Roast Potatoes Three Ways | Jamie Oliver

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Lovely people, we have to celebrate for this gourmet creation, and it is the perfect baked potato This is not a random potato, but a perfectly roasted potato, and if you think I’m going crazy That’s also because I’m fascinated by roasted potatoes, which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We will use the following 3 methods Goose oil with potatoes, butter and citrus, rosemary and garlic, and extra virgin olive oil, Maris Piper It’s a good and incredible potato.

It has a soft texture and rich starch. You don’t need to watch the little thing about peeling potatoes. I have put them in a pot to cook them half-cooked, specifically, they are boiled with salt and water, they are almost this size Cook for about 10 minutes. Choose from all the baked potatoes I have made, the ones that are the best I think they are almost too cooked and can only be used to make mashed potatoes. OK? So you need Step on that line very carefully.

Pour them into the sink after cooking. Note that this part of the heat is also very, very important The potatoes have become starchy and look fluffy and white. It looks a little mottled with some fragments, these tiny parts Will become those crispy pieces, we love to eat those small pieces! And the puff pastry also depends on this. OK? Very, very important! Put 3 spoons of olive oil in the first tray, which is low in saturated fatty acids, we like and advocate low-guarantee and fat diets Next, we use a combination of butter and olive oil, put half of the olive oil before and cut a nice piece of butter Butter will give you incredible flavor and a wonderful sweetness, but it also has Another brilliant and powerful competitor is goose oil, which you can buy in all supermarkets.

In the amount of 3 to 4 tablespoons, you will get a richer taste, and you can also use pork or beef fat. I like all of these, but I usually only use butter and olive oil, but for Christmas, I will choose Use goose fat because it is really good. There is a little secret recipe that I use myself is to add a spoonful Red wine vinegar, it will eventually disappear and become a very subtle sugar color Can contribute to the perfection of this baked potato.

Talk about spices, in the pure olive oil, Add rosemary and rinse with hot water first because of the effect of hot water Is to awaken the natural oils rich in rosemary, now put the rosemary in the baking tray, Of course, my best friend garlic is indispensable. Don’t peel the garlic skin. The garlic skin can protect the garlic. It can also relieve the garlic flavor, just put the whole garlic with the skin in it, everyone believe me. then We want to cook this plate of olive oil and butter. Sage is a classic, wonderful and fragrant spice. Put it in the plate, then we use Clementine Clementine, you can also use any citrus fruit, but on Christmas Clementine Clementine will be an outstanding spokesperson of passion, making the dishes unique. It’s really good. The last but not the last plate of goose oil, the bay leaves are open, Dry is fine, fresh is best, 4, 5, and 6. Then put thyme, now we put these ingredients Mix with salt and pepper, first olive oil and garlic, then a combination of tangerine butter, olive oil and sage, There is also a delicious combination of thyme and goose oil.

Looking back here, these little villains Seeing the steaming, we have to change their shape, we have to use some method to change their appearance, ravaged! Okay, I just did it. Look how I do it, see how I do it, see how I do it well is not it? This is great. Now put the potatoes into three plates while they are hot, and then follow the ingredients Mix together, absolutely gorgeous. Now I want to put them in the oven, the temperature is about 180℃ to 190℃, The temperature in Fahrenheit is above 350, the time is set at 50 minutes or one hour, Then you will get a beautiful golden crispy crust, but after baking for 40 minutes, I want to tell you The last little trick is to make this delicious dish even better.

Take out the tray after 40 minutes, Find a potato pestle and press it lightly to make it a little bit open and let the lovely starch inside Just pop it out to make the bottom and top flat. It’s cooked like this Put all the potatoes on the plate, then put them back in the oven and continue roasting for about ten minutes…you can hear the squeaky potatoes! Shake them up and you can realize how perfect these crispy baked potatoes can be! The scent of goose-flavored potatoes, butter and clementine potatoes permeates the room It’s already bursting. Last but not least, this dish is a combination of rosemary garlic and olive oil Crispy, fluffy, full-bodied, perfect and gorgeous, delicately baked potatoes.

Of course baked potatoes It’s just part of a meal, if you want to see other parts, like gravy, All kinds of meat and different vegetable choices, just click the link, we have all kinds of wonderful recipes Just at jamieoliver.com and Food Tube, celebrate everything you can get with baked potatoes, but To be honest, all the food in the world can be paired with baked potatoes, I know you I think so too. Ah…the outside is coke and the inside is tender…give me a little peace, Can I have a moment of my own? I won’t give it away.


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