each so, sir! So on so the answer has to be no simile than itself right. It has to be smaller than itself so answer got more has to be, it has to be the product. You know tom product motto is smaller than both numbers, because he I mean I like a lahat elearn on 3 over 5, so obviously we smell it Sonya and 3 over 5 blonde on 1/2, so Komatsu similar has a 1/2 as a 3 over 5 much money Module so the livonian now what does that tell us anything higher than 3 over 5 and 1/2 Angelina a godina pending means ago, so God, so you can start eliminating the obvious city system, Parenteau fracture a common fracture proper fraction. Mr

Blackberry, Oh Sheila, most smaller than one Kuya concept and Polly. My Google Ohio behind me get on best options and just stick with the traditional method: no better. If you can catch up with your common sense, much more than Darcy it’ll save you time so again. Both fractions any fraction, the nasarah proper for babies, we must much bababooey numerator denominator, I’m a smaller one, so PI not eating at all / a machine on fraction also got more, has to be lower than both of them. Definitely anything with one cannot meet the answer. So the lemon along options – more okay, 8 /, 10, Shia, 3, / 10. Now the thing with 8 / 10 is Google in motion over 5 is the smallest term. Sonal Shah, that is 4 over 5 right and 4 over 5, is greater or a bigger than 3 over 5. So it’s a bit non-hindi, not operating money, so God I can eliminate that this becomes my answer the over 10 without solving anything. Ok. But again, if you want to solve it, the traditional method and I’m just using simple examples here, just for you to see it easily combustible on the traditional method they match, Mancha, so 1 times 3 is 3 over 2 times 5, which is 10. Ok. However, if you’re really fast at this in the Aqua kind of consistent, I know what’s about a powerful get I gon na do and I’m gon na, I can say something in Polana, 3 / 10 up a team against a good because they all of these are Bigger than 3 /, 5 and 1/2 okay so again come on. I don’t want to say you know, hopefully, but I’m a sieve getting on time off of your best now go mix number element times a fraction. Okay, again we’re just using common sense. I’M a mixed numbers, of course masada. As someone won in potassium of, I guess – maybe some hi-de-ho number you know – I have exhibition on chemo multiplied queen 3 /, 5, so 1 3 / 5 nagging a metal cap on 1/2 a so it has to be even more than 3 over 5 okay. So I’m Pina hawk LUMO is that now, Dunamis aside, don’t want in 1/2 dial immunity black, which is a some fraction which is lower than 1 Sabeena answer has to be lower than 1 and 1/2, so an answered Ito is actually going to be between the two Frappe factors, because I mean the answer would be like it would look like this no 3 over 5. It has to be greater than 3 over 5. Okay. The answer has to be greater than 3 over 5, better less than 1 and 1/2. So in had a Apogee eaten on the lava higher than 3 over 5 lower than 1 and 1/2, so much less immiscible and Muhammad angle. Obviously I mean abiding McStay, which is at all and 1/10 Ksyusha greater than 1 and 1/2 neutropenia Melissa got you wanted night over time, unique honor in fighting the meeting yen, the same as Omega T and so on in 1/2, because I’m 1/2 now over 10 is 5, over 10. Ok, so again, this happens in your brain in three teen and vilasa again, a lot more noggin you’re, so good, now use 3, /, 10, 9 / 10 and on a PITA. And if you look at 3 / 10, this is lower than 3 /, 5, okay, the an 3 or, if I come every mission over 10 that is 6 over it, then my Baba at all so nany Dona shows a side note so Nina in shop. I think I got my answer: becomes 9 / Ted without solving anything. Ok, a casting at night, eliminate Puna, but low. Now hey! Now, if you want to use the traditional method, then again we’ll use that to check this. I 1 in 1, half and 1 in 1/2 is 1 times. 2 2 plus 1 is 3, so 3 over 2 times 3 over 5, and that is 9 over then again, I’m a polynomial so good. So again, whatever method you use you’ll just get to the correct answer: Latin America Obama maximal Allah among our actions. So again, that is how I do it. Cuz I’m gon na go check on ahumada graphical technique. I would do that para. He could have a la mode solve okay, Tohono Hawaiian at all. You can use that then, for the exam. Now final mix number times mix number. What you need to understand is again comics numbering up in a goose up and mahi get nauseous on one pair a hoe. So this time, okay again using common sense, one times two pahala name two times, one Palin, nay. So the answer has to be bigger than both numbers so bigger than both again I go like a salmonella, which is 2 n 3 over 5 alia, hand up or the answer has to be greater than 2 and 3 over 5, so anything less than 2 o 3 / 5 thumb girls nut. I can get according one obvious naman after n happenin in kunafa, say I’m 3 / 5 b6 over 10, so tangled net in cha, CA 3 over 10 is smaller than that 6 over 10. So Alana Shah. Okay, I am the love another option: score 2: 1 /, 5 chambray misma, Bob Anna Manchester, 3, / 5. So tangled erasure, my answer becomes: 3 9 / 10 automatic without solving anything. So again, you know Tina pricks, know knowing this concept and using your common sense and comb gusano, I checked say, say: break on D Talega Maheu high in process knee and we can check by using the traditional method so one in 1/2. So, even with the pleasure that is 3 over 2 times, 2 3 / 5 2 times 5 is 10 plus 3. That is 13 over 5. So we move on to play in taffeta pad. You have 39 over 10, so that is 3 9 / 10. I’M up a dynamic tile. Okay, so again, that’s just my method. Now, let’s try this quick quiz we’re going to multiply fractions if you still have a hard time trying to figure this out, go ahead and go back and watch the video lesson. Oh hey! Let’S maganda! If you play it safe that way and then just keep practicing, if you have a copy of the workbook, keep it handy pad after you learn this method, it’s a good on your exercise and answer it book. Okay, I’ll, give you three minutes to solve these. If you master the speed technique, it’s going to take you even less than that. It’S going to be one question per slide and a half Irish automatic so go and get to your pen and paper handy and, let’s start the quiz. Now, [ Music ], you [, Music, ], you [, Music, ], you [, Music, ]! You, you [, Music, ], you all right. Let’S start with this first one again, if you know you speed technique at an unruly night and since a tie fraction a fraction, but I wan na mention as a proper form – and these are the biggest number or anything like that. The product has to be smaller than both so much money. It’S a 8 of my name is maritza 1/4. Since the lava Suhani llamas Valley, a young 1/4 Union got a meeting going point of reference that, but you answer is smaller than 1/4, so tangle nayoon. Of course, obviously obvious was melodia. 7 over 9 is also bigger than 1/4, because young 9/4 is so Brown babba. That is just to win. Some sewing in a tapa, so my answer becomes 2 over 9 automatic. Now I’m going to check using the traditional method each a times: 1 Mima much longer than 8 times. 1 is 8 over 9 times 9 times 4, which is IE being 37 36 high, so it over 36, Anza god it’ll, always stream slam attention since periosteal on divisible so for 8, divided by 4, is 2 over 36 divided by 4, which is 9. So the answer again is just 2 over 9 Pama per annum and tired on okay, so again cuando my methadone in everything you. I hope you got the correct answer: number 2, 4 over 5 times 2 and 1/4. Okay, so again, kugali between you, I think, speed techniques have been attend. The product should be between the two factors. If we’re dealing with our fraction and a mixed number, I call Makaha lucilla the pattern except anita in the lava so that it has to be higher than 4 over 5 and lower than 2 and 1/4. Okay, so anything nasa to n1, first Evangelina 10, so miss mulatto. He named payday, I’m 2 n 2 over 5 male edenian, so any nail birthday: okay, I’m 2 over 10 man that is 1 over 5 right. So he must mobile banishes 4 over 5. In this shop, where the Casio not mapping has to be higher than 4 over 5, I’m going that inside. So my answer becomes 1 and 4 over 5 check, not I’m using the traditional method, so you have 4 over 5 times in any convert coolant into an improper fraction. 2 times. 4 is 8 plus 1. That is 9 over 4, so 9 times 4 is 36 over 20. So you have 1 and 16 over 20 or 1 and 4 over 5. So again, I’m adamant. I don’t got that in salia, Tracy, grandma, Kay, young, quick technique or, in the estimation, at an organ. A minute of this show method that Patsy Pauline on time. I say goodbye, Hey all right, so it’s really less numbering at in so this here you have a mixed number. It’Ll mix numbered in shy, so Sabratha canina, like the double mixed number. The product has to be bigger than both of them since hadeel and Belova almost melaka. Are you four and four over five by the Colombian element? England? Go I’m sorry what has to be higher than 4 and 4 over 5. So obviously, tangled natto famous Mahabharata, like Attila on one end to a slower than for many important, 159 18. Since I’m one-fifth I lower than four-fifths tangled, are in tow. So my answer is 8 again is something in love? It, oh hey cous, not in committee traditional method, the convert so 4 times. 5 is 20. Plus 4 is 24 over 5 times 1 times. 3 is 3 plus 2 5. Over 3 24 times 5 is 120 over 15. So again, Congress thumb up anymore in lowest terms per a hope. I must look at your number needed by to the last shop at a house of 5 because, if I add a okay after in the Pareto m5 come I am almost divided straightaway. But actually you can start number that I gon na divide 1. I can jump higher more, you can do it like this, so we have 24 over and then 15 divided by 5 is 3, so pedi potential I divide by 3. So 24 divided was a 3. You know 3 divided by 3. Okay, 25 divided by 3, is 8 over 1. So the answer it will still be 8. Okay, so again, Khandala you mess with Nagor XA. No, I’m sorry long coma, Hokuto, just my Mitsuko DOMA here up Indian community comfortable with number theory or you just knowing Khan. A big sabina fractions, but if you get this, it will save you a lot of time so exam, okay. Alright, I hope you learned something today bit click thumbs up, make sure to share this video with your friends, not my exam until a parameter, I’m a timer to know what, and as always, if you want to reach out to me indirectly, can go to www.facebook.com / Team, like I’m, excited to hear from you and if you all, you want to join all of the upcoming events, library, events online or the events and all of those things go to that same page, to find out more information about that. Send me a message by the way: paddle opposite a on information and as always, if you haven’t yet click Subscribe, hit the bell icon just a make new video lessons every week. So, thank you guys for watching and if you have a copy of the workbook, don’t forget to answer it answer the exercise and if you want more, go ahead and click right here to catch up, alright, so never stop learning and tragic. I yeah and I’ll see you in my next video and bye for now: [, Music, ]

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