The First And Last Lines Spoken In How I Met Your Mother | Netflix

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[ Ted ], Kids, I’m gon na tell you an incredible story: The story of how I met your mother. Here I go or — I’m exhausted. It was finger painting day at school and a five year old boy got to second base with me: ( audience laughing ) A man with more emotional endurance than anyone. I know it was a long, difficult road, thank God. We finally got here Here here: [ All ] Here here Hey, so you know how I’ve always had a thing for half-Asian girls, ( audience laughing ). Well now I’ve got a new favorite Lebanese girls.

( audience laughing ) Lebanese girls are the new half-Asians ( audience laughing ) Congrats Right yeah thanks A kid: I’m tired, ( audience laughing ), But she’s awesome, Yeah, Yeah, Daddy’s, home Wow, you’re cooking! Yes, I am Aw. Do you have any idea? What happened right here in this very bar? No, what happened Just all kinds of stuff. Are we being punished for something ( audience laughing ), [ Ted ]? No Yeah? Is this gon na take a while? Yes, All right I’ll give her a call Do it. I am Call her ( audience laughing ), I’m calling her Great ( audience laughing ). Here I go, Which I never knew Hi one ticket to Farhampton, please Funny how sometimes you just find things: Hi, Hi Hi. Let me guess: Ted ( audience laughing ), (, casual music, ), All right home, sweet home, Wait one! Second, Okay, stay we’ll work on that: ( buzzer, buzzing, ) Television display front door; security, Television display, –, Oh for Pete sakes, May come and go Crooked dreams. They always glow. Remember, remember, All we fight for Remember, remember.

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