Tony Robbins

2020 Motivational speaker: TONY ROBBINS – Raise Your Standards & Change Your Rituals

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mental basics that if you start to shift it everything else will shift in your life as well some people by the way have to have more than enough money to do what they want when they want where they want with whomever they want contribute the way they want if that's their muscly find a way I know that sounds overly simplistic but it's true now somebody once said you can take all the money in the world out of the hands of everybody out of all the wealthy people in the world who are really successful given other people it wouldn't take too long those people have it back in their hands it's not because their manipulator it's because they have a standard some are manipulative L get me wrong but they've got a standard of what they're gonna find a way to make happen I'm just simply saying to you take those three magic words and live them raise your standard if you really want to do it then I'll take the most important secret have you ever done this have you ever told yourself you're raised you're saying okay I'm gonna go make this happen I'm gonna go make this much money I'm gonna transform my kids I'm gonna create the ultimate relationship of my life I'm gonna transfer my body whatever it is and then you don't have strong enough reasons and you know lose use it you don't follow through it's because you didn't back up your standards with what makes those standards real and that's rituals rituals all of the power is whenever we do our Robbins results coaching and we did Robbins equals results the way we get results with people it's the same way if you listen to my ultimate edge programmer back in the old days personal power or if you went to one of my seminars you know what I do is I take these huge challenges you got and we break them down into little bite-sized steps little things you do each day that after you do them you get so much momentum that it's easy to succeed you're not overwhelmed you have these victory day after day after day on little things if you went to ultimate edge I'm sure you learned about the hour of power or to 15 minutes to be able to be fulfilled or 30 minutes to thrive where you literally just condition your body and emotion with a couple little rituals so it doesn't matter what's going on in your world you feel that strength and it's not fake it's not some pump up it's coming from inside you and it works rituals define us see all the results in your life are coming from your rituals they start with a standard and then have rituals that follow it up like for example if you are where you want to be physically you have very different rituals than if you're not where you want to be physically if you're overweight you you and I both know you got a different ritual than if you're physically fit completely different you get up in the morning what's the first thing you do if you're fit your shoes are there you roll over the minute you feel you put on your shoes you lacing you start walking or whatever that ritual is if you're overweight you roll over and you have a very different ritual you might roll over several times the turn the alarm clock off you go in and get your mocha mocha whatever you know special coffee you stop by at Starbucks whatever the case may be you have your nice sugar muffin you know it's supposed to be really nice for you whatever you do it's a different ritual if you have a great passionate relationship you have very different rituals and how you come home than if you have a lousy relationship we come home and the first thing you do is you're tweeting somebody or you're emailing or flipping on the news or you don't even come home what are the rituals whenever I study people that are successful what I look for is what's the standard they hold himself to and then what are all the little rituals that up because think about it success and failure are not giant events they don't just show up you don't just suddenly become successful or suddenly have this cataclysmic event that makes you fail and they look that way but failure comes from all the little things it's failure to make the call its failure to check the books its failure to say I'm sorry its failure to push yourself to do things physically that you don't want to do and all those little failures day after day come together until one day some cataclysmic event happens you blame met that event happen because you missed all the little stuff do you agree with me and success by the way is not some overnight event it's all these little things success is having a vision success is making it compelling success is really seeing it feeling it every day we're strong enough for reasons success he is feeling the sense that I'm here to grow I'm here to give to something to the world more than just myself success is caring about other people success is calling and saying I love you in the middle of the day for no damn reason or sending a note that will change your relationship have a ritual of something funny playful or a surprise you do how many relationships are dead today because they have no surprise rituals anymore you need to have some rituals and cool you do that nobody else does that gives you a better life than anybody else has all the little stuff that's where success comes from in business it comes from delivering more than anybody could imagine all those little things add up people go wow that's who I want to do business with it's true in any area of your life so if you look at somebody's really successful you think wow I mean they're so amazing there's such a genius you got to dig underneath you got to remember something people are rewarded in public from what they've practiced for years in private myself and my business people say how you get up and speaking of nono-chan you go for three days and nights and the room is like it he's wired it's incredible it's like a rock concert how do you do that how do you have that confidence home and you know it's not confidence it's experience now but I did so much behind the scenes and I still do to make things right I mean how many people would know that since the time I was 17 years old before I walk on him stage still do to this day wouldn't need to do it but I still do it I never walk out there without being in an absolute peak state of mind you know there days my back is hurting my throat was hurting or I may have had a challenger my father passed away and I've still got to deliver for these people because my standard is give my all every time everything has to be better talk to anybody who's been to events for five ten years some of our trainers and I was a I don't know he does it he's always finds a way to make it better that's not an ego thing that's a standard in me I have to find the way and my ritual though is I prepare I think I gather new information I figure how to put something across better what do people need I spend time with our customers I see what's going on and before I get on stage each time I have this little ritual to put myself in a state of mind and I did it starting like 17 years old I started doing it say I now command my subconscious mind and I say this out loud several times this little phrase set of phrases as an incantation to kind of condition my mind and body and I'd say I now command my subconscious mind to direct me and helping as many people as possible today by giving me the strength and the emotion and the humor and the brevity whatever it takes to show this person and help this person change their life now and I started that with a person when I work with people one on one I will do that for 45 minutes driving in my Volkswagen to go serve and coach somebody for the first time now I don't say that person I say these people and I can go out in the room of 10,000 people and deliver 450 hours and I do it every time I come back on stage it's a ritual a ritual to go into peak State Peak States don't just show up they don't interrupt you great ideas don't interrupt you got to pursue them I talked to Michael Jordan I'll never forget dad the peak of his career and got to watch his final game saw him backstage and spent some time with him and there's pretty exciting time he was greatest basketball player I think that ever lived and has ever lived and I asked him I say you know what sets you apart Michael you know what is it and is it god-given talent ability skill what is it he said tell me you know he said I can shoot you straight you know it's not you know me trying to act humble he goes I have a lot of town a lot of god-given talent lot of skill I've worked really hard but he said really it's my standards he said every day I demand more for myself than anybody else could humanly expect I'm not competing with somebody else I'm competing with what I'm capable of hmm magic formula because most of us lower our standards why because who you spend time with my friends is who you become one of the biggest reasons I started going to seminars when I was like 17 is I had nobody around me as a great role model I can read about somebody but being around people being in that environment was very different finding way to go to work with someone who lived that standard of life was very different you get around people at low standards and you compete with it you don't need to compete with it it's like okay I mean remember Jerry Springer I know if he's still in the air but I've never used to get people on the show I thought where would he find these people and why would people watch I'll tell you why they watch they watch these people go my life so pretty darn good can hear that person look at them you don't have to change your life all you have to do is find somebody with a lower standard you'll feel good about yourself but if you feel that good feeling it's an illusion the only thing that's going to make you happy my friend and this year or any other is to step up it's to raise the standard it's to discover what you're capable of and feel that incredible power of pushing through whatever is holding you back and get to the other side of more of your true self that's what this game is all about and look at the best of the world anything Tiger Woods what's what's his vision to win golf tournaments no to be the best that ever lived that's his goal that's his in it but here's what's interesting he backs it up with rituals if you just have a vision and you know if the rituals stop lying to yourself his rituals are he started doing things nobody did before he went start lifting weights golfers lifting weights no way he went out and he changed his swing when he was the best in the world because he realized already be the best that ever lived he's gonna have to change his swing if you don't thing about golf you don't change your swing when you're the best and he went and retrained himself because he has different rituals than other golfers now many people are modeling as rituals to get better it's amazing you know you look at somebody like Michael Phelps the 2008 swimmer 1 7 you know only two people I think in history if I remember correctly that have gotten seven gold medals in one session and here's a guy he's got number six centers belt he's exhausted and he's going in for that final swim I'm sure you remember and how does the guy win by one hundredths of a second do you think that was some massive skill that got him over the top or was it a standard that says this is Who I am I am the champion and no one is taking this from me and somehow in those finals milliseconds hundredths of a second he pushed himself just beyond his competitor

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