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10 ALPHA Body Language Tricks That INCREASE Sex Appeal!

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quick question when you see somebody when you acknowledge somebody do you not up or do you not down which one do you do does it really matter the answer is yes because once a Power Move the other one is a sign of submission so when you not down this is a sign of submission of compliance it shows that you view the person you're engaging with as higher level than you we see this throughout history throughout cultures where people would actually be in the presence maybe of royalty of a noble person and they would genuflect they would bow they would lower their heads the upper knot on the other hand is much more powerful it's casual it simply sends the signal I acknowledge you as appear as another human being now what about confidence well for me this is synonymous with the way I'm using the word alpha when I'm talking about alpha in today's video I'm not talking about alpha male like a wolf pack what I'm talking about here is a confident man who knows who he is knows what he stands for 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with Roman you get the medical care for easy that you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home no awkward waiting rooms embarrassing conversations everything delivered to your door in discreet packaging you get the treatment you need to get started gents use the link down in the description get Roman comm /r M RS for a free online visit and free two-day shipping the next alpha male body trick maintain the right amount of eye contact so this is based off a 2012 study coming out of Michigan State University they found that when you're speaking 50% of the time you want to maintain eye contact when you're listening 70 percent of the time you want to maintain eye contact because if you go really low let's say five to ten percent people are gonna think that you're hiding something they're gonna find you less likely to believe whatever it is you're saying if you go really high 95 100 percent eye contact people are gonna feel you're overpowering overbearing now how does this work let's get into the specifics so when you walk into a room if you're gonna engage someone in conversation you want to make eye contact as soon as possible once you've made that eye contact and you start the conversation you want to maintain the eye contact for about 3 to 5 seconds probably airing on the high side I do recommend if you're gonna air on any side try to make more eye contact than you think you need to because I would much rather be viewed as an intense person then someone that they can't trust and that's what you're looking to do is to make this natural now depending on your country your culture this could change up and guys I'd love to hear down in the comments where you're watching this video from and what the rules are in your culture when it comes to eye contact now what about when it comes to ladies what can we learn from alpha males when it comes to eye contact first up don't break the eye contact I've done this whenever you see a beautiful woman and you're intimidated and what do you do you look down how to get over this fear you need to practice making eye contact with everyone then whenever you make eye contact with her you're gonna be able to maintain it and this is what alphas do they maintain it for two solid seconds that may sound incredibly short but that is a long time for a lot of guys who have never done this because you maintain that eye contact and you show the interest you also can maybe move your head but maintain the eye contact and then end it with a smile and speaking of smiles alpha males know how to leverage their power now here's the thing about smiles there's research out there that says you shouldn't smile much that women find a solemn man more attractive there's also research that says you should smile a lot more because it makes you happy on the inside therefore you're more attractive what I'm gonna say is smile but strategically smile know when to give it know when someone is looking at you you made that eye contact then use the smile to disarm because that's what a smile does whenever you make eye contact yeah you can just nod or you can nod with a smile you can pass on the happiness that is in your face it's natural we've done this since kids whenever we see somebody else smile we smile and what happens whenever we smile we feel better so you can pass on that feeling that good feeling and that's a good thing to pass on and alpha males know this next alpha male body trick to steal is to freeze no I'm not talking about stopping everything but don't move around the room instead let people come to you now you can strategically do this when you walk into a room you can choose a location you can choose the area and which people will naturally come to you and you won't have to move but what you want to avoid here is being that butterfly that jumps around and is trying to engage with everyone and yes you may feel I talked to a lot of people but are you actually sending off a signal of strength no you're not so you want to slow things down and speaking of slowing things down yes you want to take your sweet time you want to be slow and deliberate in your movement you don't want to be jittery you don't want to be jumping all over the place so this points coming out of a 2018 study coming out of the Journal of social cognitive and affective neuroscience so in this study they looked at people's gestures and body movements and they saw were those indicators of a person's mental state how do people see others when it comes down to if they move they're really nervous if they move around what would you think of that person something is going on with that person's mind and that's exactly what they found when someone didn't move around when someone looked calm we assumed their mental state was one of being calm of being in control and that's what you want to go for as an alpha to make this a little bit more clear let me use an analogy from nature we've got the hummingbird versus the hawk now the hummingbird bounces around very nervous like always moving very jittery and that's what we're gonna perceive it's mental state if it has a mental state versus a hawk sits on top of a tree looks around doesn't move much but when it spots something it wants it goes right for it the point alphas aren't jittery or reactionary they may look slow but that's simply because they're looking at everything around them and when they need to take action they are deliberate and they take it quickly next up let's talk body language so when an alpha walks into a room what he doesn't do is try to hide in the corner he doesn't go in there and just make himself smaller no he fell in infield hey I own this place I'm gonna find a place to sit I am gonna be open I'm gonna be relaxed and I'm gonna take up a good amount of space because he walks in like he owns the place and yes you got to pay attention to manners you need to pay attention to other people but if you can go in there and actually be relaxed that right there sends the signal that you are in charge or at least you are confident and you know what's going on so what to do with these what to do with your hands I'll tell you what an alpha does not do he doesn't put his hands in his pockets because when you put your hands in your pockets people trust you less that right there for some reason it's just we need to see people's hands as every sergeant major in the Marine Corps can tell you whenever you put your hands in the pockets somewhere in some foreign country a kitten dies so you don't want to be doing that guys in a way to break the habit just simply carrying a pen in your hands especially when you're around other people you can switch it to the other simply do that fist bump or the elbow bump whatever people are doing nowadays point being is find a way to break that habit because it sends the wrong signal now what about watches do watches matter and I know some people say that 98 percent of people do not even notice that you're wearing a watch I would agree with that but here's the thing that 2% who do notice watches they are oftentimes in the hiring decision they are the gatekeepers to where you want to go so I'm going to say yeah a watch matters especially if you're 55 years old you're looking for a job in the tech industry and you want to show hey yeah I've got the latest Apple watch I understand technology or if you're a young business owner and you want to have a little bit of Flash or if you're going into a company that's very conservative but you know that the people making decisions they're into watches you want to go with something that's classic something that's been around and guys you don't have to spend a whole lot of money some great options out there whether you go Seiko orient point being is watches do send signals and understand what they are and leverage them to your advantage now what about your walk do you have a power walk do you walk with confidence well guys find out how to walk like a man in this video right here I had a lot of fun with it maybe the wall back it's a good one and I think you'll enjoy to learn the tips and tricks of how to walk yeah like a man

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