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Unicorns are fabulous animals, protagonists of many different stories and legends. It鈥檚 considered to be a magical animal, of noble character, pure and very sp铆ritual, superstrong, almost immortal, and untied to society鈥檚 rules. This creature is usually represented as a white horse with antelope鈥檚 (谩ntiloup) legs, a young goat鈥檚 beard (bIaerd) and a horn on its forehead. In modern representations, it鈥檚 almost identical to a horse, only with the horn. Those who know them, say unicorns are independent and lonely creatures who don鈥檛 really like people that much. they usually show up in front of ladies with a pure heart. Their magic is very much valued, so villains are always on the lookout to catch them. Once the unicorn allows someone to touch him, he turns into a so loyal mount (maunt) that he will protect his rider with his own life.

There are several theories that try to explain the appearance of unicorns. Many old documents mention unicorns, but their exact origin is still unknown. People talk about explorations in India, by greeks, italians and mac(s)ed贸nians. There, they told stories of one-horned-creatures, probably indian rhin贸ceros. People also talk about the viking origin of unicorns. The nordic peoples traded with narwhal (n贸rwol) horns in inland Europe.

They said they were magical horns capable of curing poisoning and melanch贸lia. Some years ago, in T煤scany, Italy, a roe (rou) deer with only one horn in the middle of its forehead appeared. This peculiarity might have occurred in other occasions throughout history, leading to the creation of the myth. The theory of their origin in the cold Siberia has also become strong. The Elasmotherium sibiricum, a gigantic rhin贸ceros with a horn on its forehead, could be the original unicorn. They are even mentioned in the Bible, and Marco Polo refers to the mythical unicorn on his texts to talk about what probably was a rhinoceros from Java. Whatever their origin is, truth is unicorns can鈥檛 be more ideal.

We all know unicorns have always been there, but鈥 what has been going on recently??? Unicorns make-up, unicorns hair does, unicorns milkshakes, unicorns cakes鈥? Are we going too far? I really don鈥檛 think so! Unicorn power, always!!!.

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