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One of these young men spent five months under the ice 800 miles from the North Pole. What is your name please? My name is Kent Garring. My name is Kent Garring. My name is Kent Garring. Only one of these young men is the real Kent Garring, the other two are imposters and will try to fool this panel, Tom Poston, Pat Carroll, Johnny, Carson and Betty White on to tell the truth. With your host Bud, Collyer brought to you this week by Dristan decongestant tablets, the new three layer tablet for effective relief from cold miseries, sinus congestion and pollen allergies hi panel, I’m glad to be back with you bright and shining tonight. Would you open your envelopes please? For the first time, remove your affidavits and let’s follow along, as I read from this first one I Kent Garring, am an Eagle Scout last fall. I was selected from among Boy Scouts from all parts of the country to take part in an unusual scientific experiment. I have recently returned from a five-month visit to a unique community, although it is only four blocks. Long and three blocks wide. It is heated and powered by atomic energy, it’s streets are all tunnels and it is populated entirely by men. It is the United States Army’s Arctic experimental station called camp century. It is staffed with both army and civilian scientists and is built under the snow of Greenland’s ice cap. Just 800 miles from the North Pole sign Kent. Gary start, our show tonight panel, three Stallwood young men, each one claiming to be Kent, Goering Eagle Scout, and we will begin this first round of questioning tonight with Tom Poston Tom. Thank You bud, mr

Goering number three do you know what permafrost is yes I do it’s permanently frozen ground number two what temperature does that stay at what temperature does that stay at what temperature of about minus 40 Anna the permafrost is that cold all the time yes sir number one what is the biggest air base in Greenland that is tule air base number two number three excuse me what day is that located in in what Bay is that located at prepositions are murder I do not know you don’t know all right golly I don’t know why you should can you tell me number three what those buildings are made of in that camp century the made of wood okay mostly pad number two what is boy scout oh boy scout oh you want me to recite it please on my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God in my country to obey the Scout law to help other people at all times and to keep myself physically strong mentally awake and morally straight good boy I think you did that mighty well at number three what if the Eskimo burial service in Greenland or the process by which they bury the Eskimos in Greenland I don’t know do you know no I don’t number two sorry I don’t Johnny Carson please number three what’s the Girl Scout Oh number three how far under the actual top of the ice are you housed approximately 30 feet were you a scout I should have no was never a scout on I did a good deed I helped an old lady across the street and she didn’t want to go number one how many men were in the involved in this approximately 120 and you were you stayed for how long for five and a half months uh-huh number there’s great place to hold a party never have to say that right at all doc your own cue number three how are you ready number three for the time that you were there did you have very much daylight there was about three months of total darkness and yes for the time it was partly partly light number two when it was like what time of year was that that the early winner and the late winner number one this was quite an honor to be chosen from all those Boy Scouts and we’re proud of whichever one of you it is what was the purpose of the experiment well the purpose of the experiment is of course to see whether man can survive in arctic conditions on a year-round basis with an I in the future toward having a year-round scientific base number two as an Eagle Scouts anything else we can do anything would go right now to the compilation of our ballots so will you kindly without consultation panel mark your ballots and vote for number one number two or number three team of challenges as is our custom of course will receive two hundred and fifty dollars for every incorrect votes we all set panel tompa whom did you vote I voted for number one bud I think they were oh thank you don’t Welch now if it isn’t number one I I think they we didn’t get any misinformation from anyone I didn’t feel and so it was more a matter of demeanor than anything and just to get that I voted for number two because he recited the oath so beautifully here Johnny I voted for number two because he’s got the most hair and he’d be the the warmest up there what is your vote Betty I voted for number one mrs.

Hope shall we well there we have it the votes are all in on my honor we have done our best to see how well we can come out with the truth in this little situation tonight as we discover now which one of these gentlemen is the young man who lived under the ice for such a long time so will the real Kent Goering please stand up boy I’m telling you I don’t know way that comes in the Scout law but he sure did it didn’t he Wow good job that was just find out about the other two now number one what is your real name it what do you really do my name is sunny car I’m appearing with the Charles DeForest trio at J Lawrence and Larry Storch is Crystal Room here in Manhattan I’m a drummer and number two your real name and what you do please my name is Lars Hanson I’m a student at Ridgefield High School in Ridgefield Connecticut I have one last question for you in number two we’re in the Scout Oath does it tell you something that you can lie that well did a great job and in checking the score you 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promotes sinus drainage thus relieves congestion pressure pain no sugar coated or single layer tablet no capsule can duplicate Tristan’s exclusive formula there’s nothing nothing like Dristan decongestant tablets and our panel let’s meet our next team of challenging what is your name please my name is Mabel Mary Francis Potter my name is Mabel Mary Francis Potter my name is Mabel Mary Francis cockers my name is Mabel no I’m sorry take your eyes down and follow along I’m maple Mary Frances Potter I’m an exotic dancer under the name of penny Potter I entertain in cafes and nightclubs my hobby is raising and showing championship cows I owned my first cow when I was nine years old and at one time owned a herd of 34 my Guernsey named driftwoods royal Robin once won the national Grand Championship to date my animals have won more than 50 trophies and hundreds of ribbons although I still own and show several cows I sold most of my herd to pay for acting and dancing lessons in New York signed penny pot title you heard these three young ladies claiming to be penny Potter exotic dancer let’s begin this round with Johnny Carson Johnny Johnny number one what’s the difference between a Guernsey and a Holstein cow well a Guernsey cow is smaller than a herd the coal steam and it’s brown and white where the whole team is black and white and the Guernsey gives much better milk it’s richer and better fat content but the whole thing gives more milk sorry I am number three how did you decide on the name your exact attacks otic dancer right how did you pick out the name penny Potter well it gets run along with with Potter penny went along with Potter’s so I thought penny Potter would be easy to remember the owners have names like that behind the one little name kitty litter Oh Thank You bud first of all I see now why you wore the dress number one what is Santa Gertrudis to me what what what would Santa Gertrudis be number two what would Santa Gertrudis be I never heard of that one number three I don’t know number one where is the King Ranch the pod meets the King Ranch I don’t know number two what color is an airship how an airship they’re spotted they’re from England little Channel Islands meaning they’re used mostly in England number three what color is an airship call ready sunlight Tom thank you guys what a treacherous group of question as we prove to be this this time I’d like to ask number three on which side of the cow milk made sense to milk the cow of course and you’re looking at it number three pick an end and tell me the right side yes thank you maybe you could tell me number three how is the volume of milk that a cow gives how is that determined in what kind of measurement is used to determine the volume of a cow’s milk it’s usually in pounds when they sell it to the dairy thank you that number one of what is exotic dancing well exotic dancing is any type of dancing can be jazz it can be ballet but you have to take something off now whether you take just a glove off or more than a glove it’s still exotic I know maybe all you never number three what is the proper nomenclature in correct terminology thank you John Charles daily four of an exotic dancer first stripper let’s say I was kind of confused myself let’s forget about all the time we have in the past year I’ll answer that yes and it’s time once again to vote so if you will please measure the milk-can use it to mark your ballot please voting for without consultation number one number two or number three right okay Tom how many how many courts I voted for number two this is one of the few shows where we encourage prompting and I heard somebody say number two and it was better than my reason so I wrote a dozen Pat what number to do again you know I I had to scribble over it’s a woman’s prerogative to change in the middle of the stream and and I voted for number three because she was hip she was hip she was hip she had cast good right answers which would lead me to believe she was theatrical got a how do you call it I voted for number three because she mentioned about the the pounds and milk try that which I know nothing about anyway so Betty I voted for number three number one had almost too much information number two we didn’t question very much and number three just um well I I think it’s we should ask them all advanced and whichever one is the best exotic dancer well let’s bring that little three-legged stool up to the right side of the animal now and see how well we milk this here and a mule as we discover which one of these three charming ladies is the real exotic dancer and owner of champion cows so will the real penny pod please stand up well well well I tell you that was a sort of a comeback from the first round you pulled them completely in the first round this time well you got one in correction let’s find out about these other two nice nice ladies number one your real name and what you really do my name is Kelli Ann Holmes and I’m an aerialist with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus glad you came down to the ground for our show number two your real name is what you really do my name is Paula Morris and I demonstrate health foods on the boardwalk in Atlantic City New Jersey before the score doesn’t reflect too much for you to take home accept our goodwill but there is one incorrect vote denoting 250 dollars in Dristan and of course a package of fine products and the makers of Dristan also and as I said before our best wishes go with you we’ve enjoyed having you here good night and God bless you all worried about the protection of your floors scuff it yes you can scuff it spill on it yes you can spill on it track dirt on it track dirt on it to wipe then buff and the lasting shine comes back its new era wax the shine last longer by far than other leading brands because only arrow wax has the lasting shine formula that shines back through roughest where the Arawak shine last longer by far saves 23 cents a quart over other leading brands and now a word about free zone stop cutting corns may be dangerous painful to safely remove corns or calluses in days just drop on free zone lift off corns as you drop on free zone it works instantly to relieve pain form a protective cushion continued as directed for several days free zone loosens the corn so you lift it off safely painlessly no more dangerous cutting no bulky corn plasters just drop on free zone lift off corns get liquid free zone all right paddle let’s meet our next team of challengers what is your name please my name is Henry V Montague my name is Henry B Montague my name is Henry B Montague follow along once more if you will paddle with your copies of this final affidavit I Henry B Montague worked for the largest single business in the world the United States post office during my many years of service I have risen through the ranks to my present position my work involves not only the continued efficiency of the Postal Service but also the criminal investigation of such crimes as mail robbery forgery of money orders embezzlement of post office funds and the mailing of bombs poisons extortion letters poison pen letters and other illegal material in February of this year I was called to Washington as the chief postal inspector signed Henry B Montague they gentleman again and this time family all claim as you heard to be Henry B Montague chief postal inspector we will begin this round of questioning with Betty White ready Thank You bud mr.

Montague number one: what is the most serious crime in the post office? Armed robbery of anybody is carrying the mail or personal truck. That is the most serious of anything that can be done number two: what of of the things mailed through the mail? What is the most serious penalty? A most serious offense? Well, this blackmail extortion letter is one of the most serious number three: what is the penalty for blackmail depending upon the extent of the crime, so any any crime against the postal carrying is a federal, offense and tried in federal court number one? Where is your office in Washington on Pennsylvania Avenue between 12th and 13th Street number, two? Who is your direct superior Postmaster, General and number three? What is his phone G Edward, a fat in? Thank you I’ll. Ask number three: can you tell me suppose a man writes a check for which he has no funds. Is there a punishment for this? Not under the postal authorities? There isn’t number two. Do you agree with that? That’S right what if he mails it number two. If he mails it was intent to defraud, then it’s a violation, and what can you do to hanging go to jail? Are you in trouble son number one? What is the punishment for writing a poison pen letter? Well, that all depends again on the the character of the letter and what the threat is poison pen letter is reality, a blackmail letter number one. What was your first job in the post office? I joined as a substitute Club. I see number two who was the former chief postal inspector David H, Stephens mmm-hmm number three: what legal term do you use for the prosecution under federal law, for any of the commitments against depends upon what the crime is: embezzlement, mailing of forbidden material or such as Explosive through the mail mm-hmm, what are some of the other designated areas beside the things that are mentioned, like bombs important? Are there any other important areas? Number three? Well, we’ve mentioned poison-pen letters and bombs mailing of explosive that that’s bombs, mayor Nova, narcotics, Johnny number one who was the very first Postmaster General. That was Benjamin Franklin, but he was Postmaster General. While these united states were still colonies number two: do you agree with that? That’S right number: three: do you agree with that? Yes and his headquarters was in Philadelphia. Oh number, two: when you’re gon na get some pens that work in the post office, we already have them, we have ballpoint pens. Now. Has there ever been a prosecution for a bomb explosion number one again in the air some years ago, up in the far reaches of Vermont? Oddly enough up in Burlington, we came across the bomb in the mail. The prosecution was there, though the case was tried there. That’S it we’ll never know now whether the bomb exploded before or after it was open, but right now, let’s open up our ballots and get ready to mark them. If you will please without consultation, as always, both for number one number, two or number three everybody set time. Are you? Yes, I am but a boom. Did you vote this time? Well, you see they’re, so smart out there. Nobody said a word this time, they’re just confused, I figure they’re, just as confused as I am. I voted for number two because I thought it’s nice to know. You’Re not alone. Did you vote. I voted for number two also because he looked like the type that neither rain nor heat nor sleet nor hail would stop getting through a mail. You know it well Johnny. You got very skilful liars here tonight. Okay, I voted for number one. The only reason I’m going is because of Franklin, I guess huh and your vote Betty. I almost switched to number one on that Vermont story cuz. It sounded like it’s something that he really believed, but number two I have to go with and if he turns out to be a car salesman, fair enough. Let’S see how we make out of their own totalization bit here and if you’re playing along at home of this is, we hope you are each week check yourself a right or wrong now and have the fun with us as we learn which one of these three Gentlemen is the real chief postal inspector? Will the real Henry be Montague? Please stand up well pleasure to have you here, sir. I must say that your two stalwart either side of you flanking. You are well learned about the various facts and figures number one. Would you tell us your real name and what you really do? My name is Charles Everett. I am the Membership Director of the American Institute of men’s and boys well and number three, your real name and what you do. My name is Evan McArthur and I’m conductor and musical director of the Harrisburg symphony and the st

Louis municipal office we made honorary postal inspectors. I think we can see what you can do about that when you get back down to Washington and a score of course has been a real good for you this time, because there were one two three that got you correct, but only one who got it incorrect. So the panel came back real well toward the end there. After a shaky start. That means, of course, only one 250 dollars and that’s the total of it from Dristan. But gentlemen, if you had fun had more than made up to it, because you gave us fun good night to you and good luck. Thank you no panel. That’S about all the time we have. It’S always a significantly happy evening for me when I’m in your company – and I thank you for that – aren’t you lovely, but thank you. No you’re, lovely good night to you all, but Collier, saying good night from Tristan decongestant tablets and reminding you to tell the truth. Good night, everybody is a mark Goodson bill, Todman production, naming our mailboxes Porter to our friends, we’re Pete and Gladys and we’re at a home next on most of these stations drop in do tell the truth has been brought to you tonight by arrow wax made with Natural wax for a shine that mops back naturally arrow wax Johnny Olsen, saying good night from to tell the truth. Program is pre-recorded.

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