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8 ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRINKS | to enjoy for health & wellness

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– Last year I did a video
on anti inflammatory foods that I eat every week and with over two and a
half million views now, I'd say it's been quite popular. So today I thought I
would follow that video up with one on anti inflammatory
drinks that I enjoy drinking and I think you will too. These drinks deliver a variety
of nutrients, antioxidants and free radical fighting compounds to keep inflammation at bay and give our immune
systems a little boost. And I think that we could all use that, especially this year. I've got a vibrant
assortment of drinks today, but you'll certainly notice
several orange colored drinks and that's because turmeric is the star ingredient in several of them from warm teas to cooling smoothies. Now before someone mentions
that I forgot golden milk in today's video, I've purposefully left it off because I've already done
a separate video on it and I thought I would give you
some new fresh recipes today but it is absolutely a classic
anti inflammatory drink. One last thing and that's a quick reminder that you can find the printable versions of all of these recipes and
more over on my website.

So without further ado, let's get started. The first drink we're gonna make is this deep and dark elderberry tea. You've likely heard of elderberry before because it's the immune boosting fruit that's used in many over the
counter cold and flu treatments like lozenges and syrups. But today we'll avoid any
added sugars, colorings and other ingredients with a
simple three ingredient tea and get those health benefits
directly from the source. So add two cups of water to a pot along with two tablespoons
of dried elderberries. And you'll notice the berries instantly start releasing
their inky color.

Then add one cinnamon stick which not only infuses a lovely flavor but is also anti inflammatory. Bring the pot to a boil
then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Once the tea has finished
simmering, turn off the heat and let it rest for five
minutes then strain it. I usually strain it into a
larger measuring cup first because I'm prone to spilling then I'll pour it into a cup. This quick and easy tea
is warming on a cold day but if it's hot where you live, just chill this tea once you've
made it and pour it over ice for a refreshing iced tea option.

(gentle music) Next on our list is a
drink I learned how to make when I spent two months in Indonesia and that's jamu. Unfortunately, I was
accidentally glutened in Bali and had a horrible autoimmune flare and this traditional jamu
drink was definitely my savior. While there are variations to jamu, the key ingredient is usually turmeric and for this I do recommend
purchasing fresh turmeric root if you can get it. Turmeric root is similar in
size and shape to ginger root but if you break it open,
it's a vibrant orange color whereas ginger is a light yellow color. And both of these together make for one powerhouse
anti inflammatory drink. To make it you'll need approximately one cup of roughly chopped turmeric and one finger sized piece of ginger. Because we're going to
strain this at the end you can actually skip the step of peeling if you prefer not to stain your fingers, just give your turmeric
and ginger a good scrub. I fluctuate and sometimes I
peel it and sometimes I don't. Slice it into pieces about
a quarter inch thick or so and measure that out and
then add it to your blender.

To that sprinkle a little black pepper as black pepper can help
to increase the absorption of curcumin from the turmeric. Pour in four cups of coconut water which has antioxidants and electrolytes and then blend it up on high
speed for about a minute or until it's fairly smooth. (gentle music) Pour that into a pot
and bring it to a boil then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for 20 minutes. After it's done simmering,
turn off the heat and add the juice from one lemon and two tablespoons of
honey and give it a stir. Strain the mixture through
a fine mesh strainer or a nut milk bag, but just be aware that it
will be definitely stain your nut milk bag along with
your clothes, countertop and anything else that
comes into contact with so do be careful.

Again I strain it into a
much larger measuring bowl with a pour spout for less spills and then pour that into a glass jar that I keep in the fridge. You can enjoy jamu, chilled or warm and it will last for about
a week in the fridge, just give it a good shake before serving. And I'll usually enjoy about
a half a cup at a time. (gentle music) For the next drink, it's sort of a combination
of the first two because it's a turmeric tea
and it's really easy to make. Just add two cups of water to a pot and this time we'll use ground turmeric rather than fresh turmeric
just to provide some options. So add a half a teaspoon
of ground turmeric along with a quarter
teaspoon of black pepper and two tablespoons of lemon juice, which is about the amount
you'll get from one lemon. Bring that to a boil
and once it's boiling, turn the heat down to low
and simmer for 10 minutes.

Once the tea has finished
simmering, turn off the heat, add a little honey if
you'd like, give it a stir and let the tea cool for a minute or two. Pour the tea into a mug through a strainer to remove the black pepper and again try not to spill
because of the turmeric. If you do have any spills just make sure to wipe them up right away. For a little extra lemon flair, I always like to add a
few fresh lemon slices. And I will say that
this tea while delicious was still piping hot so
I took a very little sip.

You guys have been asking
for this next recipe for the last year and that's ginger shots. Store bought ginger
shots are crazy expensive and this tastes exactly like
core brand wellness shots. So now you can make them at home. For this recipe you'll need a quarter cup of roughly
chopped ginger root and again you can peel
or not peel the ginger. You'll also need a
third cup of lemon juice which is about three to four
lemons depending on their size. Add the ginger and lemon juice
to a high powered blender along with a quarter cup of coconut water and a pinch or a little
sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Then add the lid, blend for
about a minute or so on high or until the mixture is smooth.

(gentle music) Once it's blended, strain the liquid through
a fine mesh strainer. You also wanna press on the
solids with the back of a spoon to extract as much juice as possible. Pour the strain liquid into a shot glass and drink all at once. And yes, these are just as
intensely flavored and spicy as the store bought ones. (gentle music) Next on our list is a cool and refreshing pineapple turmeric smoothie, that's perfect for when
the weather is hot outside. For this recipe I'll grate about a tablespoon of fresh turmeric and one teaspoon of fresh ginger. And for this drink because we're
not straining it at the end you do wanna peal both
the turmeric and ginger. In your high powered blender
add one cup of dairy free milk, two cups of frozen pineapple chunks which are loaded with
enzymes and antioxidants, one banana that's high in potassium and will help to make this smoothie creamy and the grated turmeric and ginger.

Then blend that until
it's nice and smooth. (gentle music) If you want a mild turmeric drink with a sweet tropical flair that will have you feeling
good from the inside out this is the drink for you. For an anti inflammatory smoothie that doesn't include turmeric, but it's still loaded with
nutrients and antioxidants, I've got this luscious blueberry smoothie. Add two cups of coconut
water to your blender along with two cups of frozen blueberries, one frozen banana, half
a cup of yogurt or kefir for beneficial probiotics and you can use dairy free as well. And one tablespoon of flax seeds which are high in healthy omega three fats and will help to thicken the smoothie. Then add the lid, blend that together for about 30 seconds or so or until it's beautifully
creamy and beautifully purple. (gentle music) Pour the smoothie into a glass, pop in a straw if you'd like and sip on this deliciously
sweet and power-packed drink. You know I love green smoothies and I have several recipes on my website but today I wanted to show
you how to make green juice and this is a copycat of
one that I used to buy at Pressed Juicery.

To make this you'll need two
tablespoons of lime juice which will usually get
from one juice lime, one cucumber that sliced and
we'll add some natural liquid to our green juice, three stalks of celery that
you've roughly chopped, and one apple that you've
cored and sliced into pieces and you can use any variety
of apple that you'd like. Pour the lime juice into a blender along with the cucumber, apple, a small chunk of fresh ginger,
celery, three kale leaves and you can just tear
the leaves from the stems and one cup of spinach.

Your blender will be
pretty full at this point and because we're not adding
any water to this recipe, you'll need to use your
tamper to push the ingredients into the blades. And to make things easier on your blender make sure to add the ingredients
that contain more water like the cucumber and
apple to the blender first. But after a minute or so
this should blend on its own just like any other green smoothie. (gentle music) Of course you can drink
it thick and full of fiber but I know some people have
a hard time digesting fiber so to turn this into a green juice, pour it into a nut milk bag
and bring it out over a bowl, then pour it into a glass.

This is one nutrient packed green juice with a hint of natural
sweetness from the apple. And if you've ever wondered
how to make green juice without a juicer, well
this is how you do it. The last anti inflammatory
drink on our list today is this apple carrot beet smoothie. And you can tell it's
brimming with antioxidants from its vibrant red color. I always say this smoothie is the equivalent of drinking your veggies and it starts with three carrots
that you've peeled, trimmed and cut into two inch chunks. You'll also add one medium beet, and to peel or not peel the
carrot and beet is up to you. I tend to do just a rough
peel on both of these and then slice the beet into large chunks. For natural sweetness
core slice one apple, whichever variety you'd like and then juice one large orange.

Add the orange juice to
your high powered blender along with one cup of water, the sliced apple, carrots, beet and a small chunk of fresh ginger. Add the lid, blend it on
high for about a minute or until the veggies are
broken down and smooth. (gentle music) There's so many vitamins and nutrients loaded in this smoothie
and it's nice and thick. But now that you know how to
make juice from a smoothie, you could always strain this
one as well if you'd like. We all have different tastes
and texture preferences and I am all about giving you options. (gentle music) I hope you guys enjoyed
all of those drink recipes and as a reminder, moderation
and variety are key.

So have fun switching up all
of the different healthy foods and drinks that you enjoy weekly. If you like this video, let me
know by giving it a thumbs up and feel free to share
in the comments below your favorite anti inflammatory drinks. Bye, that's it for me this week. I will see you again in the next video. (gentle music).

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